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No, We're Never Gonna Survive Unless We Get a Little Trashy

Heidi_klum_seal_renew_vows So, I realize that in gossip years this story is just a distant memory. But I'm bringing it up because no explanation has surfaced and it's keeping me up at night.

What was the deal with Heidi Klum and Seal's vow renewal?

I don't mean why did they renew their vows, though I do think having these big renewal ceremonies is kind of tacky. It's like, "You bought us gifts the first time, but we want new shit!"

My question is what is up with the theme that they had going on? If you haven't seen the pictures, take a gander:


 Klum had her hair in cornrows and Seal donned a mullet. I was still scratching my head until I saw some pictures of the guests.


Debra Messing's shirt, if you can't see, says "1st Couzins" and her lunch box is a "Trailer Trash Survival Kit." And then there's this guy:

I can't really tell who it is, but I think you'll see a theme emerging.

Call me a party pooper, but this makes me a little uncomfortable. I mean, yeah, it's their party, they can do whatever they want, but if the theme here is "trailer trash," then it's essentially a bunch of rich people making fun of ugly stereotypes of poor people. I don't think that's cool. I guess they figured that since Heidi is pregnant with their fourth child and they have a rather non-linear history already (Klum and Seal began dating when she was pregnant with ex-boyfriend Flavio Briatore's child), they could poke fun at themselves.

Or maybe they're just being upfront about how tacky the event is anyway. I don't know. I still don't like it. How about you? Does this make you a little...meh?

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I actually think it's pretty funny. Maybe you're right and rich people shouldn't be perpetuating these kinds of stereotypes. But what the hell. I still think it's funny. After all, poor people like me make fun of rich people during Halloween all the time. The way I see it, it's all a form of caricature.


Yeah, I don't know about this.
Except for the mullet wig on Seal- LOVE that.


that does seem oogy. and in very bad form.

Scandalous Housewife

I can only say 'QLF', which means Que La ... (Spanish for WTF).

Snarky Amber

I'm torn, because I want to get indignant about it, but I have personally participated in a birthday party that had a Joe Dirt theme, which is essentially what you see above. Mostly I just kinda wish I had those leopard leggings, because that outfit is seriously almost like what I wore, only I didn't have those sweet leopard print leggings, so instead I wore socks with my pink pumps, which I think just made it a stuck in the 80s costumer. Andrew wore a mullet wig and an NRA cap.
Also, Debra Messing has no idea how to dress like a redneck. Anyway, it's problematic, especially when a bunch of American royalty are doing it, but I kind of see it as harmless fun, like British vicars and tarts parties.

And I definitely think vow renewals are tacky. I didn't know vows expired. Do they send you a notice in the mail like when your registration tags expire?

Snarky Amber

WTF's Spanish equivalent is "que carajo". :)


You don't have to be poor to be white trash, I mean, there's a pretty famous Dolly Parton quote about it taking a lot of money to look so tacky... this is more a mocking of poor taste.

I'm knee deep in planning my first wedding right now, but if we ever do a vow renewal it's totally going to be an 80s prom theme.


I have to say, I think its hilarious. Some friends of mine through a themed party every summer - last year's was the "White Trash Party" -- my bf had a "Four Horsemen" tshirt, army pants and a oil-stained hat, one friend came in a fuzzy robe, slippers and her hair in rollers, another was "pregnant" in a white tank, pink fuzzy slippers, a black bra, and drank beer all night, and I was in cut-off jean shorts (jorts!), a Florida Gators tshirt, blue press-on nails and had my hair sprayed until it was crunchy and as big as I could get it.

We had a blast.


That is what my high school reunion is going to look like this summer. Probably without the bride but I can't be sure because our Prom King and Queen were married.


Wow. Did MamaPop have a photographer at the wedding?


Oh sweetie,I live in Georgia where this looks like Walmart Sunday afternoons after church services let out!!!Seriously,its true...

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