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Eminem Gets Clean, Makes Peace With His Mother

Eminem-vibe I have to admit that reading about Eminem's 20-pill-a-day prescription drug habit was not all that surprising to me. I mean, he's rapped extensively about doing drugs, canceled tours, had stints in rehab, gone on hiatus, his new album is called Relapse...gee...I just...damn, it's all so SUBTLE, Eminem. Why won't you be straight with your fans?

Following his first stint in rehab in 2005, the rapper, 36, tells VIBE he nearly overdosed after an acquaintance gave him unidentified blue pills, which a doctor later told him were actually methadone. "My doctor told me the amount of methadone I'd taken was equivalent to shooting up four bags of heroin," Eminem says, noting that had he known, "I probably wouldn't have taken it. But as bad as I was back then, I can't even say 100 percent for sure."

But this quote did surprise me:

"It never once hit me that drug addiction runs in my family. Now that I understand that I'm an addict, I definitely have compassion for my mother. I get it," he says.

Look, okay. I own an Eminem album or two. Possibly all of them. I know, boycotts and sexist/bigoted lyrics and holy shit, do not let your children listen to this music, but I think he's kind of genius and I know I'm not the only MamaPopper who feels this way and anyway, I'M NOT THE TOPIC OF THIS POST. LET'S FOCUS, PEOPLE.

If there was one person in Eminem's life and albums who was slammed more than once, twice, two times the ex-wife Kim Mathers, it was his mother Debbie. She did drugs, she neglected him, she used him for attention, she abandoned him on the doorsteps of friends and relatives. She also sued the shit out him for defamation and won (albeit she was only awarded $1,600 of the $10 million she asked for).

So. "I definitely have compassion for my mother. I get it." Not that I want to hear a kinder, gentler Eminem on the new album or anything, but I'm glad to read this. I'm curious to know more, a little. Was there an actual reconciliation? Are they actually speaking to each other? Or is Em just using their dysfunctional relationship for pre-album release media attention? You know, again.


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hmmm. he is not falling all over himself apologizing to her so i think it is for real. course he is analyzing his life while clean and doing the steps and all that right? isn't this the process? he is looking like holy hell in that picture. not like himself.
what i wanna know--how did he NOT die? is he bionic? some people just get slipped one pill in their whole life and die? why does he (and other people with similar addiction stories) get to be a cat with so many lives?


I think he didn't die from taking that much because he already was a user. A lot of times, the more you take (long term, etc) the more you can handle. If someone that doesn't use drugs took that, they would have most likely died.

Can't wait for the full album to come out, hope it is good!

other sweetney

Compassion does not = forgiveness. aka "I understand why you are what you are, but you still fucked me."


Fame + Money + Media = drug addiction. A very common combination.

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