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Friday Eye Candy: Save Joss Whedon Edition


Okay, it's actually more like, save Joss Whedon's show 'Dollhouse' - Joss Whedon doesn't need saving, except for maybe from his own awesome - but that didn't quite have the same ring to it.

What am I talking about? If you have to ask, it means that you're not watching Dollhouse, which means that you're part of the problem. You need to do something about that. You can start by reading this (Save Dollhouse!) (Look, I know that Dollhouse was a little weak coming out of the gate, but if you'd kept watching you'd realize that it's coming into its own. And seriously: Buffy wasn't the greatest show in in its first episodes, but it became the greatest show. If for no other reason that that legacy, you need to watch Dollhouse.) Then, if you still have any doubts, you can peruse the candy below.

Like you need any reason other than Joss Whedon, really, but still: if Joss Whedon isn't enough, then Faith Eliza Dushku should do the trick.


Actually, all the women on Dollhouse are amazing. They make the men seem a little tepid, actually.

As this picture demonstrates:


Going clockwise from top right: yawn, yawn, yawn, HOT.

Also, Olivia Williams as Adele DeWitt, who may become one of my favorite Joss Whedon characters, ever:

Fec-Olivia Williams as Adelle DeWitt

Also, Fred Amy Acker!


How many more reasons do you need? WATCH THIS SHOW.

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Mary Beth (Cats, Books, Life is Good)

I really like Victor, especially when he's becoming the take-charge FBI agent:) I'm going to be seriously pissed if the show is canceled before we find out about Alpha and what's going on with "Fred".

Dorene - Occasional Rambling

I love Dollhouse. And it is the only Joss Whedon show that my husband has ever watched with me. And he is still watching it. Which definitely says something about the shows incredible awesomeness. (Or perhaps he just enjoys watching the female characters but either way, L-O-V-E.)


I don't want Dollhouse to get canceled either. Sad Face.

Eliza Dushku can't act, but she's certainly nice to look at. Then men are a huge let down, though, you've got a point there.

kelly jeanie

What?!?! No love for Helo...er, Tahmoh Penikett? And his beautiful neighbor, Mellie/November (Miracle Laurie)?

Seriously, though, yes, some very nice eye candy above, and everyone should watch.


Okay, when and where and I'll start watching!


Tonight, Fridays at 8:00 P.M. Central Time. It is a great show, but I am preprogrammed to watch anything of Joss Whedon's anyway. Also tonight, Wash (Alan Tudyk?)from Firefly / Serenity is guest starring on Dollhouse.


Isabel, You can start watching episodes on Hulu.com: http://www.hulu.com/dollhouse

Fridays, 9pm ET, 8pm CT BE THERE! :)

Major Bedhead

Dollhouse is awesome. It just keeps getting better with every episode (last week's - Haunted - was incredible).


PS: Olivia Williams is completely rad. Great, complex character, and probably my favorite from Dollhouse.


I have a pretty epic boner for Sierra, to be honest.


I want ALL of DeWitt's clothes, along with Fred's white coat.
Oh, and the show's pretty good too. : ) Like last week, Topher with Sierra and the twinkie? I felt so bad for him. Tug on my heartstrings Whedon.

Cynthia Samuels

You go girl! I love the power of the women, and their intelligence and collaboration. And that the evil Topher looks like a teddy bear. And that Whedon is loyal to his great Buffy/Angel stars like Dushku and Acker. If you ever went through his shows for people who went on to bigger glory, you'd need a long piece of paper.

Adam Good

I had the biggest crush on her in Rushmore.


starting with the like 4th episode it got so much better! please TV peoples--save this show!!!!!! please!!!

Katie Kat

Eliza Dushku is just about the hottest thing on the planet. She's one of my biggest girl crushes... RAWR! I'd be glad to help save ANY show she's in! ;)






I was surprised, no, shocked, to learn recently that The Beverly Hillbillies was on the air from 1962 - 1971. NINE YEARS of the same running joke! I know the first season of Dollhouse has had a few rough patches, but it's also hinted at some straight up genius. It's as if Fox expects everything to be wonderful and perfect from the get-go. I'd love to see where this show could go if allowed another two or three seasons or more. Honestly, all the actors could be ugly as sin, the story line of this one is compelling enough.


And while I'm at it....Helo, er, Agent Ballard? He can be my wingman anytime.


Oh Tahmoh! I loves you so. Come be my Canadian boyfriend. We can watch Hockey and you can never wear a shirt, and can often be sweaty and have a furrowed brow, and did it just get hot in here? No? Just me?


I love this show, I hope it goes for another season! I was bummed when Fox got rid of Tru Calling & was thrilled to see another show with Eliza Dushku.

The first couple eps, I was like huh. Then the show got very good, I hope more people start to watch & they let it go at least another season.

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