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Lamest or Most Brilliant Advertising Ever: Twilight "Eyeverts"

Twilight_eyevert I feel ripped off: here in the states for the DVD release we didn't have anything fancy like this. For the UK Twilight DVD release Summit hired a bunch of male models, fixed them up to look like Edward Cullen, and had them wear gold - nay, smoldering golden, a la Meyer - contact lenses, a.k.a. "eyeverts" which revealed details of the DVD. The models then were unleashed into the streets where they tried to make eye contact with unsuspecting females.

I don't know about you, but if a dude obviously wearing contacts with an Edward complex tried glaring at me in the street, my first thought would likely be psycho killah! and not "Twilight." Check out the commercial after the jump.

The sound has been disabled but the closed captioning gives you the story:

This means that in order to actually see the details hand-painted onto the gold eyeverts, your face would need to be mere centimeters from that of the model's. I'm not so sure that they look like a gaggle of Edwards more than some very stylish European street gang. (I really want to know from where they purchased their jackets.)

So, brilliant marketing campaign or hello! Let's give serial killers some ideas! Which is it?

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Fucking terrifying. That's all I got.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Creepy and, uh, creepy.

I'm with Balckeyedgurl.


Do the words "Twilight DVD" really count as details? Either way, creepy as hell.


I don't adverstising is especially effective when you have to explain "hey, look here...no, closer...closer, on my eyeballs...don't you see it..."

Oh yea, and the creep factor.

Angela in Ontario

Lame. I find it terrifying that people were allowing strangers to bite them on the neck! Squick.


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shine (the artist formerly known as meshealle)

I have to agree with ljpock.

And that's one of the creepiest things I've ever seen. I would have just thought the men were insane. But pretty.

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