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Eminem, FTW!


So, yeah, Eminem. Seen his new video?

(Sorry, not available for embedding here, BAH. Go, watch it here, and then come back. I'll wait.)

(*Tapping feet*)

So, basically, he skewers: Bret Michaels, Rock of Love, Sarah Palin, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, Amy Winehouse, Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson, reality television, television, Star Trek, actors who play poker, actors who play persons with autism, himself, Scott Baio (I think), Inuit people and polar bears. Somewhere in there, Kim Kardashian gets shoved in a wood chipper and cash comes out. And then Eminem gets electrocuted, right after declaring that he and Amy Winehouse are soul mates.

I think it's kind of sort of awesome. Sure, it pushes the envelope of what a feminist - what a woman - should tolerate in terms of pop cultural spins on misogyny (should we accept any representations of misogyny, even if these are presented as high absurdity, a sort of Grand Guignol expression of sexism as absurdist theater? Discuss), but that's kind of the point, I think. The culture that he's skewering - that he's fully self-aware about being a part of it - is horrible and greasy and greedy and salacious and sexist and although we know that - we know that - it's kind of awesome to see it deglorified, made ridiculous, made absurd. I'm not going to defend him as a feminist - that's an absurdist argument - but as a feminist? I'm not offended by this video. Sure, I could do without the Jessica Simpson fat jokes, but on the whole, it's more interesting as pop culture parody than it is pretty much anything else.


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Truth be told: I love Eminem. I think of all rappers, in reality he is one of the least offensive towards women (I know a controversial stance, but he doesn't talk about beatin' hoes, he really doesn't objectify women as only sex objects, in reality a lot of time he's riffing that women fight so hard for rights and then we let them go right down the shitter when we have people like Britney and such being our cultural representations, at least that's how I see it. Also most of his stuff is parody or making fun at hipocracy, which I can get behind.).

I have missed Eminem. I am glad to see he's back. I hope he pisses a lot more people off. Go Shady!


her bad mother and Blackeyedgurl

I am with you 100 percent

I think he is the least offensive and probably the most sensitive towards women


I have to say that I totally dig Eminem. Yeah, he can be offensive and all the rest, but he exhibits both self-awareness of his position in pop culture AND a propensity to make me go 'huh, never thought of it that way.' Like HBM says, FTW.

shine (the artist formerly known as meshealle)

He's kind of an equal opportunity basher, so it's hard to be too mad at him as a female. He certainly doesn't single women out.

Plus, his lyrics are always hilarious. Unless they're not.

So...I kind of love him. Or I used to. I'm not so sure I love him any more, because I haven't even thought about him in seven years.


Just to let you know the correct term is generally Inuit. Eskimo is a racial slur and aboriginal Alaskan isn't quite right. At least not up here in Canada


I have no sympathy for any of these media whores, they get what they deserve.


I've never paid too much attention to Slim 'cause I don't get rap. But I did like this song, it's catchy and the video is funny.

But what I wanted to say was, in the still photo at the open of this post...how pretty is he?



This is precisely why I love Eminem. He slaps pop-culture in the face. He's very mysterious+complex in that he weaves meaning into what he spits...it's not just all MONEY! BITCHES N' HO's! DRUGS! TITTIES & ASSES! & I like it that way.

Ps. You should check out Atmosphere on Rhymsayers Entertainment Lable. He reminds me of Eminem...


I love Eminem. His rhyme style is crazy and his lyrics are great. And sometimes funny. Usually when he's bashing a woman, it's specific to someone who hurt him, instead of women in general (ex:'Puke'& 'Crazy In Love'). He usually has something to say ('White America') and it's not all about money, popping people and how awesome he is.


Exce[t that there's a far clearer case for calling Atmosphere a misogynist than Eminem. Ever heard his Lucy Ford EP? That guy was the straw that broke the camel's back when it came to loving a genre of music that so generally hates me as a woman. If you want a real badass who's pro women, check out Mos Def.


I don't care what he says and I mean that I absolutely do not care what he says, parody or not. That motherfucker can flow and he's the best in the game. Smack a ho, Marshall. Picaso wasn't nice to the ladies but I stand in front of those and gawk for hours.


When you said he was riffing on actors who play poker and actors who play autistic people -- i totally saw it as reference to Rainman. Otherwise i agree with you. i liked the video - it made me laugh, but i'm not fully sure i shouldn't be offended.


I'm reminded of the debates about scientific data collected by Nazi medical scientists. Upshot is that the other stuff they did was so morally loathsome as to render all of the information they collected to be tainted. Their objectivity was certainly in doubt. As far as I'm concerned Eminem crossed that line a long time ago and I'm not going to pay him any more attention.

Her Bad Mother

yeah, I know - but the issue of whether or not it was offensive centers on the poking fun at an autistic character, so.

and yeah, that's the disturbing brilliance. SHOULD we be offended? dunno. but I'm with BHJ above: he's just wicked awesome, so I'm willing to forgive him a whole lot.


GENIUS. BHJ is right on, the guy can flow like no other out there. I'll be buying this album just for the pure style of it. Plus, he's friggin hilarious! He likes to ruffle feathers, but the best part in this case is he's making digs at other celebrities. Awesome.


I love Eminem. He's Hip Hop's version of Kathy Griffin or Chelsea Handler. Offensive? Maybe. But Kim Kardashian said she loves the song and video. If she can find it funny, others should try.


and yes, he is prettier than Bret Michaels.

coffee maker

just when I was staring to think that Eminem takes himself too seriously, he comes out with a video like this...


I have to say I find what he does satirical and cultural parody, not serious or hurtful 99.9% of the time and that's why I have to laugh. Kind of like South Park, yes?


Wow, his cultural references are mostly 6 months ago.


Eminem as Spock, fighting Samantha Ronson for Lindsay Lohan! that just rules.

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