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Notes for Jimmy Kimmel: This Probably Should Have Been a More Uncomfortable Interview Topic

Lil_wayne_jimmy_kimmel Here are two topics I don't care too much about: Jimmy Kimmel and Lil Wayne. They both seem like perfectly fine guys, but from an artistic standpoint, nothing that either of them has ever done has really appealed to me.
But one aspect of Lil Wayne's recent appearance on Kimmel's show really has me skeeved out.

Video of the interview is below, but I want to draw your attention to the line of questioning that begins around 2:40.

So, one way to say it is that Lil Wayne lost his virginity at the age of 11 to a 14-year-old girl who turned out the lights and took the lead, giving rise to a studly man who would go on to become a music star who, presumably, is able to bag tons of chicks.

Another way to say it is that a 14-year-old kid coerced an 11-year-old kid into having sex and that the 11-year-old maybe didn't really understand what was happening and while that may not perfectly fit into the standard definitions of molestation and rape, that's, uh, what it is.

The fact that Lil Wayne seems rather surprised that Kimmel brought up the topic and seems even more eager to move on to the next question indicates that it wasn't the virile, machismo affirmation that Kimmel and his wolf-whistling audience seem to think it is.

I mean, let's consider if the interviewee was a woman who had sex for the first time with a 14-year-old boy who turned out the lights and went to town? I can't imagine that the reaction from Kimmel or the audience would be so congratulatory.

Look, I understand that children are human and humans are sexual beings and that people develop emotionally at all different rates for better or worse. There very well may be a small handful of 11-year-olds who are emotionally and physically mature enough to handle sex, but for the most part, I think it's HIGHLY inappropriate, and frankly rather fucked up, to react to a story like Lil Wayne's with high-fives and chest bumps. I just know that if a 14-year-old turned out the lights and "surprised" my 11-year-old by having sex with him, heads would be rolling. And the fact that Kimmel has a young son and doesn't seem to be at all concerned about this really makes me wonder.

Children are children and just because a child is a boy/future man doesn't mean it's okay to encourage sexuality when he's not ready. And how fucked up is it that we market sexual clothes and behaviors to young girls only to call them sluts when they buy into it? I AM ANGRY.

Racialicious has an excellent post up about this interview. Go read.

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you are absolutely right. highly inappropriate and it is rape. totally unacceptable.


This gives me major shivers thinking of my sweet little one year old boy. That's only 10 years away! WTF! Over my dead body. What the hell is wrong with society that you rejoice over a CHILD male OR female having sex at 11?!?! That's barely pre-pubescent in most cases. Ew ew ew.


Considering one of my clients was in our program for almost the same act. I can safely say that that is technically rape here in Pa. I cannot stand how the media portrays incidents like this as OK because it happened with an "older woman" if the roles were reversed; everyone would be upset and would say that he assaulted her.


Yikes...what is wrong with our society. Makes me not want to even bring a child into this screwed up world until we get some shit straight around here!


The world is this messed up, unfortunately. I saw and heard about it frequently, when I used to work for Burbank Unified. 11 year olds are having sex. I also had the misfortune of reading all about it in great detail, when I confiscated a note that kept resurfacing from a 6th grade cheerleader (BTW: that cheerleader is probably still having nightmares of that day: big ol' pregnant and hormonal me, visibly and audibly trembling as I told her how upset and disgusted I was by what she was doing at such. a. young! age!). I was convinced I would home-school my kids, after what I learned from working there, to protect my kids from that life. I'm over the homeschooling idea, but still hoping and praying that I can keep my kids reasonably "pure" for a while.


Guess what, Lil Wayne said it affected him negatively-- he wasn't glamorizing it in any way.

Your outrage is understandable, but nobody is condoning forced virginity loss, not for boys or for girls.


I'm directing my outrage toward Kimmel and his audience for cheering the act.


A few years ago, it seemed like there were stories popping up right and left about teachers having sex with students, and I was always bugged by the differing reactions from people based on the gender of the teachers and students in each story. Male students with female teachers always seemed to bother people less. As the father of two boys, if any teacher ever did this to one of them, there's no way it'd be anything other than rape.

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