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Robert Pattinson Doesn't Wash His Hair

Robert_pattinson It is said that Robert Pattinson is a card-carrying member of the "Heartthrobs Who May Not Wash Often" group, an exclusive group with current and former members such as Brad Pitt and Matthew McConaughey (who once admitted to not having worn deodorant for 20 years). 

Crew members on the set of "New Moon" were quoted as saying "He stinks. I mean, it's awful. He never showers, and it drives people on the set crazy. He completely reeks."

In his recent GQ article the odor of his clothes was described as smelling "like he has recently purchased them off the back of someone less fortunate than he." Pattinson also confessed to not washing his hair all that often, if at all sometimes.

Personally, I like Man Smell. And I'm not just saying that because this is a post about Robert Pattinson. I like a man to smell like, well, a man. Washing on cologne and being too gelled, coiffed, and put-together is, to me, a major turn-off, a presentation best preserved for only the fanciest of occasions and then abandoned after. It also doesn't hurt to be easy on the eyes while you're doing it.

So he's au naturale? It's sort of refreshing considering that in his environment, the majority of the people are all Botoxed, bleached, implanted with silicone, and sporting lethal acrylic nails.

So if he only washes his hair a couple times or less a week? What's the drama? The alternative doesn't seem so bad.

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Amy H

ugh. no. I need a man to smell clean. I don't like the cologne and all the metro stuff, like you said, but I at least need them to bathe. Regularly.


i think a lot of people don't wash their hair every day (actually an NPR piece just discussed Americans overwashing their hair due to shampoo advertising). But people complaining that you outright smell? i don't think 3 days without a shower would make anyone that smelly, but if it is that noticable---yuck.


Nothing is as sexy as the smell of clean!


Totally disagree. I could never be close to a man that didn't smell clean. Cologne is optional, clean is a must.


I like a man to smell like a man - saw dust, machine oil, tobacco, etc. - but there's a big difference between Man Smell and Dirty. The last time y'all posted pictures of Pattinson I thought his hair just looked filthy. Stands up on its own, leaves grease on your hands, smells like old hay filthy. I only wash my hair once or twice a week but I get the impression this guy's forgoing washing at all for longer stretches than that. Such that he's stinky enough for people to complain. Which, you know, ew.


um, gross. Men smell like men even when they are clean. Time for some soap Rob.


I agree completely! I lovvve the scent my fiance (still SO AWESOME to type that!) has all on his own. Cologne? NO thanks!

Black Hockey Jesus

I'm a totaly grubby and chicks dig it.


There's man smell, and there's homeless man smell. They are two very different things, and it sounds like he is falling into that latter category. Gross.

...but he's still damn beautiful.


PS That picture? I may have melted on the inside a little. Sigh. And RAWR.


I have never been able to "get" all of the Robert Pattinson(/Twilight) hype and this would clinch it if there was anything left to clinch.

You don't have to wear cologne, the most I can get out of my DH is scented deoderant. But showering? Is a must.


I am laughing so hard at the comments. Willa's "smells like old hay filthy" is gold.

Yeah, I admit that I don't like a man to smell like vinegar-feet-BO but I like a little sweat. Gawd. I can't believe I just typed that.


Like Alyssa, I have never "gotten" R.P. mania. Boy looks surly, dead-eyed and dirty. But I can tolerate alot broader definition of "hot" looks-wise. But stinky? Greasy hair? ugh, no. Clean, please. No cologne.

shine (the artist formerly known as meshealle)

There's "man smell." And then there's "man, you haven't showered in a week smell."

I'm fine with men smelling like men. Keep your cologne to yourself, thank you. But seriously...shower. It's a good thing. Imagine the funk that must be going on in all the places he actually sweats...ew.


I remember Jerry Hall mentioning that she only washes her hair twice a year in Vogue (or was it Vanity Fair?) a long time ago. After becoming friends with a few exchange students in my school days I realized a daily shower isn't always a necessity, but if your clothes reek, gross. Also, for a guy who's a smoker (which he is, right?) showering more frequently is a must-have.

Of course, all this thought is completely pointless since I'm surely he's got the barely-legal set willing to do him even if he wants to wear a used trash bag during the act.

Fairly Odd Mother

Not to get too personal, but if he's reeking that badly to the standard passer-by, what must he smell like during moments of (gag) intimacy. Stinky dick is nothing to laugh about.

But, I'm sure he still gets plenty of women (if that's how he swings). I hope they show up for their trysts with some nose plugs and a can of Lysol.

Berry shake

I think you should try to be real journalists and not just recycle tripe. Check out the new Moviefone interview where they actually bothered to ask *Rob* about the bathing issue and other gossip stories being made up about him.


The sparkly unicorn and glitter that is Robert Pattinson in my mind just crapped all over my fantasy world. Damn him and his wiener cheese. That’s just gross.

Not showering daily and actually having multiple people comment on how much you stink are two very different things.


"wiener cheese" FTMFW!!!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I am firmly in the "I like a clean man" camp here.

No joke. They have to bathe at least every other day for me.


Yuck. Sorry to go against the Patterson frenzy but the guy's attitude has really turned me off. I can go along with 'man smell' but when everyone's mentioning it, that usually means they've gone straight over to poor hygiene (sp?). People don't get as dirty now days so I can go along with the showering every other day or not washing your hair every day, but since he probably works out regularly he should shower more (my opinion).


Ugh! You mean my Eldest's pubertal funk could last longer than the next 2 or 3 years and be cool?


Why are the only two options covered in this article "cologne" or "unwashed"? A guy doesn't have to smell perfumed (and in fact I hate most colognes) but I don't want anyone to even momentarily make me wonder when the last shower took place. Gleah.

(Also I love how some folks get super-defensive on his behalf. Damn you, you not-enough-real-journalists!)


Awesome. I like the mention of Matthew McConaughey in this article. It's perfectly possible to go without deodorant and without stinking if you're treating your body absolutely well. Toxins are what make those stinky bacteria go wild. I can just hear the gasps! As if 20 years without nasty aluminum compounds is the same as 20 years without a toothbrush or something. Modern Western hygiene is so paranoid and overrated.

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