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Online Media, Social Networking Changing How We Watch TV

RuPaul_drag_race Today, I return to the establishment of higher learning where I work and study after a full week of sloth. I would like to say I did only things that engaged my mind, body and spirit — read classic literature, did Iyengar yoga or learned to rock climb. But those would be lies.

No, poppets. I watched RuPaul's Drag Race with Miss Banshee. And we LAUGHED and LAUGHED and made snarky comments about Shannel's big ego and Jade's big cock. What's so special about watching TV and wise-crackin' with your best girlfriend? Well, it's kinda different if one of you resides in New Jersey, whilst the other represents Washington State. Yet watch together we do, and it's all thanks to the magic of the internets and Logo Online, which has the entire season of Drag Race available online.

Just about every broadcast show is available online now, thanks to Hulu. Some networks, such as CBS.com, host their own shows for a few weeks, which is a godsend, since I often miss How I Met Your Mother when it airs.

See, contrary to what our About Page tagline would have you believe, we don't all have Tivos, so with my busy schedule I thank the stars that I can catch it the next day at my computer while I take my lunch break. But even better than catching up on a sitcom, with these broadcast options and the increasing number of cable offerings also available online such as VH1's Sober House and RuPaul's Drag Race on Logo Online, I can do something even better than merely catching up on the trashy television: I can watch it with a faraway friend.

We get onto IM chat, load up our browsers, sync our players and BAM! 3,000 miles and a three-hour time difference are magically thwarted, and Miss Banshee, my favorite TV watching partner, is practically on the couch yelling beside me, "GIRL, YOU GOTTA TUCK THAT PACKAGE BACK!"

We're not the only ones watching TV with our friends remotely, either. I have never seen a single episode of Lost, but every Wednesday night I can count on a barrage of messages over Twitter from my zealous LOMGST! fanatic-friends live-tweeting the latest episode together, while being careful not to say anything spoilery. Some are not so careful, so you gotta pick your followees wisely on Twitter if you're into a popular show. Being on the West Coast, Twitter can become a minefield I do not dare to enter when an important episode of Top Chef is airing on the east coast feed. Thankfully, the majority of Twitter users seem to be very pious in observing the No Spoilers rule.

As for my trashy TV sessions with Miss Banshee, there are few downsides, but there is one big one that deserves mention: the commercials. I don't so much mind having to watch a 30-second commercial before continuing with a program. After all, I don't get Logo through my cable provider, and if I did, I'd have to watch a whole lot more than four 30-second spots. But often a show has only one online sponsor, meaning the same ad repeats over and over. So please, watch more television online! With your help, more cautious advertisers will see what a goldmine they're missing out on and save me from watching the same Absolute Mango ad six times an hour.

And, one more thing: if you, like I, missed out on RuPaul's Drag Race when it aired, you simply must scoot over to Logo Online and watch each episode immediately. It may not be as funny as if you were watching it with me and Miss Banshee, but I'm warning you: you may pee a little from the laughs and good times.

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Yeah, I love watching shows online the next day - especially on my lunch break. A little TV-time during the workday somehow makes the day go by so much faster.

And then the times when me & Kristabella can snark on VH1 shows simultaneously? Brilliant!


I've been telling anyone who will listen about the awesomeness of RuPaul's Drag Race! VH1 caught on the greatness and re-aired the episodes throughout the week. There's nothing better than bitchy drag queens in HD.


I didn't just laugh at it. I CRIED. I completely cried my head off over Ongina.

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