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Jon & Kate Are Back On the Air, The Tension Can be Cut with a Knife

Jon_Kate_Gosselin It's been a few weeks since I shared with MamaPop readers the rumors swirling around Jon & Kate Gosselin, of TLC reality show fame. Since then, well, things haven't gotten better for the parents of eight. More rumors have hit the tabloids (including sad revelations from Kate's own brother), and both Jon and Kate have talked to the press with statements about what's important to them (their kids, obviously). But, toss all that aside this coming Monday, because what made them famous in the first place is back on air. Their show, "Jon & Kate Plus Eight" comes back to TLC Monday, May 25 at 9 p.m. EST.

The show features the sextuplet's fifth birthday party and solo interviews from Jon and Kate, a first for the show (they usually interview together). It looks like they'll vaguely address what's been going on, seeming emotionally cut off though. Take a look at the premiere if you're interested (clip from Access Hollywood).

You know, I personally think they need to turn the cameras off. Take a vacation, hole up in the house until the paparazzi get a little bored, stop talking to the press, um, immediately. Focus on those kids and try as hard as possible to get the negative media buzz out of the house. Although I will admittedly be tuning in Monday night (I know, I know), I think it's absolutely time for this family to pull back. Everyone laughs about the reality show curse celebrity couples fall under, but this really is a family with many, many victims, and if turning the cameras off is the first step to protecting those eight kids, so be it. We'll totally get over not having this show on air eventually. Or soonish, even. There will be something new and shiny to focus on in a matter of days for viewers. For them, though, this is it. This is their life. Turn the cameras off.

And, hopefully when it's all said and done, Kate will do something, SOMETHING, with that hair style she thinks we all so desperately want. 

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I so want these two to wise up, stop thinking about themselves, and start thinking about their kids. Get out of the spotlight, get real jobs, and go away. They are no better then octomom IMHO.

Sorry, rant over.


I couldn't agree with you more! I actually just went on a similar rant to my husband last night.


"And, hopefully when it's all said and done, Kate will do something, SOMETHING, with that hair style she thinks we all so desperately want."

OMG AMEN. Whta is going on with that?! Its getting worse and worse! I know I should be more concerned with the state of their marriage...but they're reality stars and I'm superficial. LET IT GROW OUT KATE.


i am so sad by the whole thing. i just loved them from the start and now i am so heartbroken. i agree with turn off the cameras and get to work salvaging your marriage and try to get your family back to being close and happy. the money is not worth it.


errggh, my contempt for that woman is immeasureable. He so obviously doesn't want to do the show anymore. I saw him say as much at the end of last season (I can only stomach to watch very rarely because I want to hit her). But she just rolled her eyes and said, "we'll see". Which seems to have meant, "I will get my way regardless of the collateral damage". Her whole PEOPLE interview (which - hello? my marriage just imploded and I flew to NYC for a cover shoot and interview. But I am ALL ABOUT my family!!!) came off sounding like nothing but Kate has tried to make Jon happy with the life she insists they keep living. This man just will NOT be pleased!! What am I to do??

If she were so much about her family, kids and marriage, she would pack it in, patch it up and find a way to live without the limelight she so desperately whores for. They had 8 kids before they had TV $$, so I don't want to hear how they "have" to do this for the kids. No, you don't. No one ever "has" to be on TV. Ask my trash guy. There are alot of other ways to make a life.

And her hair? Posh wannabe. Circa 2001.


I've never really watched the show or followed this story closely beyond what other writers have posted here, but while I do think any person in their right mind would have turned off the cameras long ago and focused on their family, can you even IMAGINE what it costs to keep that family afloat? Tsk tsk them all you want, holy crap I can't even begin to guess what their monthly grocery bill must look like... I'd wager the pull to keep going with this as long as humanly possible is pretty strong, just on a basic survival level, right?


I agree with you on some level, but both of them QUIT THEIR JOBS. And I kind of feel like I would go back to work if a tv show was destroying my family. And I would never exploit my children the way they do.

Do you know these kids have never seen a dime of this money? They save none of it for their college, instead letting the show buy them a 1.5 million dollar house. In the middle of PA? A $800,000 would have been just fine and maybe putting some of that money towards their childrens' college funds. Instead of tummy tucks and hair implants how about college?

And it just kills me child labor laws doesn't apply to this show.

Ok, now, seriously, rant over.


Jodi, I'm curious where you heard they haven't saved a dime for the kids' education? I only ask because Kate directly said in a recent episode that this show -- as hard as it's been to get used to the fame -- has been able to afford them so many opportunities including college funds.


I read an article where she said the exact opposite. That she goes to churches and asks for "love donations" (that term may be wrong, I'm not Christian) b/c the kids don't have a college fund. But I don't remember where the article was. I'll try to find it. Maybe it was old and the college funds are new? I feel like they are making more money now. I stopped watching the show recently. Just couldn't stomach it anymore.

CT Mom

I enjoyed the early seasons, when the kids were toddlers, and Kate seemed to be struggling to just keep it together. The day to day challenges of potty training, teaching the kids to do chores, etc. seemed every day America. I do believe they had it rough in the early months, dealing with twins and baby sextuplets, and that's what made the first two 1-hour specials and even the early seasons so appealing. Now the kids are older, the show has turned into a money machine, and I've lost interest. It's too bad - I think they had a good thing going and just wrecked it. Some can handle fame and money; some can't. I think the parents' behavior in the last year really showed their true colors. It's a real shame, because the kids are the ones who are hurt in the end.


I have only seen this show while flipping through the channels but what I have seen makes me so,so angry.I want to take Kate aside and fix that reverse mullet she is sporting and tell her to calm her fame hungry ass down.Jon on the other hand I feel sorry for .I dont see how he deals with that harpy shrew bleeding the kids dry for her 15 minutes in the spotlight.I think he needs to grab a handful of xanax and run with those kids

Samantha L.

I've become shamefully obsessed with all the coverage - it's bad, y'all. But I refuse to watch the show on Monday night - I feel like I'm giving them EXACTLY what they want. It's bad enough if they actually have problems, but even worse if they are milking them for reality show drama - talk about messed up. I used to like to watch, too, but I'm just not interested in being a part of the machine that strips these kids' of a normal life. Yeah, college is expensive, yes, groceries are expensive. But nothing is worth this sort of mess.

Karina in T.O

I'm more than a bit ashamed to admit that I pretty much watched TLC all weekend when they had the marathon (c'mon! I couldn't watch the damned Indy 500!!) From the early episodes, to last year you could really see a change between Jon & Kate. The nagging, the nitpicking, the lack of affection or even humour they displaced toward each other is sooooo evident. I refuse to read the tabloids, and rag mags. It's just too easy to belive the worst in people if you take any of those stories for full-on truth. I'm sure she is an overbearing hag, and I'm sure sometimes he's not thrilled. But so what, welcome to relationships.

It's been reported that they were paid between 25K-50K per episode! C'mon now, I know it's 8 kids but if I can live for a YEAR on 50K they can save some funds for these alleged college funds, what with a home being donated, some of their vacations being donated (like Disney, and their Hawaii gig) etc. This is still a lot of money coming their way.

Also? I'm going to have to disagree with Jodi on this one....this ain't no child labour. Those kids aren't doing anything more that what little kids do normally, scream, fight, poop on themselves, leave a mess wherever they go.....the only difference is a guy named Scott is holding the camera. This isn't exactly child actors on a sound stage having to repeat lines for 12 hours a day.


I agree with much of what's being said - and a few things I'm aware of:
- I believe the kids do have college funds, there has been lots of discussion on the internet about how they have funds, yet when J&K go to talks they take donations for that express purpose. I don't know in more recent times if that is still how their talks go. I had heard they have a publicist and have more recently been doing public venues instead of churches because the public venues pay them more money rather than just a donation
- I don't know about the hair plugs, but the tummy tuck was donated, and even if it wasn't, I would NEVER begrudge her the tummy tuck - if you look at the before and afters, the before was horrific and she definitely needed something done, I think it was wonderful that the plastic surgeon donated the service to her, because (at least in the beginning) it seems like that would have been something she would have not done on her own (and definitely wouldn't have done if not for the $$ the show is bringing in

Don't know how I feel about child labor laws, you're right, they aren't technically working, it would just be nice if there was some way that it could be guaranteed that a good portion of the money that is coming in could be saved for the kids, since that's the only reason there is a show.

They seemed like such a nice family at the beginning and it's a shame to see what seems to be happening to them as time goes on...

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