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Oye Como Handbags? Carlos Santana Branches Out

Santana_grammys_2000 Before you say anything, yes, I realize "oye como handbangs" is nonsensical. But Carlos Santana having a line of handbags and women's shoes doesn't really make that much sense either.

Oh yes, the guitar legend is hocking purses and shoes on QVC.

I know. It makes me sad too. 

But it gets worse.

I am no fashionista. In fact, I'm not even sure that is how one would spell fashionista, but I do have eyes and this crap has no alibi. It is UGLY.

Look at these flats.



And this... thing.


No disrespect to Mr. Santana. Abraxas and Supernatural have earned him his lifetime pass, but DUDE! QVC? You are a golden god! This is beneath you, sir.

So for now I am going to choose to block this memory so that I can still appreciate Santana's music.

And for the rest of you, just keep in mind that no one should take any fashion guidance from a man who opted to wear this shirt in public.



Special thanks to Devra for alerting me to this travesty of fashion.

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Uh. Wellllll... He's a great artist and musician. Let's just leave it at that.


Wow. Just wow. I would totally buy those shoes and that, uhh, purse(?), TO BURN THEM.


Two words: Tax Bill.

Not like I know anything. But seriously, it's the only explanation.


But at least he's wearing a cool shirt doing it.


Now, if they made shoes like that I would totally buy them. Viva la raza!


I've seen his shoes at Macy's and thought they were, to a shoe, ugly. Admittedly, most of them are also absurdly high heels that I could never wear. I have to admit though that most of the purses and shoes I see in stores anymore I just don't find attractive. Does everything need a million buckles and zippers? There's more hardware on your average purse than my car. And I AM fond of fashion...just not so much bling, apparently. (I just said "bling." :))

Apryl's Antics

Frankly, I stopped respecting Santana when he teamed up with Rob Thomas, who sounds like he's always trying to squeeze one out.

Now, for the shoes and handbags: Did he learn nothing from Charlie Sheen and his line of children's clothing?

It's not Oye. It's OY WTF?


I would totally rock the Virgen de Guadalupe shirt, but none of the other shlock. As my former sister in law put it: shoes for Mexican hookers. And now, handbags!


You know that Santana's decisions are all guided by his longtime guardian angel, Methatron... Seriously.
Perhaps the angel wanted some shoes & handbags.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

...and then Sarah's head exploded.

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