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Pink is Bisexual and Has an Open Marriage

Pink-and-carey-hart1 Pink, I thought you were doing pretty well in your career. Your album, Sober, is number 25 on the Billboard charts and it has been in the top 100 for 22 weeks now. You were nominated for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

So why the sudden need to let the media know that you have an open marriage and are bisexual?

Dude, I am fine with it if you want to make out with girls and your husband is cool with that.

But what I want to know is did you feel like you weren't getting enough attention? Were you not famous enough? I know it is trendy to be bisexual right now*, and maybe you've always been bi and you aren't just jumping on a bandwagon, but why announce it now, Pink?

If you needed more attention you could have just gotten a dog. Because I am guessing your parents watch tv and now they have to think about you making out with other girls while your husband watches*.


* This post is in no way meant to be insulting or offensive to anyone except Pink. And maybe her PR people. I don't actually think that all bisexual people are into group sex or doing it for their spouse's benefit. I just meant that I don't want my parents thinking about me doing it AT ALL, let alone with many people. I also realize that people are bi and it has nothing to do with the trend.

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Either that first link is broken or I am really missing something.
I personally just don't see how open marriages work.
Isn't she divorced?

cindy w

Wait, I thought she just divorced that motocross dude - what's his name? (I want to call him Corey Hart, but that's the "Sunglasses at Night" guy, and I know that's wrong.) So did they get back together, or has she already gotten remarried?


It's Carey Hart.

I'm a bit torn on how I feel about this.

On one hand it does seem a bit publicity stunty.

But on the other hand I have to give 'em a high five because they don't give a damn what others think about their lifestyle and what makes them happy.


She says the report of her saying she's bisexual is entirely fabricated.



Isn't this a bit like people announcing "I don't like drama"? Not really something that needs an announcement if you truly don't like drama. However, if you're a dramatic bitch, then yeah, you'll need to make a show of it.

Because these days...who cares? And it's not like Pink had been living in some closeted hell for all these years. Sounds like an attention-getting stunt to me.


Regardless of whether or not the story is true, my head is probably going to explode if I don't say that the treatment of bisexuality in this post is a weensy bit offensive. Why do we clap and applaud gay people's coming out but bisexuals who do so are all trendy drama queens who make out with chicks to get their boyfriends off? I am positive I can't be the only MamaPop reader who is bi and whose jaw just hit the floor.

Sarah, I think you are the bee's knees, but this is an ouchy.


Have to agree with daisybones. While some (limited and insufficient) progress has been accepting homosexuality as a fact of someone's identify rather than a choice, bisexuality is still seen as more recreational activity than legitimate orientation. I don't know or care who Pink sleeps with, but why should the idea of a bisexual woman having an open marriage be cause for much attention at all? Unless she's selling photos and video. In which case, awesome. But that such an announcement raises eyebrows is more disappointingly noteworthy than questions of whether it's true or why she said it.


Should have said "progress has been made." Knew there should have been a verb in there somewhere.


Um. Thank you for letting me know this. Now I can hunt her down and make out with her. Cos Pink is awesome.


Yeah, thirding daisybones and badassdad05.

If the story's true - which is fine with me, because yum - I'd imagine that it came up because she and her husband have been pretty openly reconciling recently. But the tone of this post is, IMO, more than a weensy bit vitriolic, and I'm surprised at that.

Kim S.

I agree about the tone of the post. I can't figure out why being bisexual is so offensive. Or, really, why her open marriage is (if the story is true). To each their own, right? As for the publicity whoring--isn't that what all celebrities do? Why should this be any different?

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I really meant it just to be a stab at Pink. When I was reading the gossip blogs there we back to back posts about her open marriage and her coming out as bi all over the place. It just seemed like she was screaming for attention and especially right after last week the whole internet went nuts about bisexual boy being the new thing.

I truly didn't mean to offend anyone who is bisexual.

I did mean to offend Pink as an attention whore.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Okay guys, again, I only meant this post to be directed at a stab towards Pink.

It has very little to do with her sexuality and more with the fact that when a person announces publicly that they have an open marriage AND that they are bisexual at the same time they are probably begging for attention.

I am (as is MamaPop in general) totally cool with whatever sexual orientation anyone is as long as it involves two consenting people of reasonable age.

What I am not cool with is people that use it as a PR tool. I don't know anything about Pink's private life, but I do know about her public life and I am (as of today) of the opinion that something is going on with her that is causing her to feel like enough people aren't looking at her.

Amanda of Shamelessly Sassy

Didn't she announce her open marriage in the press right after they were first married? They were all, 'yeah, we're married; but it's totally open. we will fuck other people every night of the week.' (paraphrasing, of course.)


It's cool... I get what you were after. I just never have seen anything like that here, and it sort of shocked me. I don't know if she's an attention whore, probably 99% of celebs are, or else they'd implode under the scrutiny, but I'm thrilled with any bisexual anyone who comes out publicly. We are still invisible. And apparently creepy. And now the angst has left the building and I shall add to the tiny chorus of MamaPop readers who would totally make out with Pink. Rawr:)


Here's the thing: It's creepy and drama-whorish when ANYBODY announces publicly, "Hey everybody, I like to have sex with _____, who is not my husband BUT my husband is totally cool with it!" I think that's what Sarah was driving at.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

It isn't bisexuality that is creepy.

It is your parents thinking about you having sex that is creepy.

You know that I am not creeped out by your sex lives. I am creeped by parents.

Sent from my iPhone


Because I always love a good debate....would it still be creepy if the subject was different and it was "Hey everyboy I like to have sex with my husband"?

(Which is not what I'm picking up from Sarah - I'm just getting a "anything that is used as a publicity stunt" is annoying )


I wouldn't say creepy, but maybe immodest at best, troubled at worst? Definitely annoying, just not necessarily creepy.

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