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Kindle App for My iPhone: Best Thing Ever

Kindle_iphone Ever since they came out almost two years ago I have coveted my neighbor's Kindle.

Books and electronic handheld technology combined? It makes me all warm on the insides.

Since we can all agree that the best thing in the whole world is the iPhone, (Don't even try to deny it. The only people who disagree are people who don't have one. *she sings* I'd like to buy the world an iPhone and keep it company.) what is the one thing that would make Sarah the happiest in the whole world?

(Not including the ability to lose weight while eating bacon and drinking beer and watching Tampa Bay winning the Super Bowl whilst receiving oral sex, because clearly that would be better than what I am about to tell you about, but not by much.)

Behold: The Kindle App for the iPhone:


Cost: FREE!

You do have to buy the books, but I buy books anyway. Most of the books are only $9.99 so it is still cheaper than Borders AND you don't have to try to find more space on your bookshelves. Your purchases are stored somewhere on the interwebs.

(This is one of those times when I wish I had the ability to Photoshop a picture of me making out with my iPhone with hearts all around my head.)

I don't really make out with my electronics, but now I do take my phone to bed with me, and since it is backlit I can stay up until 2:00 am reading Stephanie Meyer novels and not wake up your snoozing partner.

Note: Nobody paid me to say this. Not Apple, not Amazon, not MamaPop. This is my strong belief. However, if anyone (Hi Steve Jobs! Hi Steve Wozniak!) feels like paying me after the fact I am totally cool with that.

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Tracy H

Yeah, I really need to get me one of those Iphone thingies.....

Snarky Amber


I covet even more. I didn't know it was possible.


I have to agree with Carrie Bradshaw here (and that rarely happens). I prefer library books. I love the smell. And they are free too.


I could not agree more. I *heart* my iPhone and my kindle app! It has brought reading back into my life- waiting around? Great! I'll read a book! Better yet, I can access most any books I like, pronto. Great stuff!

Also- have a toddler? The "Peek-a-boo Barn" app delights my one-year old to no end.


Dude, I have this too, and yes, it is the awesomest.


Skip the iPhone and get the iPod touch which is lifechanging awesome technology for me!!!!!! I heart iPod and Kindle.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

But then you still need a phone.

(Not to knock the touch, they are cool, but not all in one)


You can put apps on an iTouch? Because iPhone? I waaaannnnt so badly. But fear the monthlies will kill me.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

1) That makes it sound like you are talking about your period.

2) It doesn't cost us much more than our old cell phones did. For two
iPhones we pay approximately $12 more a month than we did when we had
regular phones.


WANT! Will have by the end of the day. Thanks, Sarah- I had no idea such good existed in the universe.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Free goodness. There is none better.


I've lurked for years, love mamapop...but I love this iphone app even more. I don't always have a book in my bag but I always have my iphone. I actually like this app better than the kindle itself. Plus the books are less expensive!!!


I got my husband an iPod Touch for Christmas. He was wanting (still is) an iPhone but contracts and crazy expensive monthly fees (about $35 more than what he's paying now) have prevented him from buying it. You can add apps and pretty much everything you can do on an iPhone (like the apps) you can do on an iPod Touch, except of course make phone calls. Buy there's Skype. You also can only access internet, Skype and iTunes store when you are in a WiFi area. He has WiFi at work and home so he can use it those then, but he loves being able to use apps and stuff. He loves it, and it's tiding him over until he can get the iPhone.


I would leave my husband for my iphone I love it so.

BUT, I think it would be a little hard to read a book on it. Isn't the print a little small?


actually, you can change the size of the font, The first few times I had trouble focusing on reading but after a while my eyes and brain started to work together using this new format.
I think I actually read faster (and I already inhale most books.)

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Nope. You can adjust the font size. You can change the colors and the


Sarah, I am convinced you are a covert Apple employee. Stop with the convincing, you're making my heart hurt from the wanting.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I think Apple may have brainwashed me one time when I was sleeping.

Sent from my iPhone


Try Wattpad and Stanza. For Stanza you can convert pdf's of books and read, and wattpad has a great site where you search for books and then enter a code to download them. Lots of YA fantasy/sci fi stuff is available.

Of course, those are not the ::ahem:: legal ways to do it.

Kari Weber

Legal-shmegal... when my mac computer crashed and deleted all our precious files a few years ago, I was concerned to lose all the info on my iPod... I asked the "genius" at the Apple store how to get my music,pictures, etc. off my iPod and back onto my computer... sure that it would be fine, since I HAD bought all the music already... Apparently not fine. He told me Apple doesn't support that, but that if I were to search (and I quote!), "a popular search engine that rhymes with 'foogle' you will definitely find some *ahem* applications that will enable you to do what you want..." SO even the genius guys (or girls) are all about the things you can do, and not so much about the "legal" stuff! Right? Right?


Dude. Just one more reason to LOVE my new iPhone!!! Best Money I ever spent, EVER. *skips off to the App Store*


I still have a very soft spot for my ereader app. I was using it long before the kindle app came out. You have to buy the books through ereader.com, but they have a terrific rewards program. You get a 15% credit to use later based on the price you pay for the book. They also often have double or triple rewards offers! I've gotten many books for free this way. I haven't figured out how to change colors/contrast on the kindle app, but the ereader app has a "night mode" button right there. Also, I LOVE being able to read in landscape mode. Does the kindle app have that option? I haven't been able to find it, but it could be there. The ereader app is just much more user friendly. The only downside is the selection of books. There are tons of books on ereader.com, but it still doesn't compare to amazon/kindle.

jodifur, I read a lot more now that I can read books on my iphone. With twin babies at home, it's much easier to read on my phone than trying to keep a book away from them. Plus, I never have to worry about remembering to pack a book in my bag when I leave the house. I always have a couple books with me no matter where I go!


HELP! I can't for the life of me figure out how to backlight the kindle app! The font-size change is easy, but I want to change colors/contrast and cannot figure it out. At all.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I read on my ereader app right up until the day my husband downloaded the
Kindle app.

I like that one too.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

It should be lit automatically.

Check your iPhone settings.


i just came across this post (i'm a little behind in my mamapop reading). I want an ereader, but then i was thinking about the iPod Touch (iPhone where i live in canada is REALLY costly). These glowing reviews of reading actual books on an iPhone/iPod Touch are nudging me over the edge...

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