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Sam Raimi's "Drag Me to Hell" Just Might Drag Me to the Theater

Sam_raimi_3Sam Raimi, the multi-talented producer/actor/writer/director, is stepping back into the world of horror with his new film "Drag Me to Hell", and I couldn't be more thrilled.  The title of the film alone is enough to put me in a theatre seat.

After his run with the three Spider-Man films (slated to become four in 2011), which I find to be tiresome at best, it is with both relief and wild excitement that I anticipate his return to his brilliant brand of comedic horror that gave birth to the Evil Dead series:  "The Evil Dead", "Evil Dead II", and "Army of Darkness".  If you have not seen these three films, you are truly an impoverished soul.  I urge you to remedy that immediately with an emergency order from Netflix.

And so, it was with bated breath that I watched the trailer for "Drag Me to Hell":

"Drag Me to Hell" tells the story of Christine Brown (actress Alison Lohman), a loan officer in Los Angeles, who turns down an extension on Mrs. Ganush's (actress Lorna Raver) home loan, which prompts the old woman to put the curse of the Lamia on Christine, turning her life into a living hell and fating her soul for eternal damnation, and Christine must decide how far she will go to break the curse.


I was hoping that we would get to revisit the rubber face of Bruce Campbell, who kept me in fits of laughter all through "The Evil Dead", but, sadly, it is not so.  Despite this disappointment, though, I can't wait to lay my eyes on Raimi's latest creation.  The trailer doesn't show definite signs that this film will hearken back to the comedy of his earlier horror, but my fingers, legs, and toes are crossed.  Sam Raimi's work with the Evil Dead series still stands unchallenged twenty-eight years after it commenced, and it is time for his mastery of this subset of the horror genre to shine once again.

If I know Sam Raimi, and I think I do after so may viewings of his earlier work, "Drag Me to Hell" promises to make us cringe, giggle, jump, laugh, and scream.  There will be geysers of gooey blood and frights that will have us peeling ourselves from the ceiling.  The gore will terrify and the gags will crack us up.  Those of us who are not generally enthralled with horror will love him for bringing us into his little corner of the fold.

"Drag Me to Hell" doesn't come out until May 29th, which means that I'll have to make one of those paper chains to count down the days, because, Sam Raimi, I AM JUST THAT EXCITED.

Now how about an "Evil Dead IV", huh?

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F-ing Awesome! Plus Mr. Raimi can pretty much get as much money as he wants for a budget now. Sweet!

Amanda Nicole

I think I'm going to have nightmares from the trailer alone, and yet I want to see it. Badly.

Best pick-up line ever in a movie and beyond: "Gimme some sugar, Baby."

ms martyr

(slated to become four in 2001),

Uh, do you mean 2010?

I only watch Burn Notice because Bruce Campbell's in it. I so loved his character on Xena and Hercules.


Thanks for the catch! I meant 2011 and have made the correction.


Oh yeah. This looks good. And Schmutzie, you know you can almost count on a Campbell cameo. Bruce does awesome cameos.

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