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Heroes Recap: "I am Sylar"

Sylar-heroes We join our Heroes right where we left them, eating at the diner and watching Sylar be Nathan on the TV.

There's a white flash.  The island spins and suddenly we're 18 hours earlier.  It happens. 

Some guy wakes up and looks around and asks why.  Oddly enough that guy is not me.  He walks to the mirror, turns back into Sylar, and pulls out a tooth.  Apparently Sylar's powers run on meth and the MamaPop dental plan.  I'm starting to figure the show out. 

Sylar, who is not that guy or me, looks into the mirror and asks, "who are you?"

I am Sylar
Sylar I am

Green eggs and ham is for suckers.

Big Parkman and Little Parkman swimming in the water phone home.  Matt Sr. is throwing in the proverbial towel.  It's covered in spit-up.  Ando and Hiro, who have no regard for personal space and listened to Matt's whole conversation, want Matt to help them storm the castle that is Building 26.  It's not happening. 

Fatherhood has made Parkman soft- the big one, babies are pretty soft already.  Hiro drops some knowledge: A Hero never concedes defeat.  Sink in.  Feel it. And scene.

Sylar is dead.  He just won't believe it.  Danko tells Sylar that he died for his own sins freedom.  Sylar is freaking out because he is losing himself.  Who hasn't been there?  However, his DNA is freaking out which is a new one.  Danko wants him to stay disguised as an agent and kill who he wants to kill. AN AGENT OF DEATH! Seems like a win-win.  Danko tells Sylar that if he doesn't follow orders he will be hunted down and greatly inconvenienced.  Sylar reluctantly shifts into the agent. THE AGENT OF DEATH!  They plan a company softball tournament. Sylar wants t-shirts and Danko wants tank-tops.  Figures.

Sylar stops, collaborates and listens, and then writes "I am Sylar" on his arm.  He is a cutter.  I always suspected as much. 

Ron Howard's brother is Tom Miller.  He's nervous and will squash your head.  He is visited by Sylar as Sylar and Tom chooses him over the bad guys- the other bad guys.  Sylar takes Tom's power in a pretty gruesome fashion and writes "Kilroy Was Here" on the wall, but he spells it with a "I am Sylar."  It is written in BLOOD!

Later, back at Building 26... Sylar and Danko talk Rebel and discuss finding the real you.  Sylar is thinking about buying a Chicken Soup for the Psychopath's Soul, but settles for Danko's talk about keeping your identity and how to do it.  Focus, baby, focus.  It's a regular Hallmark minute. 

Ando and Hiro break into Isaac's loft, now with invisible lasers (cats)!  The plan is: Ando is bait.  The reality is: Ando is a whiny bitch.  He wants to be called the Crimson Arc.  Hiro says it's ladylike.  I don't get it.  This becomes a point of contention for them, all the while Ando is a pussy, Hiro is a dick and the Crimson Arc is too feminine.  Is this menstrual humor?  Is there a market for menstrual humor? 

Hiro freezes time while touching Ando and Ando doesn't freeze!  Ando calls Hiro a fascist.  This is a really long scene.

For Sylar's next trick he goes Norman Bates and starts morphing into his mother.  First taxidermy and now this.  BTW, Sylar's mom is Chuck's aunt from Pushing Daisies.  It's true what they say, TV is like one big family.

Danko and his band of merry men hunt down Rebel.  Sylar gets to him first because that's how he rolls.  Micah, who is Rebel, convinces Sylar to help him and those with abilities.  Sylar morphs into Rebel and fakes his death.  It's his thing.

The bait worked.  Ando is a prisoner.  Hiro is in disguise- a poor one.  They talk, they fight, they get found out.  Suddenly, Ando shocks the bad guys.  Viva la Crimson Arc!

Back at Sylar's mancave, Micah catches Sylar morphing his mom.  It's awkward.  There are tears and threats and things best left unsaid.  Run, Rebel, run!

Sylar starts his Nathan Petrelli project (Micah's idea), which is really just a ploy to meet the president.  It's been a dream.  He and his mom are still having some issues.  It isn't pretty.

Big Matt and Little Matt return home.  Parkman and his wife make plans to run and hide together.  Then Matt uses his power to grow a pair and decides to fight the power (in a Public Enemy sense, not his own actual power- who is he? Nathan Petrelli? Holds for laughter).

Hiro and Ando fix their feelings.  Theirs is a bromance that ebbs and flows.  Hey, is that menstrual humor?  I'm new to the genre.  Hiro tries to use his power but it won't work.  He gets a bloody nose and his head hurts.  I'm not a doctor, but this is probably not good.

Our 18 hours are up.  Nathan leaves the diner to handle things himself (story of my life)- which is what got him into trouble to begin with.  Peter emos and goes after him.  Noah wonders who is going to pay for all this damn food. 

Quick flight from Arizona.  Arms are tired.  Nathan confronts Sylar.  Sylar confronts Nathan.  Fingers are pointed- namely Sylar's finger of death at Nathan's head.  Then BOOM!  Danko walks in and shoots Nathan with his elephant gun.  For an encore Danko sticks a knife in the back of Sylar's head.  After that he juggles water and gargles peanut-butter.  What can't Danko do?  Seriously.

Meanwhile, Mohinder, who has not been in this episode at all,  is caught.  Noah, Claire and Angela are also caught.  The union is content with their face time.

Sylar stands up and pulls the knife out of his head.  Danko, it would appear, is also caught.

That Sylar-I-am
That Sylar-I-am!
I do not like
that Sylar-I-am

Says Sylar, "That hurt."

Says me, "no shit."

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"Ando calls Hiro a fascist." YES!!! This scene was way too long and I tire of reading the subtitles.

The thing I'm not loving about the show is the fact that the cast is shrinking and a lot of characters I really liked are gone. I'm as big a Sylar fan as the next guy, but I'm tired of Sylar-centred episodes. What can't this guy do? He can't even die properly . . .

Am certainly intrigued as to what next week will hold . . . I expected more direction this week and now I really don't know what will happen in the finale.


Shannon - reading is overrated (unless it's something I wrote). I'm over this whole losing powers thing and Danko, too. Why can't they all just get along?


By the way, Sylar's mom is also Audrey from the 1986 Little Shop of Horrors.


Tom Miller is Booger from revenge of the nerds...
and I so caught Sylar's mom is Audrey from LSofH. That was suck an AHA moment for me!

I love your reviews - keep it up!

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