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I Frankly Don't Even Know What To Say About This

And you'll pardon me for my incoherence once you check out this video. Trust me.


Someone, please, explain this to me. And fetch me my smelling salts, while you're at it -- I seem to have a touch of the vapors all of a sudden...

[Thanks to reader Monica for the heads-up!]

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Jenny, Crash Test Mommy

Brutha got him a cool-ass Batsignal belt buckle though.
I'm just saying.


My name is Kevin Casey....and I just want all of you to know...that I have a very small penis.
To prove this undeniable fact I have chosen Spencer Pratt to be in my posse, because he also has a small penis, and cannot rap. We have much in common.
This morning I had 4 oz of of boiled Awesome, a side of Awesome Au Gratin, and a fresh hot cup of Awesome. Than, I fell into a deep slumber, and dreamed about seducing myself - because I'm that Awesome!

It's true.
His mom tells him that everyday.

But it did make me laugh.


At first I thought Spencer was not-gay Chet from the last season of the Real World. hahaha! Spencer looks like not-gay Chet!! God I want to smack him into a year where no one cares about him anymore!


It would have been awesome if the guy who jumped over the fire went "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" or actually, like, caught fire. Not that I want him hurt. I don't. But I would like him to suffer as much as I did when I watched this.

Also, Spencer Pratt trying to pump up his widdle chicken arms around all that fine muscle tone is hilarious, as is his attempt to look tough. I can just hear the ...um..."director", "Lift up your sunglasses and look into the camera. Yeah! Oh! Menacing!" My mother could snap that boy like a twig. Let's put HIM in the ring! I'd pay to watch that.


Dude, maybe it was just that Spencer was still hanging around after filming Heidi's most recent "video" and then Kevin Casey was all like, "dude, i'm just not sure the douchebag quotient is high enough here yet. yo spence, we need your creepy flesh-colored beard and douchebaggery for my video now."


omg!? Spencer Pratt was there? I bagged out of the video too early. Now I must force myself to sit through it all the way.


Your name is LovelyLayla...and you just made me ROTLFMASSOFF!


Spencer unintentially made me LOL. He's SO puny next to the other guys - and just sticks out like the sorest of thumbs. The "poses" he did to make himself look like a badass? HIlarious! Seemed like the "singer" was trying to keep him off-camera a lot, as he seemed to be the one most blocked by his shoulder. In a couple of scenes, you can actually see the douchebag trying to bend a certain way or peek over/around the "singer's" shoulder. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


It wasn't likely Spencer himself that gave you gas, but the huge intake of air and subsequent gigglefest. You see it's all that additional air trapped in your digestive tract that gives you the vapors. Unless of course, you are using that term as the wife of the storekeeper in Little House on The Prairie. She thought "vapors" were sorta romantic, in which case I worry that perhaps you have a small crushage.


One of these things is not like the other....
So glad this is "to be continued".

Katie Kat

OMG... that is the most f'ing hilarious thing I have ever seen! SPENCER PRATT???? Are you f'ing kidding me? I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why those other dudes didn't kill him and throw him in the fire for bein' a POSER! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! God - him in the background mackin and trying to be ghetto is just about the most freakishly funny thing EVER! Seriously, I can't breathe I'm laughing so hard! Brilliant...

Karina in T.O

Holy Christ (sorry Father for the blashemy!!!) I KNOW I've had a fair amount of wine to drink this fine Friday evening, but is that SPENCER DOUCHE PRATT directly to his right....or his left, but my right????!!! Wait? What???????


Your eyes do not deceive you. And also, THAT'S WHAT I SAID!!!

Karina in T.O

You've made my day! I have tears streaming down my face.....and honestly it's NOT because of the wine!

I've got to send this to my gals.....

Karina in T.O

That's it Sweetney! You're getting Twittered, and friended on FB. This shit is just too funny!


Hahahaha, MamaPop was the only place I knew this would be fully appreciated.

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