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Grey's Anatomy Shattered Me Into 16 Fragments










I can't mold my thoughts into a coherent narrative. The Grey's Anatomy finale broke me. So I'm just gonna type numbers and say stuff.

1). Izzie and/or George are not dead. They will be fine. Izzie and Karev are going to be happy forever and Denny is going to go away and just be dead because he's a nuisance and stupid. George is going to live and wash off his bloody face and not go to Iraq. George has plowed pretty much every woman on Grey's so I think he should wake up gay. Like, homosexuality will be a complication of his surgery or something.


3). Don't take George and Izzie. Please. Why not just have Denny die again and stay dead? Or Meredith! Take Meredith and her whiny stupid indecisiveness.

4). My world is black and white and syrupy. Killing myself would take too much effort.

5). Goto 1).

6). The above represents the DABDA infinite loop I'm trapped in. But I never make it to A. My life is a vicoius circle of DABD.

7). Somebody give Chandra Wilson an Emmy immediately. Chandra Wilson was despair manifest. I wish I could youtube her scene with the Chief ("We're all scared! If you're not scared, you're not paying attention!") and show you. I get chills if I dare to think about it. Can I get an amen for an Emmy for Chandra Wilson?

8). Good God who in their right mind knew that the guy who got hit by the bus was George? If you say you knew, I don't believe you. It was just masterful. The writers had us all suspicious that the woman shoved him in front of the bus. Right? That's what you thought. And you were all pleased with yourself for figuring it out. You probably even stood up, pointed at the TV, and shouted "THAT bitch pushed him in front of the bus!" like you were Sherlock Holmes or some shit. And then Meredith shrieked and (I'm dead serious. I have chills typing this) you were kinda like WTF? and when she finally said "It's George! John Doe is George!", your head exploded, didn't it? Wait. My head didn't even explode. It melted. I have never been more effed up over a television program ever in my life. That was some fine dramatic programming.

9). Thank God Yang and Owen are back together. Now maybe he can put his demons to sleep and Yang can finally get over that homophobe. I love it when love is big enough to love the crazy. God damn it people. We need to embrace the crazy. Grey's Anatomy is providing the template by which we all need to live our lives. Sure. Owen takes showers with his clothes on. Fine. The ceiling fan evokes a flashback and he almost chokes Yang to death. But Yang loves him anyway, which is how it should be. There's no challenge to loving sane people. But loving the crazy? That's the measure of love. It reminds me of when Jim Morrison hung from that window and made Pam tell him he loves her. It's so awesome and romantic. Makes me wanna test my wife's love today. Yeah. I'm gonna do something batshit crazy and see if Jenna still loves me.

10). It just dawned on me that perhaps I have too much emotional stock invested in the characters of Grey's Anatomy.

11). I have had it with Derek and Meredith. Does anybody even care if these fools ever get married? Oh let's write our vows on a post-it note and hang it in my locker. Please. That whole scene was the big lame. It approached "cute" with the vow "I promise to love you even when I hate you" but too late, sorry, we're already sick of these amateur spouses. Again, why don't we cash in Meredith for George? Then maybe Derek can hook up with George after he goes gay from surgical complications. (And spare me the hate mail about how ignorant I am. Let's say Shepherd's doing brain surgery and his watch comes unclasped and falls right into George's brain. And then let's say that when they retrieve the watch, they accidentally bump [and discover!] the gay switch. There. You've altered the course of the plot line and discovered the gay switch. Stranger shit has happened on Grey's Anatomy.)

12). How weird was it that Izzie had to choose between death or memory loss? Makes you wonder where your life is at.

13). Bailey's husband is a big pussy and she needs to leave him immediately. You don't give your wife an ultimatum. If you're trying to be an overbearing, patriarchal asshole, you don't give your wife a choice. You just say "Listen Bailey. You're not going into pediatrics. Why? BECAUSE I SAID SO. Check your King James, sweetie. You're not switching specialties." Tucker is half stepping. Be gone. Can't we get half a George or Izzie for killing off Tucker? Maybe give him a common cold gone awry.

14). Callie's a bigger person than me. I hate it when people hold their aces to their chests during a fight and Arizona's brother getting killed in Iraq?!? Aces. And she knew she was pushing Callie's buttons by talking like a bouncy cheerleader about how awesome it was that George had enlisted. She knew this but she kept doing it because she also knew that, eventually, she was gonna smash Callie in the face with her dead brother story. And when she did, Callie got all mushy and grabbed her hand. But me? I would've screamed "FOUL!" and said "Your dead brother plus George being an idiot does not equal awesome." But beyond that, I hope these two stay together with a lot of hard mouth makeup kissing next season.

15). Sloan and Little Grey? Eh. They're cute but if they try to stretch this out too long, I object. Sloan's doomed to mess this up anyway because he is the archetypal male fuckup.

16). And finally, Izzie. You can't have Izzie, cancer. I forbid it. Izzie was a trailer park kid who became a surgeon. It's completely unethical to kill her off. What kind of message does that send to trailer park kids? Screw your dreams, TP kids. There's a big brain tumor just on the other side of your dreams. Now I completely understand that this kind of thing happens all the time in real life. BUT GREY'S ANATOMY IS NOT REAL LIFE! It's Grey's Anatomy. And George and Izzie need to snap out of that hazy afterlifey world. They should mutually pinch each other very hard and pop back to life. Then Izzie and Alex can go drink huge beers at Joe's Emerald City Bar. And look. There's Yang and Owen. She's shaking her finger playfully at him because he's not supposed to mix his meds with alcohol. Callie and Arizona are making out in a dark corner beneath a dartboard. And there's Derek and Meredith walking in with Sloan and Little Grey. But Sloan is checking out Meredith and Derek is scanning the room for George, who walks in behind them with a big bandage on his face. The seeds for drama are there. But for now, everyone is happy and drinking beer and THAT'S how you end a season, Shonda Rhimes.

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I actually did know it was George, but only because there was essentially the same story line a few years ago on ER when they treated one of their own doctors who jumped in front of a train and his face was so messed up they didn't recognize him. No one knew until they paged the doc to the ER and the patient's pager went off. You don't have to believe me. :)


#8. Totally knew it was George from the beginning. For reals. Reminded me of an ER episode several years ago, when a distraught intern jumped in front of a train, but they didn't know it was that intern for a long time, until they kept paging said intern to come in and help, and he didn't - but the dying dude on the table's pager kept going off. Anyway....

I bawled like my daughter when she was colicky, 24/7, for 5 consecutive months. THAT's how much this episode got to me.

Now...if they do something effed up, like daytime dramas always do...and save George's life, but then, take off the bandages and he's a different actor...I'm going to have to go batshit on someone!


ACK! How funny! Your commentary didn't show up on my screen 'til after I posted mine - but how funny that we both knew for the same reason! ;)


I have never watched this show, and yet still found this post highly entertaining. KUDOS.


I'm aroused.


I think George is a goner for sure but....I can't quite figure out how he was dead in uniform...when he had not gone to boot camp yet. Very weird.


K, I loved and agreed with every word, the whole episode blew my mind and I did NOT know that was George and I was SO MAD when he wrote out "007" and wanted to kick the people behind that plan. Mean stuff. Buuut... I'm pretty sure it's Shonda Rhimes. No "r".

Amen on the Meredith and Derek pretend wedding thing. Grey is finally acting like she can handle a healthy relationship and now they're just... going to be pretend married? Wtf? We have had enough of the crazy from Meredith. Same with Sloan and Little Grey. We are sick of the unnecessary stretching-out of the shit we already know is going to happen. We're not that stupid. Just stop it.


I never saw ER. So I guess I believe you both. Tentatively.


Also, I just found this quote from Rhimes:

"Responding to rumors that both Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight asked to be released from their contracts and leave the show, Shonda says, "I think Katherine's stated publicly that she's happy to stay. I think that there have been lots of rumors about T.R., but T.R.'s never said anything. Take from it what you will.""

which makes me think that Izzy lives and George dies. She kind of side-stepped a direct answer about his wanting to leave and they have been screwing over his plotline all season whereas Heigl has never ceased to be a central character. She also talks about how the post-it ceremony was more true to Meredith's character than a big white dress, but there's such a thing as going to freaking city hall. Dumb.


I test my husband like that every day. Not on purpose. Yeah, he loves me. He'd have to.


Good eye, Alyssa. Thanks for the spell check. ~bhj


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. MM with the inside joke.



Now that I'd got that out of my system (though I can still feel it bubbling up every time I think of the final scenes):

1. Ok, let's do this the bandaid way, all at once and painful: I think George is s goner. Please don't hate me, I don't want him to be, but he did say publicly that he wanted to leave Grey's, so they had to figure out a way to let him go. And this was genius, because I had no idea it was him until he did that 007 thing. So Meredith and I found out at the same time. (And like her, I too almost screamed "OH MY GOD!")

2. Now, Izzie is another story. They cannot kill both of them. Then we are left with:
- Christina who turned into a softie (though who can blame her, Kevin McKidd is really friggin hot, and come on, he was a Roman general and everything)
- little Grey and Mc.Steamy: snore
- Meredith and Derek: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I wish they'd get killed off in a car accident or something. In fact I tell you what, Shondra Rhimes: save Geaorge and Izzie and get the pair of fools there killed off in a plane crash on their way to their honey moon or something. Thank you in advance.

3. The stupid "sex with a dead man" thing totally ruined Denny for me. And Izzie. Which leaves me only lukewarm love for the show, as my like for Callie, Bailey and George is not as strong as my like for Izzie and Christina used to be.

4. Seriouly, they'd better not kill Izzie. (It bears repeating.)

5. Your plot writing skills? Mad. Just brilliant.


Yeah, that was weird. He looked like that dude in Full Metal Jacket.


Can you imagine being TR Knight and wanting to leave Grey's Anatomy? I mean. Are people beating down TR Knight's door? WTF, TR Knight?


Dude, you brought it on this one. Kudos.

Re:Chandra Wilson; A. Fucking. Men. She broke my heart during that scene.

I figured out it was George the second that the Chief said he told George to take the rest of the day off. I believe you might have heard the wailing from Pennsylvania. I was a blubbering mess for the rest of the episode.

I really hope they don't kill Izzie - she's my favorite character on the show, despite the whacko story line this year (I mean, I'd like to jump on Jeffrey Dean Morgan's head just like any other hetero female, so it made me happy to see him back, but COME. ON. Sex with dead people? Reaching much?).

Meredith and Derek need to just STFU already. I'm tired of it, for reals.

Between Grey's and Lost I had way too much angst in my season finales last week. Thank God for The Office and 30 Rock on my dvr.


Wanting to jump on JDM's head is awesome.


I think because we were in Izzie's head at that point. She knew he was going to Iraq and said, "he's going to get himself killed!" Or that's how my poor devastated brain took it, anyway.

So glad I wasn't the only one destroyed by this. George was always my most favorite. Can't the dude ever catch a break, Shonda?


I read somewhere that George is not going to die but they are going to bring him back as a different actor, like they do on the daytime soaps. That is why they disfigured him. I think that is when Grey's is going to have officially jumped the sharked.


oh also, neither T.R. Knight not Katherine Heigel came to wrap party. I have no idea what that means in regards to their future but I think it is important information to share.

Amanda of Shamelessly Sassy

My thoughts:
1.) Bailey's husband needs his nuts chopped off.
2.) I definitely thought the girl had pushed George in front of the bus. But I didn't know it was George until he told Meredith. I'm no detective.
3.) Chandra Wilson deserves every award on the planet. She is made of awesomeness. I've taken a bajillion anatomy classes, and no one ever taught me where the awesomeness was. But I know it exists, and I know that Chandra Wilson is made of it.
4.) If both Izzy and George die, I'm going to be pissed. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Can I just say yes and agree with you on ALL OF IT?

I was shaking my head in agreement while reading all of this.

Chandra Wilson deserves an Emmy for so many things, but for this episode, I think she deserves two.


I was totally shocked to find out that it was George that got hit by the bus. Double O seven ... (I can't even remember where he got that name from.)

I'm with you on the emmy for Wilson ... hells YEAH!!!

I loved it when Izzy started remembering stuff though. Funny!

And I agree ... we need to get the MerDer show moving along already ... enough mumbo jumbo ... married not married crappola! Let's get to the spousal abuse already!

Finally, I do hope that Izzie and George come back. Also ... it would be nice to seem them as close friends, gossips even ... heh ... which could totally happen if Derek flipped the gay switch! WOOT



Duuuuude! Noooooooooooooooo! I was JOKING when I said they would do that daytime-soap-switcheroo thing!


My mother and I were talking about this over the weekend - it wouldn't surprise me at all if they did that.

And then I would officially break up with Grey's Anatomy.


I know this is an unpopular opinion but as far as I'm concerned they can have Heigl and the extremely high horse she rode in on. They'll be better off without her.

Yes, please, give Chandra Wilson an Emmy right now, as much for her excitement over the new surgical equipment as for her break down. She is composed entirely of awesome and should be recognized as such.


What the hell, Kiza?!? She has cancer! Have a heart, would you?


That's what I thought! I was crying so hard though I just figured I missed something. BTW, you don't apply to teh military then go away the next day. It is a process. That was kinda lame.


I've taken a bajillion anatomy classes, and no one ever taught me where the awesomeness was. But I know it exists, and I know that Chandra Wilson is made of it....that was so funny!
Plus it is totally true. I love her..nuff said


The elevator door is going to shut, and she won't get out.... George has wanted off the show for a long time now......... so has Izzie.... that's the sad reality... Shonda had to kill em off...... but I have a feeling that Izzie is going to come back.... that elevator door will shut, and she will come back to us.... COME BACK TO US IZZIE!!


I hate to break it to all of you but Katherine Heigl and TR Knight asked for out of their contracts (because they felt their characters had no point any more and cos Katherine wants to do more movies, cos we can never have enough movies like 27 dresses, grr). So unless something happens I am pretty sure they are dead for good. They wanted off the show, and it sounds like they got it.

Katie Kat

Okay, I don't even watch this show (well, I watched maybe the last 4 episodes), and I HONESTLY (seriously, I was even impressed myself) KNEW it was George that was all banged up. And it wasn't even from seeing the ER episode people mentioned because I haven't watched that show for years. It just popped in my head when they kept talking about George, but he was nowhere to be found. It was like... PSYCHIC! BEHOLD MY PSYCHIC SKILLZ! :P


Know what, I haven't watched one single episode all season, but I tuned in for the finale between periods of the hockey game and got SUCKED IN like I used to but wouldn't let myself this year. That scene where George wrote on Mer's hand? CRAZY BRILLIANT.

I don't think they can dump Meredith. Her name's on the show, yo.

Ya don't think at least one of them's dead? Really? I kinda think George is dead because his gaze never flinched. Izzie kept glancing sideways/down as if she was... watching.


I agree with 99.99% of your post. (I wouldn't be heartbroken if Izzie left... sorry).

I figured out it was George when she read off the first "O" when he was writing with his finger. The ONLY reason I figured that out was b/c Alex referred to George as "Double O seven" earlier which they hadn't done for a really long time (license to kill-- he had too many patients die one day).

If they do a soap opera switch I will be done with this show. sob. Derek/Meredith are officially the most annoying people on TV and i need to get a life.


I'm going to be as nice as I can. If TR Knight wants to leave but they bring in a new actor to be mangled face George, fine. You people who say you'll quit watching, well, you don't even deserve Grey's Anatomy.


I agree with pretty much everything you posted...This episode totally blew my mind, it was amazing! I have also read that T.R. Knight is going to be a no-show for next season & I totally have to second the "WTF"? Cause it doesn't really seem like he has a lot else going on....As for Izzie, I'm over her. Used to love her, but as soon as she started bumping uglies with a dead guy? I checked out.
I also wish you could find a link to Chandra Wilson's scene. A-friggin-mazing. She had me bawling by the end of it, she is ridiculous as an actress.


Finally just watched online, and wow. Am I still crying? Yes. Yes I am.

Do I agree with every single word of your post? YES. YES I DO.

So basically, my head and heart totally melted into nothing, and then I read this and the rest of my body sort of just turned into lava and then burned my whole house down. Thanks for that.


I don't think the elevator scene was in Izzie's head. Not the George part anyway - how could she know.
I think in Grey's land - remember when Mere "died" there's a part od Seatle Grace that's "limbo" and when you die you go into the elevator and up a few levels not in the clothes you died in but in like your fantasy outfits.

Izzie with the Prom dress, George in uniform and Ellis Grey in scrubs.

That's what I took from it anyway.

If you read the writers blogs Shonda wrote at the end of season 4 that straight after the season finale she goes to the execs and pitches the next season finale - she said she works backwards and works out through the year how to get back to that place.
Take from that what you will.

And George got the n/n 007 in the first episode in his first surgery - an appendectomy with Burke when he killed the patient.

I whole heartedly agree with everything you wrote, Alex can not take a dead wife on top of the rest of his previous life. Don't do that to him Shonda.


you are hilarious. [:

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