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Summer Season Passes: What You Watch When There's Nothing Else to Watch

Topgear So, now all the big! season! finales! are over and the cliffhangers are hanging and in the Olden Days we would take the lack of new primetime television as a sign that it was time to take a walk OUTSIDE, or some such crazy shit. Now we just turn on our television and curse out the TiVo for recording nothing but Yo Gabba Gabba and the 40th rerun of last Friday's episode of The Soup and that one weird show about the model trains that your father-in-law figured out how to record that one time.

And then we start searching for our Summer show. You know what I mean. It's rarely a show that's actually ON in the summer, but some other show that you've never seen and is now in reruns so eh, you'll give it a try. Or some really random show on some random cable network that airs like, seven episodes a day so you get a little obsessed with it and watch it every night, episode after episode, drinking in the bounty which shall never end, mwa ha ha...until you blow through every goddamn season and episode in like, three weeks flat and it's not even the end of June.

That last kind of show? I HAS ONE.


I am insane about Top Gear on BBC America. Those of you who watch Top Gear are probably like, "OH MY GOD HOW HAVE YOU NEVER WATCHED TOP GEAR?" Those of you who do not watch Top Gear are probably like, "What?"

Top Gear in Africa - Jeremy Clarckson Driving Worlds Smallest Car the Peel P50So...yes. Top Gear is a British car show. It is about cars. Often British cars. Little squat minis that you can't buy here or super-crazy-expensive specialty cars that you can't buy anywhere, unless you are a bazillionaire. Sometimes there are celebrity guests, who are also usually British and from British shows they don't air on BBC America. They then make these celebrity guests drive a Reasonably Priced Car around a race track and rank their completion time. The three hosts make fun of each other constantly, play pranks on each other, buy beater POS cars and drive the crap out of them across Africa and Vietnam, almost got beat up by American rednecks, attempt to parallel park humungous luxury vehicles in downtown London and once hosted a traditional fox hunt while having the horses and dogs track an off-roading vehicle. That they'd painted like a fox. And attached a tail soaked in fox piss to the rear bumper.

THAT'S Top Gear, and it's freaking hysterical. And I've watched about four dozen episodes in a week and there's something like 12 seasons total and that means there are at least four dozen more. Unless it's one of those British shows that make six episodes and call that a "season." Fuck. Then I'm screwed.

Quick...what dreck are you watching (and loving) this summer?

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I have never watched any installment of "Real Housewives", but am so intrigued by New Jersey that I have to watch.

What can I say, I loved Goodfellas and am just waiting for Danielle to get whacked!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE Top Gear... I had to go & find every episode ever & they all rock. & BONUS the new season starts, on BBC2, next month. So if you're a geek & know where NEW episodes of that will be coming SOON!


I've become pretty crazily obsessed with House Hunters and most shows on HGTV. But House Hunters is just plain TV gold because I swear they have not yet showcased a couple who aren't out of their minds.


IMagine my face when I popped onto Mampop, saw a post by my fave blogger, and then...wait....hey....why is there a tiny James May in that picture OMG SHE WATCHES TOP GEAR.

My life is complete.

ms martyr

I have been watching reruns of Burn Notice on USA network this week. The new season starts next Thursday. Bruce Campbell is one of the co-stars and the main character could be considered Friday eye-candy worthy. I also like Primeval on BBC America. Older episodes are being shown on SciFi.


-So You Think You Can Dance (LOVE)
-Real Housewives of NJ

I keep seeing Top Gear on the guide. Maybe I'll give it a try. I love hysterical.


-Burn Notice
-Eureka (if it's coming back)

(Dude. I watch way too much TV.)


This summer I'm all about True Blood, Entourage, Weeds, and (yes, I'm admitting it) Real Housewives of NJ. I'm loving the crazy. There's also a show on USA I think I might check out - about the doctor in the Hamptons...I'm blanking on the name, but it looks DVR-worthy.


SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. I freaking LOVE this show. Cat Deeley, the host, is fantastic! Major girl crush. And the dancing is AMAZING.


Burn Notice
And I'm pretty sure I just read somewhere that Chuck is going to be on during the summer. (NBC wants year-round programming or something like that)


Top Gear--It really does rule--please watch it!


Ruby(must see TV for anyone living in Savannah like me)
True Blood
Tattoo Highway(starts tonight)
and for my trashy TV,DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER!!!!
I am obsessed with the true trashyness of Beth and Dog
I must go hide my face in shame


we are in love with top gear at my house we watch it like it is crack

because it is

last year I even paid 162 dollars for a subscription to the top gear magazine (yes I know but to be fair we weren't in a full recession yet) and "I am the Stig" tshirt to be shipped to my hubby/baby daddy for christmas

I heart Capt. Slow


oh yeah ps srsly I just went SQUEE when I saw my three favorite bbc hosts picture on my favorite pop culture website


Tori and Dean. The new season just started yesterday. (It might be a summer-only show because I think the last time I saw a new episode was the end of last summer.) I can't even put my finger on why I enjoy it so. Maybe I'm amused by how they're "struggling" to get by (as they so often tell us) on millions of dollars while never actually reining in their consumption. Maybe it's just that I think I would genuinely like them in person. They don't take themselves too seriously; they seem to really *enjoy* their lives and manufacture drama and camp it up with good humor, which reminds me to live more lightheartedly myself...at least for the summer.

Karen (miscmum)

I have a "I am the Stig" t-shirt. I've got the DVDs and read the magazine. (Tragic? Perhaps)

My friend and I sometimes argue over who we'd prefer to be partners too. I always argue for Jeremy, although deep down I think Captain slow is very nice.


Gah! Do I have to say it? I was home sick last week and got sucked into Tori & Dean. There. I said it. Tori & Dean. New episode aired Tuesday night and I stayed up to watch. Why must they run these marathons to suck us in? It's so not fair.




I *HEART* Top Gear!!!!
Hubz makes me watch it every chance he gets.
Other Loooooves...
* Also on BBC America- How Clean is Your House?
* Tori and Dean...I mean come on, Ru Paul went to their house party!!!!
* Operation Repo
* House, House and more House.

MaoMao's Mommy

Just ordered the husband an "I am the Stig" t-shirt from the BBC America shop. Great Father's Day gift idea! www.bbcamericashop.com

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