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Candy Spelling Blames Tori for Aaron Spelling's Death

Tori_Spelling_Aaron_Spelling Confession: "Tori & Dean: Insert Whatever Subtitle it is This Season Here" is a pretty charming show. I may watch it fairly regularly. I may even have it programmed on my DVR queue. I may have forgiven Tori Spelling for "Mother May I Sleep with Danger?" May have. And if you don't watch, basically, somehow, Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott convince viewers to forgive them for cheating on their spouses and eventually leaving those spouses to be with one another and then go on to convince you they're fairly regular people and do regular people-type things, like take care of their kids and fight over the remote and stuff like that. And Tori does mention Candy Spelling -- her mom -- on air occasionally; she touches on their strained relationship and how it has made her a better mother to her own kids -- especially her own daughter -- because she doesn't want to repeat the past. I don't think -- at least to the extent that I believe what Tori has alluded to on air -- that anything specifically happened to cause a rift between her and her mom, but simply that they never really got along. Candy was never the kind of mom Tori hoped or needed her to be and, MY GOD, she kind of proved that with what I read today.

Candy Spelling was on air yesterday with a radio show out of Mass. when she verbally blamed Tori for her dad's -- Aaron Spelling -- death. She said, "It was sad because that's what killed my husband actually. He just didn't want to live after that. You know, he had done everything .... he could possibly do for his daugther and she wanted no part of him once he couldn't do anything for her." She said earlier in the interview: "I've always been trying to work on the relationship [with Tori] ... I don't know what the anger is." Um, here's a thought Candy, blaming her for her father's death is probably not the most constructive way tot "work" on your relationship with her unless by work you mean destroy irreparably. 

Aaron Spelling was diagnosed with cancer in 2001 and then suffered a stroke just five days before he ultimately died in June of 2006 at the age of 83. He was also involved in a rather messy, dramatic lawsuit six months prior to his death by a former nurse, and I imagine that added to his stress levels in very serious ways. All of these things contributed to his death but a rift -- one that Tori has never spoken about -- with his daughter sure doesn't seem like one of them. Again, HE WAS EIGHTY-THREE YEARS OLD.  

Candy has often spoken about her desire to be in her grand-kids' lives -- Tori's son, Liam, and daughter, Stella -- but if that were true, would she so blatantly hammer the final nail into the coffin of her relationship with Tori? I mean, something tells me play dates and slumber parties just aren't going to happen after this statement. And, no I never thought I'd say this, but I don't blame Tori Spelling one bit for keeping her kids away from their grandmother. 

Blaming Tori for this is kind of ridiculously awful of her mother, and it makes me forgive Tori for "Co-ed Call Girl" as well.

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I can agree to most everything in this post. Over the long weekend, I caught myself beign sucked into a 'Tori and Dean' marathon....and I started to like them. I always thought Dean was a douche, but he's actually fairly normal. Other than that adultery and stuff...

And now I think I have a small girl-crush on you for mentioning 2 of my favorite crazy Lifetime movies EVER.


I recently saw tori in a store in NYC and she was so thin! Too thin. Worrisome thin. I have heard it is b/c of her mother saying bad things about her. Hey Candy -do you want to be the reason your daughter dies?


I LOVE Tori Spelling! When I heard about this, my first thought was "Oh no! Poor Tori! I hope she's OK" Like she's my best friend or something....... is that pathetic?


That woman always seemed like an awful person.
Three words- WRAPPING PAPER ROOM. (Three more- too many caps?)
I'm sorry, but a strong wind can kill an 83 year old man with oral cancer under threat of a lawsuit, not to mention the STROKE. Thanks for playing, Candy.


I swear this woman spent her life competing with her daughter for Aaron's affections. How sad she treats her own daughter like the other woman. Grow up! Any woman who is so proud that she can't put everything else aside for the chance to know her grandbabies is just wrong.

the fixer mamma

you know what I can't forgive though? her stupid husband calling their daughter his first little girl, when he in fact adopted a little girl 6 weeks prior to dumping his first wife to be with Tori. These people all deserve each other.

Tanis Miller

Candy Spelling is the rich bleached blonde version of my mother.

May Gawd have mercy on all of us.


I too am a card carrying Tori/Dean fan! And I have heard from fairly reputable sources that Dean was already separating w/his ex when she adopted the girl, so I have forgiven him for that. I think they're a cute couple and he seems devoted to his 3 kids.
Candy needs to choke on her cane.


i hate how much i like this show...and thusly, Tori, as well. There is no way she, or any other daughter, deserves this allegation.


I saw this show last weekend like everyone else and got sucked in.I think they won my heart over when Dean was enthralled with his heat massage bidet and had EVERYONE in the house come in so he could show them.Funny thing is all the people in the house acted like no big whoop that he was seated on the throne at the time lol.

As for Candy(Miss Piggy nose)....She is a tightfaced,evil twat and needs to drink a big ole glass of shutthefarkup juice...EVIL....I would keep my kids so far away from her.I think she just cant stand that she cant put Tori under her thumb and cutting her out of daddys will didnt faze Tori.Tori would be better off without mommys Joan Crawford like love


Heat massage bidet? Ummmm...yeah. I don't think I'll be tuning in to see this dude getting his ass cleaning...with both a live familial, as well as very public televised audience. ;)

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