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Let's All Make Out With Joss Whedon's Dollhouse

Eliza_dushku_dollhouse Omigod omigod omigod omigod omigod.

I woke up to the best news ever this morning.

Okay, well, maybe it's not the "best news ever", but in the arena of television, this is some of the best news I've heard in a long time.  Of course, Joss Whedon's involvement with any television project always proves to be brilliant, and, yes, my adoration of all things Joss is a little over the top — I just ploughed through the first two seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in one weekend again — but barring the discovery of immortality or fubsy becoming the new fabulous, I'll just throw this out there:  THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVAR.



Rumours began to circulate in trade reports on Friday that a deal was made for another 13 episodes to be aired next fall in its regular Friday slot.  Despite my love for the show, news of Dollhouse's renewal is surprising.  Although its DVR numbers are huge, its ratings have remained dangerously low, and, according to one source, it just might be "...the lowest-rated in-season scripted drama to ever get a renewal on a major broadcast network."

Over the course of its first season, Dollhouse has grown in depth and intrigue, and it is truly starting to take on that magical shine that Whedon's previous endeavours — such as Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Firefly, and the aforementioned Buffy — have all possessed.  As the season has progressed, each of the Dollhouse personalities has unfolded depths of character and purpose that I would never have been able to forecast, and I think that it is a testament to Whedon's maturation as a storyteller.

Of course, I doubt that that is what has moved Fox to renew the show.  They're motivated by cold, hard cash.  Science fiction shows do well in post-season DVD sales, especially when a show's much anticipated 13th episode is not publicly aired and can only be purchased with the Dollhouse: Season One DVD set, and you better believe that Dollhouse will make up for with money in the bank where it lacked in the ratings department.

I personally want to thank all the other Joss Whedon fans out there who wrote letters and e-mails, campaigned on Twitter, and DVRed the crap out of this inaugural season's episodes, because Dollhouse is back, which means that the world gets another round of sexy people kicking really sexy ass in the most sexy ways.

If Dollhouse were a person, I would so totally be making out with it right now.

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That's awesome. I plowed through the beginning of the season just b/c it was a Joss thing, finally by the back half of the season it hit its stride. Glad to have more DVR fodder for fall.


please tell me you made that graphic.


I DID make that graphic. You like?


yay!!!!! our prayers have been answered! we all did our part with the begging on the interwebs.



And to a lesser extent, Fox. Though you're still rat bastards for canceling Firefly and Arrested Development.


I had been stockpiling episodes on the DVR; now that it won't be in vain, I can watch them.


It is, in a word, SUBLIME.




I was sooo excited to hear this news too, I'm in LOVE with the show!!! Great job for shouting it out too!!!


Wheee! I'm so glad! For the continuing story...and the hotness.

Also, I REALLY love that graphic, too!! Great work! :)

Kerri Anne

SO unbelievably psyched right now.


That graphic is the win. I saw the rumblings/rumors via Twitter on Friday. There was much squeeing. Hooray Fox for getting one right.


Since I loved all other things Whedonesque, I too have been stockpiling the episodes in my DVR so I wouldn't miss any. And to know Joss understands knitters, well, my heart is full, people. Full.


I need some kind of TV to care about. It keeps me going (provided it is accessible for free, through the internet).

The best TV is often populist TV (TV that is forced to happen through popular entertainment organizing). I wish all those people would write to stop the two wars, but OK! Better than nothing.


You missed the secondary awesome news: Episode 13 will air this summer! We will get Epitaph One!

Weirdness: This is the first show in 9 years for Joss to get a second season (the last was Angel!).

Also, The Sarah Connor Chronicles got canned, guess who I bet will be joining the DH cast? I can't wait to see Summer as a Doll. I want her to be Foxtrot.

Finally: 20th Century Fox produces the show, Fox network airs it. While they are related, Fox network doesn't really make any money off the DVDs, 20th Century Fox does. Which is why part of the concessions to put the show back on for a 2nd season was that the studio foot more of the bill so it is financially viable for the network. Granted 20thCF produced shows are cheaper for Fox to air, which is why the Warner Bros produced TSCC is canned. (this is the same reason Chuck got renewed, its network is owned by the studio, so it's cheaper to make over all).


Um. What is Dollhouse?


I was going to totally lose faith in like, everything, if Dollhouse wasn't renewed. I was so happy to get this news. I can go on living.


Summer as a doll would kick ASS!!!!


I was about ready to give up on TV altogether if Dollhouse had been cancelled. Your photo ROCKS!


yay! I did write to them and that is obviously why they renewed...
so happy :)

Samantha L.

I'm so excited. I wrote an email, too, which I never do.

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