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Heroes Recap: An Invisible Thread

Nathan-petrelli-dead Now with the same scenes you saw last week!  The episode starts with an alternate ending to the last episode, except that it isn't actually alternate as much as it is a director's cut.  The only difference is that Sylar is creepier and Noah is smarter.  It was probably a union thing.

Claire still bangs.  It's a hair thing.

Do you know Sylar's favorite game?  Kick the Nathan!  Man, we used to play that for hours when we were kids.  It was a great way to hang with the guys until my mom legally changed my name from Nathan.  Oh well, social skills are overrated and my abs are fantastic.

So remember how Danko tried to kill Sylar with a shank to the head?  Prison rules were in effect.  It turns out that Sylar used his shape shifting mojo to move his soft spot.  No wonder he doesn't feel himself, even when he's him he's not really him.  He didn't say where his weak spot is now, but my money is on the heel.

Then Sylar turned into Danko and shot the sheriff.  He also shot the deputy.  Danko was framed!  If the glove doesn't fit you must acquit.  Sadly for Danko, he doesn't wear gloves.

Then Mr. Sylar goes to Washington.  He takes Claire with him.

Danko is thrown in a cell only to find Gideon's bible.  Or Noah as the case may be. 

Noah and Danko, together again- raindrops falling on heads, bicycles, jumping off of cliffs, robbing trains.  Why wasn't this scene filmed in slow-motion?

Noah and Danko decide to work together and they shake. Good dog.  Their new alliance lasts all of 5 minutes- or about an hour if you include the part where time is frozen thanks to Hiro (who also left the door open).

Hiro, who is bleeding from the nose and ear, and Ando who is bleeding from the heart (figuratively) release all of the prisoners with abilities, including, but not limited to, Mohinder, and replace them with Folgers Crystals and all of the soldiers and office workers of Building 26, including the new temp in accounting.  Now the bad guys have tubes in their noses.  Ha, jerks.

Hiro is all about the payback.  Dr. Suresh is all about the what the fuck is going on.  The other prisoners are all about the gone.

Meanwhile, Angela Petrelli is fetching Matt Parkman.  Angela had a dream that Matt saved Nathan and convinces him to actually do it.  They go to where Nathan ain't- well, he is, in a Sylar state of mind.  Sylar is planning to meet, kill, and become the president.  Oh, politics.  Claire has her doubts. 

Sylar comes clean with Claire and opens a nice Pinot.   He then struggles with his new power, which is keeping it in his pants.  I'll give him that one.

Et tu, Danko?

Danko tries to stick Noah in the back with a big needle of tranquilizer.  Like Space Needle big.  Hiro does his thing and Danko gets the stick.  Irony.

Noah, Hiro, Ando and Suresh make plans.  Plans go in motion. 

Peter finds Nathan and the Petrelli Bros. badass up and go after Sylar.  Nathan even reveals his abilities in public.  Nathan is finally at peace.

And moments later he is resting in it.

Here's how it happened: Sylar and the Petrellis fight.  It sounds awesome but due to budget cuts we only see the aftermath of the trashed hotel room, which is probably stock footage from a Van Halen tour.  Damn recession.

Peter can't fly (ran out of faith, trust and pixie dust), but he can run.  He and Claire exit, stage right. 

Sylar slits Nathan's throat.  Seriously.  He kills him.  Then he shape shifts into Nathan and goes to find the president.  This does not bode well for the stimulus package.

Sylar works his way into meeting the president.  He shakes his hand in order to get his DNA, memories and the name of a good sushi place in D.C., but nothing happens! 

It's freaking Peter Petrelli.  Peter had absorbed the power of shape shifting during his fight with Sylar and through a series of events was able to get the big needle of tranquilizers from Noah and (the) company.  Sylar is knocked out, just like Mama said.

Speaking of Mama Petrelli, not happy.  Angela and Parkman discover the body of Nathan and she proceeds to act more in one scene than she has in four seasons.  It's pretty messed up.

Speaking of messed up, the gang decides that Nathan must live as the face of the fight and they convince Parkman to use his Jedi shit on Sylar and turn him into Nathan. Permanently.  This is Angela's dream coming true, which seems more like a nightmare if you ask me.

It works (for at least 6 weeks thanks to the preview for next season- way to ruin any suspense that may have been created, NBC).  All of our favorites are standing around a bonfire burning the body of Sylar - which is really the body of the original shape shifter who died in the guise of said Sylar.  This is called closure and sometimes deceit. 

Hiro and Ando go home.  They have a lot to talk about.

The others are bringing the company back, just like Justin did with sexy.

Pan out, fade to black and to be continued... somebody whispers, "S'mores." 

That last part may have been me.

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Mama Petrelli's "acting" in the Dead Nathan scene made me laugh out loud. Actually, most of the episode made me laugh out loud. But will I be back for more in the fall? Hells yes.

Thanks for a great half season of hilarious recaps, Whit. Hope to see you back with the new episodes!

Mr Lady

I have to stop reading recaps on Mamapop, or stop attempting to write one myself. You, sir, are hilarious.

And I'm pretty sure Mama P is going to steal Susan Lucci's emmy award this year. That was grade A, top choice Sands Through The Hourglass.


Thanks, Alex. I'll be back unless I outstay my welcome, which is always a good possibility in my world.

Mr. Lady - I'd like to see Petrelli and Lucci in an act-off. Where's that reality show?


First, thank you for your recaps! They are hilarious and good call on the Rebel = Micah spot. I, too, hope you come back for the next season.

Secondly, I thought that Claire's blood had the ability to heal? Didn't she save Noah when he was temporarily-fatally shot in the eye? Why couldn't she do that for Nathan?


Gray Matter Matters

Ashley-cita, don't you realize Heroes only works when you let the Haitian erase you memory of such things.

Whit, as former Mama Popper I think I got out just in time. Your writing has humbled me...

BTW--the blue lighting scene which only Claire got to witness was the saddest example of budget cuts I've ever not seen.


Previews of next season!?! Shit, I've got to adjust my DVR. Can I find them on NBC.com? Also, love the succinct recap. Spot on.


Gray Matter Matters - That's kind of you to say. The check is coming per our agreement.

Clarabella - I would assume that the "Heroes" site would have them. They also have "webisodes" of other characters not directly related to the main story.

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