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Slumdog Millionaire Actress In Danger Of Being Sold By Her Father

Rubina_slumdog_millionaire Not sold out. Sold. To the highest bidder. Rubina Ali, who portrays the child version of heroine Latika in the film, was recently reported sold by her father to a sheik in Dubai for around 200,000 English pounds. The only catch? The "sheik" was actually a reporter for the UK Daily Mail, as part of a sting operation to blow the cover off of suspicions that the child was up for sale by her father, who has been trying to cash in on the success of his little girl.

Words fail me.

And yet, they don't fail me. Because this is the reality of picking a child out of the real slums of Mumbai, giving them money, and then putting them back where they came from. The money these children received was a glimmer of something their families only dreamed of, only to have the money run out, leaving them in the same conditions they were in prior to the movie.

Producer Christian Colson and director Danny Boyle have reportedly tried to help the families of the children featured in the film, offering to get them apartments and guarantee schooling until they are eighteen, and then giving them a lump sum of money after they reach adulthood. But the children's families have stated that they want cash instead.

It's a twisted situation with no real clear answer. The life in a Mumbai slum is so far beyond what Westerners can comprehend, and I know that when I saw the film, realizing that the kids really were from the slums, I wanted to scoop them all up and take care of them. But the reality is that talking about education funds and sums of money when these children are of age doesn't mean anything to a family living day to day on little to no money. So I can see where the frustration of the families comes into play.

However, the idea that little Rubina could, like so many other children living in the slums, be sold and her fate never known afterward, is horrifying to say the least. It makes the film so much more difficult to watch, and shows that sometimes, there are no happy endings.



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That is heartbreaking.


not too many people want to talk about the dirty underbelly of India. which is interesting b/c i feel like all we talk about in the US is our dirty underbelly.


oh god. horrifying. gaaaaaaah.


Oh my god. Things I wish I never had to read, "sold by her father" is definitely top of the list. That is so awful.

Karina in T.O

What kind of world do we live in, dammit! That people think nothing of selling their children into slavery, into prostitution, or for profit for themselves?!! And this is why I thank the lord everyday I have a mother that loves, me and I live in a modest yet middle income tax bracket. My mother worked two sometimes 3 jobs FOR YEARS to support the two of us, and yes while we weren't in abject-living-in-a-box-in-an-alley poverty, nothing in her Polish psyche said it's okay to SELL YOUR CHILD. Other parts of the world? Not so much.

Selling your baby girl to an alleged Dubai sheik? Oh sure, because that's not tossing your child into a life of abuse, neglect and god knows what other attrocities! Gah!

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