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The Dumbest Thing You'll Read About All Day: Twitter The TV Show?

Twitter_fail_whale So I guess Twitter is developing a television show?

"WTF," you say? Yeah, I don't know, dude. All I really know is that Twitter is making a TV show about people competing and chasing celebrities or something. I don't think there's an actual concept, to be honest.

Look, please stop sputtering at me — I'm just the messenger. I don't really understand it either. My brain is actually crashing right now thinking about it. Syntax Error. Abort, Retry, Fail? Yeah, definitely FAIL.

Okay. I have rebooted, so let's try to sort this out. The only thing I can think of to explain it is that the Twitter execs met some Hollywood types at a party over a big plate of blow and dreamed the whole thing up after consuming an eight ball between them.

The show in development is created by Amy Ephron, who I guess is a novelist, but is really most notable for being the sister of Nora Ephron (When Harry Met Sally). The show is also being developed in partnership with Reveille Entertainment (The Office) and Brillstein Entertainment Partners (Samantha Who?), so if Amy has some of that famous Ephron wit, maybe this won't totally and utterly fail. Maybe.

"Something is technically wrong." You said it, Twitter robot.

However, I tend to think that when a show is created, not around a funny storyline or an interesting character, but rather around a SOCIAL NETWORKING WEBSITE, that the result is likely to suck. And I say this as someone who loves Twitter. Really, I do. I check my tweets more often than I breathe some days. But Twitter's place is on the internets, not on my television. Not everything translates well across media, which is one of many reasons why no one has developed a comic book about Whistler's Mother. (At least not that I know of. But with this being the internet, I'm sure someone is going to comment later on today with a link to a webcomic called The Amazing Adventures of The Artist's Mother! or something.) 

See, when you mix a medium like the internet with one like television or cinema, what you usually get is something like the movie Hackers, which don't get me wrong is a hilarious movie, only I don't think that was on purpose.

It's not as though Twitter is a website with a small number of developed personalities that would be an interesting basis for a show. I mean, it's millions of people pimping their blogs or talking about their dogs and their shitty jobs in 140 character snippets.

However, if this Twitter vehicle actually gets a green light for even so much as a mid-season replacement, I am immediately going to start shopping around a reality show about a pop culture blog containing the drug-addled, sleep-deprived, semi-coherent pop-culture-related musings of two smartass stay-at-home mothers and a few of their awesomest friends. I've got some student loans to pay off.


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I have Twitter, but I don't necessarily understand what it's so popular for. I did the whole John Mayer thing, and a few other popular names, but after my twitter page was bombarded with nothing but Mayerisms that weren't entertaining, which well, started the day I began to follow him (seriously, he tweets 80 per hour) I began to wonder why people were so attracted to the site. Now I just leave funny comments for my friends from HS on there. I think I will just stick to facebook.
But yeah, a TV about Twitter? Kinda like saying " Um, a TV show about Denise Richards?"

Only Aman

Yeah - ok - this could work... they could just run it as commercials - like little 140 second short clips in between shows.

Sure cant wait to let twitter consume another portion of my life. They should have a twitter microwave, dishwasher, washer machine and refrigerator that tweets when you do stuff around the house.

um yeah... mind just went to the gutter for other possibilities... i am done.


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