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Submitted For Your Approval/Disapproval

Screen-capture-1 A dose of random awesome to start your Monday off right:

Quimby The Mouse: A video put together by Chris Ware for "This American Life -- Live!" -- in which Ira Glass hosted an episode of the radio program performed onstage (I saw this live in the theater, and it was, incidentally, freakin' awesome).

The Star Trek Failure Generator: Because a "Failure in the trellium-D subspace node" sounds like some serious shit.

Louis CK in Time (video): I've loved this guy for years, glad to see him getting his due finally.

Obamtourage: Apparently Obama loves Entourage so much that he rearranged campaign commitments in order not to miss an episode. Now that's MY kind of president.

Awkward Family Photos: Man, they're not kidding.

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I don't feel like the Quimby mouse video can be summed up as freakin' awesome without a little more analysis. With your description I was expecting something cute and light-hearted but the piece is more complex than that, and with your set up in mind my initial reaction was to be offended by it.

There is a big difference between this video and Tom and Jerry (although one commenter on the vimeo site uses that example to suggest that the piece is innocuous). Tom and Jerry are androgynous animals going at each others’ throats, these characters are clearly acting out a very sad and very real social situation that happens every day to women in our real world.

In the end, I'm not offended, but intrigued. The art is freakin’ awesome, the work as a jarring depiction of domestic violence is freakin’ awesome, but overall, I wouldn’t say freakin’ awesome just to sum it up. It’s more than entertainment, it’s meant to mean something, meant to make people feel uncomfortable by “cute-ifying” something that is actually extremely tragic, meant to make people think. No?

In other news, I would like to give you a big, fat kiss for introducing me to "Awkward Family Photos"



Oh I agree about the Quimby the Mouse piece, but I also think that tension and complexity and its disturbing factor IS PRECISELY what makes it completely freakin' awesome. That it made you feel compelled to write this response makes it completely freakin' awesome! In posting a link list I'm not doing analysis of anything I'm linking to; clearly this piece is something I could write an entire post about, but instead I decided to that it would be best to let readers do that work for themselves, as I did when I saw it in the theater (and there was no set-up there, no "here's what you should think about this..." -- I had to figure it out on my own). I think MamaPop readers are pretty bright and can work out, as you did, why it IS awesome, and why I would say so. But at bottom, I'm here to present the material, and I do trust our readers to be smart and savvy and thoughtful enough to do the interpretation part of things. Rarely do they let me down.


You rule. I look forward to reading your posts! The Obamtourage piece was PERFECT. Nothing better than a cross between two of my favorite things!


I've been waiting for an animated Quimby the Mouse for years.


Does anyone else find "This American Life" so depressing that they wanna drive down the road into a goddamn bridge abutment? Or is it just me?

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