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For Her Birthday, Amanda Palmer Wants You To Tell Your Friends About Amanda Palmer

Amanda_palmer Do you know those fragments of pop culture that you adore so much that you feel compelled to tell everyone you know how awesome they are? Sure you do - we're nothing if not overzealous here at MamaPop, and we pretty much only blog about pop culture so that other people will love/hate the same things as us, because this makes us feel closer to you as human beings in this dark, lonely world. 

But do you know this feeling? You know, the feeling that some musicians or shows or artists are so amazing and illustrate something so integral to who you are, that you just want to strap your loved one's into a chair, with their eyes forced open like in A Clockwork Orange, and make them watch/listen to whatever/whomever it is, until your strapped-down loved one's eyes are truly open? And then they have that Come to Jesus Moment, where they turn their head as best as they can in the restraints and say, with clamped-open eyes full of wonder, "Oh my stars. Thank you for putting those clamps on my eyes and making me see! truly! for the first time! How did I go my whole life without __________?!?!"

Yeah, I kinda live for that shit. I'm sure it's not at all annoying. So, yesterday, when Amanda Palmer asked, in honor of her 33rd birthday, that her fans make their present to her the very simple act of introducing Amanda Fucking Palmer to just one person who needs a little Amanda Fucking Palmer in their life, I figured I'd do her one better. So, I'm telling all you betches - AFP is the shit, and you need her in your life. Here's why.

Well, the only reason you really need is her solo album, Who Killed Amanda Palmer? For one thing, the name of the album is an allusion to Twin Peaks — how awesome is that? The answer is: only half as awesome as the album itself. I have listened to at least one song from it every day for the last couple months. If you're into something more visual, there's a companion book of photos of Amanda Palmer looking pretty and dead, with stories by Neil Gaiman, as well as an accompanying music video series by Michael Pope.

Actually, you know what? I'm just gonna let Amanda speak for Amanda. If, after watching these videos, you still don't want to buy a copy of Who Killed Amanda Palmer ... well, I really just don't think we understand each other as well as I thought I did. And that makes me sad.

First single: "Leeds United"

"What's The Use of Wond'rin?" (from Carousel)

"Runs in the Family"

I Google You (lyrics by Neil Gaiman)


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she really is so "fucking" cool. i will be traveling to the boston area next weekend to see afp perform with her old highschool drama team & teacher in an abstract take on the Neutral Milk Hotel album "In The Aeroplane Over the Sea" (if you have not listened to this album, you need to NOW. seriously, you need to, i'll wait). anyway, being that i live in jersey, me and the man are dedicated and think she is tres fab. The play is called "The Needle That Sings in My Heart" (i think) and if you live near boston or are crazy like me you should head over to Lexington HS and see AFP in the flesh. im going to give her album to my mom and hope she gives it to my 12 yr old sister. some day.


Ha! I have the Twin Peaks original book "Diary of Laura Palmer" somewhere. Now I have to dig it up...


I just saw her at Coachella a couple of weeks ago, and she fucking rocked. She was my favorite artist there, and this was a festival that included Morrissey, My Bloody Valentine, The Cure, M. Ward, Jenny Lewis, TV On The Radio, and a host of other amazing acts. We got some great pictures of Amanda as she crowd surfed from the stage to the back of the tent, where she then perched on the shoulders of the audience and played Radiohead's "Creep" on the ukulele.

Accidental Housewife

Yay! Yay for new found music! (Though boo for not being cool enough to have found this on my own!)

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