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Lost Recap: "Some Like It Hoth"

Miles I've been throwing around some possible subtitles for this episode. These include:

-Dammit, Kate!
-Dude, I like, totally see dead people too and stuff
-Blue VW Bus Fever: Catch it!
-Dead bodies and daddy issues
-You say Circle Of Trust, I say THIS FUCKING SUCKS

-Kate you ignorant slut!

aaaand yada.

So here we are again, confused and yet inexplicably enraptured. I have a theory that Lost taps into some primal need we all have to feel humbled before something apparently greater and more complex than ourselves or what we can wholly grasp with our teeny-weeny humanoid monkey brains.

Sort of like organized religion. Here our friend the Smoke Monster stands in for the Holy Spirit. Or something. Stop looking at me like that.

This week's episode of Lost revolves around our friend Miles, or as I have frequently called him, "that Ghostbuster dude" (I'm bad with names, alright?). As the show begins Miles is about 6 years old, checking out an apartment complex with his Mom and stumbling upon the corpses of deceased former residents. Apparently he's just lucky that way. This apartment complexcentric moment appears to mark Miles' entree into I See Dead People-ville, and young Miles seems none too happy about it, pointing at the corpse of an elderly man he discovered while shrieking to his mother that the man "IS STILL TALKING! HE'S STILL TALKING!" I'm guessing this is probably around the time Miles' Mom started thinking about investing in family therapy. And some valium.

Cut back to the island, still stuck back in the greasy, stringy-haired 1970s (I'm looking at you, Sawyer). Miles is again Dharma-jumpsuited adult Miles, and we find him being instructed by one of the Dharma dudes to enter "The Circle Of Trust" as he's handed a suspicious black bag of some sort, which he's told must take into a sector of the Island populated by hostiles. If you're thinking that no good can come of this you're right, because upon arriving at his destination (in the ubiquitous blue VW bus) lo and behold the black bag he's delivered to a small band of Dharmaites is revealed to be a body bag, into which our beige jumpsuited friends deposit a fresh corpse for Miles to transport to Dr. Chang at The Orchid. At least he'll have someone to talk to on the ride over now, right?

Then we flash back to a young adult Miles, circa what I would suspect is the early 90s based on the height of his hair and number of facial piercings. Miles is at his mother's deathbed, pleading with her to tell him why he is the way he is, and why she won't talk to him about his father. His mom, in full chemo-shed, then sputters some Negative Nelly stuff about how his father never loved him, abandoned him and his mom when Miles was a baby, kicked puppies and was generally a ginormous douche. Undetered, Miles asks where his father's body is -- presumably so he can pop by the burial site and say hello, have a cup of tea, and/or berate his father's corpse about WHY HE DIDN'T LOVE HIM, WAH. Ominously, Miles' mother replies that his body is "Somewhere you could never go." What, you mean that island back in the 1970s? WATCH ME, MOM. ME AND THE GREASY 70s? WE'RE *TIGHT*.

Speaking of the stringy and unkempt 70s, we flip back to enjoy blue VW bus cameo #4257, now with extra Hurley! (And about that, can I just put in a personal plea for Jorge Garcia to please, please lose some weight. Dude, don't die. Seriously. Dude. No, seriously. Dooood.) Hurley muscles in on Miles' cadaver transporting, shoving coolers full of sandwiches into the back of the bus (with the corpse, gahh... sandwiches+rotting corpse=gaaaaah), all the while doing his Hurley "Dude, let's, like, carpool out to the Orchid and stuff! It'll be fun! I'll tell you all about how I'm writing The Empire Strikes Back and going to try to sell it to George Lucas before he comes up with the idea on his own in a couple years, and by the way I SEE DEAD PEOPLE TOO" thing. Oh that Hurley, what a cut-up! Comic relief, AHOY!

Insert brief scene involving Kate and Juliet (MEOW!) and a flailing, angry Roger Linus, who is, SURPRISE!, not happy that his gravely wounded son has suddenly come up missing. I blame Kate.

Flashback to Miles in a time shortly before his trip to the island, consulting with the father of a dead high school football player, and by "consulting" I mean "telling the grieving father what he wants to hear -- that his son knew he loved him -- and taking off with the man's cash." As Miles is walking to his car he encounters that woman who parachuted onto the island from the boat Miles arrived there on whose name I can't remember* (oh come on, you know the one I mean!). Parachute lady asks Miles to come with her, saying her employer would like to retain him for his Dead People Seeing Services (well she doesn't SAY that, but that's the gist).

Back at Camp Dharma, Kate says some stupid shit to Roger Linus about how she, duh, "has a feeling Ben's gonna be okay." This naturally raises Roger's suspicions that perhaps this Kate person knows more than she's letting on, hmm... WAY TO GO KATE, YOU TRANSPARENT DUMBASS.

Hurley and Miles finally arrive at The Orchid and meet up with a chilly Dr. Chang, who lets slip, among other things, that there's an island nearby where scientists are doing "ridiculous experiments" on -- wait for it -- POLAR BEARS. Hurley calls Chang a douche, and Miles replies "That douche is my Dad."


Hey remember that dead parachutist? Yeah well back in time she's "auditioning" Miles by having him give a reading of a dead body she's presented him with. Miles goes all trance-y and eyelid fluttery, and mumbles some stuff about how the dude was on his way to deliver a purchase order for an old airplane and some empty graves (sound familiar?), and ironically Miles gets spooked by this. Well that is until dead parachute lady mentions that her employer is willing to pay Miles 1.6 meeeeellion dollars for his services. Ever mercenary, Miles replies "When do we leave?"

Back at the island Jack (oh my god, remember him?) encounters a now drunk and belligerent Roger, who slurs and slams things around and rants in paranoid tones about how Kate has a weird thing for his kid and what's up with her anyway, I mean besides the fact that she's a FUCKING MORONIC MOTORMOUTH? Jack tries to explain away Kate's blunder (Dammit, Kate!), but can he explain why it is that he and he alone appears not to be greasy in the 1970s?

Miles and Hurley, now accompanied by the stoic Dr. Chang, motor through the jungle VW bus style, and end up at what appears to be a construction site... one for building THE HATCH. Zoinks!

Back again in the time before his jaunt to the island, we find Miles getting kidnapped off the street while eating a fish taco (mmm... fish taco), thrown into a suspicious black van, and told by some Bram dude that if he doesn't know what lies in the shadow of the statue (he doesn't), then he's not ready to go to the island, oh and by the by that he's on the wrong "team." They then toss him back onto the street, ruining a perfectly good fish taco in the process. Cryin' shame.

Meanwhile in the unwashed 70s Jack informs Sawyer and Juliet of Kate's massive fuck up and leaves (awesome how Jack is kind of a minor character now, huh?). Sawyer is then confronted by a weasely member of Team Beige Jumpsuit who threatens to expose him as the one who kidnapped Ben. Sawyer, in response, decks and ties the guy up.

Hurley and Miles (again!) banter about hating their dads. Hurley says giving his dad another chance was the best thing he ever did, drawing some hilarious Hurley-like parallel between this and Luke Skywalker's struggle with his origins, and how the Ewoks could've been avoided if Luke had just worked things out with his dad. "Let's face it, Ewoks suck, dude." Oh, Hurley!

Around this time we see Miles doing a very weirdo peeping tom routine, looking through a window at his dad, Dr. Chang, cuddling and cooing over BABY HIM. [head explodes] Adult him gets a little misty at this, despite the fact that baby him is wearing a Dharma logo onesie, and I gotta say, that just looks plain weird. I mean, do the Dharma folks have to brand everything with that creepy octagon shit?  ANYWAY, Dr. Chang emerges from the house and yells to the rapidly retreating peeping tom adult Miles that he needs Miles to drive him down to the dock and help him bring in some scientists arriving from Ann Arbor. When they arrive at the dock, Miles approaches the sub hatch only to find DANIEL FARADAY exiting. Faraday turns to Miles and deadpans, "Hey Miles, long time no see." And.... scene.


Previously on Lost Recaps...

. . . . . .

*NAOMI! Thank you, Rachel!

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Yay Daniel is back!

Her name is Naomi.

So Widmore is a lying liar for saying that Ben planted the plane and bodies?

Ilana and Bram aren't Widmore's people...and they don't seem to be Ben's or they would have joined forces with them on Hydra Island (most likely). And they're on "the team that's going to win"? ARE THERE 3 TEAMS? Please tell me there aren't 3 teams.

Any guesses on "what lies in the shadow of the statue?"

Kate. You're a giant douche.


best title ever.
the husband was sitting next to me and as soon as hurley said 'bounty hunter' he was all "he's totally writing a star wars movie' HOW DID HE KNOW? how? i had no idea.

fucking kate. seriously.

i did know that chang/candle was going to turn out to be miles's dad. so, yeah, go me...and everyone else who watches this show.

gah. naomi. gah. ajira dude/shadow of the statue/kidnapper. gah. daniel faraday. gah.

this show KILLS my brain.

Momo Fali

I'm totally having a shirt made that says, "Blue VW Bus Fever: Catch it!"

Either that, or, "Ewoks suck".


I took it to mean that Felix was taking the file TO Widmore and was intercepted/killed? Maybe by Ben's peeps?

THREE teams. Oooohhhh yes.

cindy w

I do love that Jack is mellowing out. I didn't like him as the Big Leader-Guy, but at the same time, I hope they don't make him TOO much of a John Locke/man of faith-type.

I don't think Miles is quite as interesting a character as some of the others (read: Ben, Locke), but I still thought this was a good episode. I do love me some Hurley.

Oh, and Kate is a moron.


Thank you for the name, Rachel. I'm horrible with the names (hence "that Ghostbuster dude", gah).

If there are three teams, I hope the third team is TEAM EXTERMINATE DUMBASS KATE. Where do I sign up?


I wasn't gah-ing about Faraday so much as "Why helloooo sailor!"-ing. heh.

*MY* imaginary boyfriend. *MINE*.


This is how much I hate Kate. I have every episode from this season on my DVR, but when I had to delete 1 to make room, it was the first Kate episode. Everyone else gets to stay. But not Kate.

Mrs Jason

I hate the time travel thing. But here is something.. So big boy Miles has been on the Island for 3 years in the 70's.. and from the looks of things, Dr Chang knew him.. So TECHNICALLY, Daddy Dr Chang named baby Miles after big boy Miles (himself).

It's like the freaking chicken and the egg song.


If you find out let me know. I'll meet you there!


This is the first episode where I felt like I was on my game - I knew Chang was going to be Miles' Dad, I knew they were building the hatch, I knew the serial number was going to be 4-8-etc. (I know, all of you knew this, too, but I NEVER know things before they happen!) Then the guy said the stuff about the shadow the statue and I said - literally, out loud - "This g*d-damned show. Just when I get it figured out, it screws me up again."

I love the Ewoks. Kate is an idiot.


So here is where I am confused.

Faraday mentioned a few episodes back, and obviously if you follow any sort of movie/TV show about time travel, everyone knows that you can't change something while you are in the past/future because the slightest change can be drastic to present day.


Why did they take Ben to the others? Jack was sort of smart enough to say "no" to fixing Ben, hoping he would die. I don't get why no one thought " Hey, maybe taking him to the others is the reason he went crazy in the first place". Anyone?!?!? I mean jeez. Richard even told them, if I do this, he won't be the same. Hello....ding ding ding ding ding.

I'm not bitter.
I'm sure I'll get somewhat of an answer soon.


I think one reason they took Ben to Richard is because Kate is an idiot.

That aside, however, they didn't do anything different. They ALWAYS took him to Richard and they couldn't change it. If Jack HAD done the surgery, they wouldn't have had to bring Ben to Richard so he contributed too. I understand the "whatever happened, happened" stuff but I don't know how I feel about what it does to the concept of free will. What does anything matter without free will?

Do you believe Faraday's whatever happened, happened theory or do you think they are changing the past?

But I totally agree with you about Richard telling them that he won't be the same...they were all "oh, okay here he is." WTF is that?!


I think what is going to happen is that Miles will begin to care for his father and warn him about the coming genocide by Ben. That will be reason that his father breaks things off with Mile's mom and sends them away. It will be because he loves them and doesn't want to risk their death. Miles himself will be responsible both for his father's absence and his own survival.

I'm not sure why his Dad would stay behind, but maybe because he thinks he can save the dharma people or because he knows that in the future he isn't around.

Were you getting this vibe too?


Anyone else watch the preview where Faraday says something to the effect of "any one of us can die"? I'm thinking him, since he's already figured out the whole time travel hooplah. This show seriously makes my head hurt, but as long as they "bring the pain," I will probably luxuriate in it. Oh dear four-toed statue!



YES AWESOME! I bet you're right.


I said the same thing in response to "bounty hunter". Dude, it's 1977 - how would it *not* be about Star Wars???



Okay, I'm better now. sigh.

lost set

I'm curious about Miles ability. Since he was born on the island I wonder if it came from the island. Or i think maybe something more sinister happened like he was kidnapped by the hostiles- others and maybe even taken to the temple and given a special power.


I hate Jack. So. Much.


Yeah, I'm guessing his powers somehow relate to the island and/or being born on it... maybe he got electromagnetified or something [shrugs]. Not like any of this *really* makes sense, but since the island itself appears to have mysterious re-animating and healing properties and such, it would make the Lost version of "sense."

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