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Do Fake TV Couples Need Wedding Registries?

Ellen_pompeo_patrick_dempsey So Derek and Meredith on Grey's Anatomy are getting married.  Cue the May sweeps advertisers and the large scale television promo spots.  And the wedding website.  And gift registry. 

Gift registry?  Granted, it goes to charities like The American Academy of Neurology Foundation, the American Skin Association, and the Alzheimer’s Association — all charities that have a connection to Grey’s story lines.  But these are not real people. 

I find the whole thing odd.

I, as well as other MamaPoppers, love me some Grey's.  But a wedding website?  Is this TV 2.0?   

The site celebrates Meredith and Derek’s relationship and includes categories labeled “The Couple,” “The Proposal,” and “The Dresses” — complete with pictures and commentary from Izzie, in character.  And other characters have signed the virtual guest book.  And you too can sign the guest book.  And RSVP!  And Izzie has a blog!   

“I know I know. I secretly never thought it would happen either,” Izzie says on the welcome page. “But it’s real. This is going to be the most magical, romantic, breathtaking wedding you’ve ever seen. I promise.”

The site has been up since last week’s episode aired Thursday and already has more than 42,000 unique views.  How did people even find out about it?  Did they go to theknot.com and type in Meredith Grey?  Because I only heard about it from People article.  It would never occur to me to look for a wedding website for a television character.  Perhaps I need to start thinking out of the box.   

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I don't watch Grey's. But I don't think there's ANY show I watch where I would find a wedding registry interesting! GAG BARF PUKE.


House did something similar online for the character who committed suicide. I thought that was extreme. But this is worse!!


I found out about it because I'm a "fan" of Grey's Anatomy on Facebook. There was an update sent out right after last week's episode. I thought the blog/wedding website was clever, as it fits with Izzy's character and her obsession with the wedding to get her mind of her cancer treatment. I think that people in a younger demographic are looking for more than just the experience of watching TV - they want to interact with the characters, and this gives them a way to do that.


I'm confused. And this is weird. I'm feeling a little freaked about it.

I stopped watching Grey's a couple of years ago because it just got to be too much. So I have no idea what's going on now...but this seems bizarre, even for Grey's.


Eh, I don't think it's creepy. I think it's clever marketing, and as long as it's for a good cause, why knock it? A lot of shows use their plot lines to attract attention to pressing real-life issues. I think this plan, at its core, is a way to give back to people whose stories they've brought to life. Step one: bolster awareness. Step two: create an easy way for people to take action.


And instead of putting up a wedding website maybe they should have done some research to see how the child on last night's episode would have actually been interviewed? Ok, I feel better now.


This isn't the first time this has happened,and I have no good reason why I remember this...but a few years ago the Comic Strip, COMIC STRIP character Cathy got married. She had a wedding website and a registry with donations for orpahned pets. I did some reasearch on it apparently the link is still working...

Wedding Websites

It's definitely an interesting marketing tactic. I love the fact that the items are going to charity and I'm sure some people love this.

An interesting story to say the least.


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