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Internet Troll Sued and Loses

Jason_Fortuny An anonymous plaintiff sued Jason Fortuny, a "famous" Internet troll for invasion of privacy through the publication of private facts, and intrusion, after Mr. Fortuny allegedly posted the man's photograph and personal information on the Internet.  I did not even know anonymous plaintiffs could sue. Don't you have to name yourself in lawsuits?

I guess not, because anonymous plaintiff won $74,252.56 in damages, attorneys fees, and costs when the court entered a default judgment against Jason. A default judgment means he did not answer or defend the complaint.

First spammers, now trolls. The Internet is starting to not be so friendly to idiots.

Mr. Fortune performed a notorious "Craigslist Experiment" in 2006, in which he posted a fake ad on Craigslist pretending to be a woman seeking a “str8 brutal dom muscular male” for sex. According to the New York Times, over 100 men responded, providing photographs and contact information. Mr. Fortuny allegedly posted this material to his blog, RFJason, and Encyclopedia Dramatica (described by the New York Times as "an online compendium of troll humor and troll lore"). Mr. Fortuny says he did not post the photographs and contact information to Encyclopedia Dramatica.  RFJason looks like it has been taken down.

One of the men who responded to Mr. Fortuny's prank filed the Illinois lawsuit, claiming that Fortuny violated his copyright and invaded his privacy by posting his photograph and personal information online.

Mr. Fortuny represented himself in the lawsuit.  You know what they say about people who represent themselves.  He filed a motion to dismiss, which was denied.   The judge then found in favor of the anonymous plaintiff by default who was represented by the Citizen Media Law Project.  I guess after he filed the motion to dismiss he stopped responding to the complaint.

And because he is such a nice guy, there is some speculation he was involved in the MySpace bullying that resulted in the suicide of Megan Meier.  He claimed to have created a blog called "Megan Had It Coming" which made crude attacks on the dead girl and her family, while posing as Lori Drew, the woman who was tried for bullying her.  This was never proved or disproved.  

This guy is a winner.   

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Tracy H

What an a$$hole!


Oh, RFJason. Although I generally loathe him, he did give me a pretty good laugh they day he posted to the Seattle community on LiveJournal pretending to be a gay guy with bad taste in beer visiting from Portland- all the newbies didn't know he was joking or recognize the name, and responded seriously.

Mr Lady

His mother must be so proud.

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