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Premiere Of Kelly's Latest Video "What R U Guys Talking About?"

Kelly_shoes Like, OMG! MamaPop has a first look at our original mascot Kelly's newest video before it's released internet-wide  -- HERE! NOW! WE R SPESHAL, DAMMIT!

But wait, there's more! And it involves giving you guys FREE STUFF. Yeah, you heard me. Go on, TELL ME YOU LOVE ME.

SO, here's the deal: one lucky reader who comments on this post between now and next Friday (5/1) will win a $50 gift card from the sponsor of Kelly's video, The Cube (which reminds me just slightly of The Borg) (except not so, you know, sinister and BORG-Y) (also, what do you think are the chances that any of us old ladies could squeeze our fat asses into those jeans?). Soooooo comment and stuff why doncha?


Aaaaand on to the video!

And yes, I'm perfectly aware that on one level it's a long form commercial for The Cube, like duh. But, ahem, three things:

1. It remains true to Kelly, her humor, and her aesthetic, presenting her in her full and unrestrained Kelly-like glory. I'd be posting that video regardless, because that right there is some geeeeenius advertising. Kelly, clothes, SHOES... How many ad agency execs do you think are kicking themselves right now that they didn't think of this first? Yeah, MAJOR kudos to the creative brains behind this campaign, seriously.

2. We have an entire section on MamaPop devoted to covering the Good, Bad, and Ugly of Advertising. I myself have been known to give some pretty serious props to Completely Awesome Advertising, and this instance surely falls under that umbrella (ella, ella).


Oh wait, and 4. Deploying the word "snaggletooth" in any context deserves much respekt. (I'm so going to bring snaggletooth back. Don't think I can do it? WATCH ME.

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Ha, love it!

I'm pretty sure I've said "I need a new...everything" once a week since I was 13. Which was a while ago. A longer while ago than I'm comfortable with. Sigh.

Also, I can't tell if I'm in love with or traumatized by the mime with the triangle... ????


Triangle Mime was delightful. I've never stopped using snaggletooth since well, since I first heard it many years ago. One of my neighbors has snaggletooth syndrome. We call him Snag. But not to his face. Wait. We don't talk to him anymore. He has a Dundalkian accent. Oh, nevermind.


It's too early for me to think of something funny to say...so, just snaggletooth. Period.

Kim S.

Oh, how I heart Kelly. And the mime? Perfectly disturbing.


After that mime, I need a drink.


Fix yo dam snaggletooth!

Marilyn Wons

Well I am old so I can relate!

Sandra Melnick

that mime is something else.

Stephanei V.

Ha-ha -I find the mime a bit of a scareball!


I guess I'm so old I don't understand a word anybody else here is saying, but here is my comment anyway.

adrienne gordon

I love it.


thanks so much- that was funny


I've been to that Marshall's! It's in Burbank. In other news, glad to see Kelly again! Thanks for posting this.

Shilo Beedy

Thanks for cheering me up that was funny.

Sarah S

The mime is hilarious! I need a drink now!...lol

christopher h

too funny

Mildred Perez

The mime is funny

Ken Robinson

My sister would love this. Please accept my entry. Thank you.


sign me up

Sheila H.

Please enter me!!

Rebecca Graham

The mine is so funny!

meredith rogen

Ha, funny. I really like your blog.

Cynthia C

First mime I ever saw with a pot belly! My wardrobe needs a serious makeover. What are you guys talking about?

Jean F

Very funny, snaggletooth

pam day

That was a great video. Thanks

Carol G

I suspect that some of the humor of the video was lost on me--probably age related--but my granddaughter would be able to use the gift card!

Erica  C.

haha nice! thanks :)

kim b

Snaggletooth beeaaatch!!!


I think I will go along with Denise I think I'm to old to find it funny.

brian n.

My cats breath smells like cat food - R. Wiggum


I'm a bit lost, but the mime was funny.


Too funny! I love all of "Kelly's" vids.

Amber G

Ahhh...love this! Please enter me!



Frances Carty

Kelly. Too funny!


hahah love these videos! I first saw the Kelly vids sometime last year, and they are hilarious, so funny, the face's and the situations are so damn funny. thanks for posting and thanks for the killer giveaway!

julia magrath

Very funny

Suzy Q

Teh funniez!

Lydia S

Resistance is futile...surrender the gift card at once!!
The mime reminds me of my neighbor..in the same creepy way.

Sharon B

Everyone needs a laugh every day!


I won't even consider revealing my age, suffice it to say, I am older than most here.

Sylvie W.

That was soooooo good. The clip just kept getting better as it progressed. I couldn't take my eyes off it. If ad execs followed this format, commercials wouldn't be a reason for a kitchen/bathroom break.

I think Kelly is channeling her inner Carrie. What out world!!!

Valerie Ann

I enjoyed it.....I sent a link to all 2 of my friends. I really have to get out more :o)


Okay, first time caller...and I love your voice, the mime, and Kelly! This is snaggletooth-licious!

Ellen Ring

I neede a fun moment & this gave it to me.

Christie C.


snagletooth is a fun word, isnt' it?? Good luck bringing it back:)

thanks so much!!

Raelena P.



Kelly and a mention of the Borg? And a chance to win things? It's like it's my birthday!

(Actually in most of the world it already IS my birthday. 4 hours and 6 minutes more and it will be my birthday here!)

Winifred Gilmore

Wow-- can't translate most of what has been said so here is my comment.


Oh mah gawd. A mime with a triangle. Awesome.


dat giftcard do be mine


Snaggletooth! I'll so help you bring that one back. I probably use that word WAY too often, what with the booming trailer park atmosphere here in FL. *sigh*

Patti Sherman



Lurv it and Kelly. Bring on teh funnys.


lol, totally made my morning!


Funny stuff

autumn H.

lol, hilarious!



Michael Kuntz

OMG Shoes! :D !!!!


The end of that video is warped. Like an acid trip gone bad LOL


That is hilarious! Please enter me.

Bitchilla the Hun

Kelly rules!

Katy M

After watching that I was laughing so hard I had to go take a walk around the building...I think I was truly disrupting my coworkers :). Anyway, the GC would have to go to shoes...'cause no way me and my snagleteeth (plural of snagletooth) butt's going to fit into those jeans. But I do love shoes! Thanks for the laughs and the entry! :)

Karen Gonyea

Count me in :)

ktgonyea at gmail.com

Leah Milne

LOL. These shoes rock. These shoes suck.

Leah Milne

These shoes rock. These shoes suck!

Jennifer M

Want the jeans...I'll squeeze into them somehow.


Kelly made my day.

Rebecca K

First Kelly video I have seen. I am now a fan. Too funny!

Pamela S

Hysterical. If I wasn't such a snaggletooth I might laugh out loud at it. But my snaggletooth forces me to guffaw with my mouth closed.


I thought the mime was the best part, until I saw the guy using maracas for tatas. Awesomeness.

Of course, the true best part was your reference to "The Borg" instead of "The Cube". Eleven days until the new movie!!!!!!!

janna johnson

Thanks for entering me! Great Contest!

Janna Johnson

beth shepherd

Thank you for a great giveaway! Snaggletooth be gone. Thank you for a great giveaway!

Jackie C.

HAHA wow too funny. kelly is hilarious!!

vicky boackle

the mime is disturbing.


Pick me!!


Great Giveaway. I found this listed at Sweepstakes Advantage. Good Luck Everyone!


All my clothes suck eggs too.

All hail the snaggletooth

wendy wallach

My fat ass could definitely fit, honey!

madamerkf at aol dot com

Susan Ledet

Great video. I needed a laugh today. We used to call an old neighbor Snaggletooth when I was young and always giggled when we said it.


I married Snaggletooth!

Brenda Macha

I want to win....no I NEED to win!!! LOL


Snaggletooth? Whatcha talkin about? Um, okay....I know MY fat ass won't fit in the jeans but my daughter's much SLIMMER ass will. So for her I am entering....


I hope this Marshall's joint has something besides tight ass jeans. Those things strangle me after a bag or two of Cheetos.


I need new stuff! Also: SNAGGLETOOTH!!

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