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David Simon's Treme Is a Go!

David_simon Addicts of The Wire, rejoice! No, the show is not returning, but David Simon's newest project, Treme, has been picked up by HBO and should premiere next spring. So, good news: David Simon will be bringing more awesome to TV. Bad news: we have to wait a year.

Treme is a drama that follows residents of post-Katrina New Orleans as they rebuild their lives and their homes. However, Simon notes that this is not the themes of The Wire moved to a new city and is not as political. Of course, it is no longer possible to discuss New Orleans without getting a little political and Simon concedes that much of the real-life events that are portrayed in Treme could be seen as a metaphor for the economic disaster that the rest of the country endured (and is enduring) a few years after Katrina.

To me, it sounds like Treme differs from The Wire by examining how national government functions on a state and city level, while The Wire examined a city. Also, Treme sounds a little more character focused. Am I making sense?

Anyway, Simon is bringing in some of his buddies from The Wire, namely writer/producer Eric Overmyer, actor Wendell Pierce, who played Bunk on The Wire, and Clarke Peters, who played Lester. Which brings to me to a very important appeal that I need to make:

David Simon, in the name of all that is holy and good, please get Tristan Wilds, aka the young man who played Michael on The Wire and broke my heart again and again over seasons 4 and 5, involved in this project so that he can get off of that god-awful new 90210. It's seriously shameful that a young actor who is that talented is on that crap. I mean, I'm glad he's working, but come on now.

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Oh praise Jesus.

Today is a good day, yes it is.


REJOICING IN THE SKREETS! Thanks for the great news!


Fan-flippin'-tastic! I miss The Wire something fierce, so this is good news indeed!


David Simon PS - Please, please, please bring Andre Braugher and/or Kyle Secor back to television.

Snarky Amber

Oh Man, Michael is on the 90210 remake? Shit, that's worse than Stringer being in that crap Fatal Attraction rip-off he was just in with Beyoncé.

I have to cancel my cable altogether to get by next year and now you're making me need to UPGRADE my cable. I'm gonna have to find a place to watch that.


Clarke Peters is the SHIT.
Also- I heard he's bringing back Khandi Alexander from The Corner and Melissa Leo from Homicide!
Also!! Steve Zahn! I don't think he was in any of them but he is awesome.

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