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Well, Now I Officially Hate Rebecca Romijn

lRebecca_romjin Rebecca Romijn had twin baby girls four months and 60 pounds ago. I had a baby nearly three months and 20-ish pounds ago. So, if I lose 40 pounds in the next month WITHOUT EXERCISE, I'll stop hating her and jump on the rah-rah Rebecca Romijn bandwagon and sing her praises all over the place. Buuuuut, let's not all hold our breaths, OK? She's lost 60 pounds. SIX. TY. In four months. With doing little more than being Rebecca Romijin, apparently, as she says "'I haven't been able to work out that much because I have twins. It's impossible to get back into a regular schedule." Yes, yes, babies are time-consuming and we're supposed to believe that she (and other celebrities) shed all that extra baby weight by chasing after those incredibly mobile, hard-to-keep-track-of NEWBORNS. Those same newborns who can't hold their heads up, but, man, they sure are hard to keep up with, aren't they?

Now, I did just have a child. I understand that breastfeeding changes things up and your metabolism and hunger sort of DEFY REALITY and oh my god, did I just drop five pounds IN A DAY while eating through my entire pantry? But, eventually, the weight loss tapers off and you have to either curb the food you're consuming or head back to the gym. At least that's how it was for me. Apparently not for Rebecca Romijn. Can't say I don't hate her just a smidgen for that.

It's getting a tad tiresome, though, especially for someone who just had her own baby, to hear of all these celebrities tell of how easy it is and how they didn't do a thing and maybe they did do a thing, but they did it with some really well-paid, well-trained professionals. And, sure, most people realize this isn't realistic, but this IS what we're bombarded with on a daily basis. We're told that it IS possible to lose weight that quickly through the images of celebrities who DO lose weight that quickly. And those of us who don't ... well, it's hard for us not to feel kind of crappy even though we know it's healthy to shed it slowly and healthily. 

So, tell me, did you lose the weight that fast? Did you keep it off? Or are you in my camp, denying yourself of all the good stuff while silently (or, hey, publicly!) cursing celebs like Rebecca Romijn for their damn good luck and good genes.

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I lost 30 pounds in like two months. BUT. My boyfriend broke up with me (in a fairly horrendous way) and I also didn't eat for that two months. So I don't think it counts.


I lost all the baby weight in 2 months. I kept breastfeeding for a year and by the time my son was one, I had gained 20 pounds. So those effects of breastfeeding did not work so well for me. I hate celebrity moms that lose weight so fast.


That is honestly crap. I do not know anyone who lost weight like that period. I also do not know anyone who can afford as much as the celebrities can such as a nanny, well paid trainers, chefs, dietitians, etc. That is the only way I can see you being able to lose weight like that. I understand this is their job to look good, but they should be honest about it instead of trying to make it sound like it's no big deal and why are the rest of us such lazy asses.


If by "fast" you mean "sort of but not ever all the way", then yeah. My youngest is 12.


I did. I lost sixty pounds in four months. I can't believe I gained that much in the first place, but I did, and I was wearing my old jeans when he was four months. I didn't do anything extra, just breastfeeding and no chocolate, but that was because it gave him horrible gas that led to all night screech fests. Thankfully, it passed and I now eat handfulls of chocolate chips regularly. Baby is just over six months.


I lost the weight from my (now 2-year-old) daughter rather quickly. However, I'm still (unwantingly) hanging onto 25 pounds from my son. And he's 6 and a freaking half years old! I worked out twice daily for 6 months to lose that weight, and lost a measly 8 pounds. Not much of a motivator.



For each of my pregnancies (three altogether), it took somewhere around 8 months to be back in my pre-pregnancy clothes. I gained varying amounts (30ish to almost 50) and had varying amounts of effort in terms of the weight loss (the later pregnancy recoveries didn't allow for quite as much dedicated workout time, and included more tempation in the form of chicken nuggests, Teddy Grahams and fruit snacks) but found the same rebound time of 8-9 months for reclaiming my wardrobe.


It's all about the metabolism, some people have to work to lose the weight even with breast feeding, some people don't. If you breast feed exclusively for the first 6 months it takes most of the weight off for the women I know.
Mostly though- like stretch marks, it's genetic, some of us really do have a hard time keeping weight ON when we're breast feeding.

cindy w

Well, this is probably unusual, but I was so sick that my net weight gain for my entire pregnancy was 1 pound. Yep. One. And don't hate me, because I wouldn't wish how I felt on anyone. And all those months that I was sick? I was losing muscle, not fat. By the time my baby was born, I was so weak, my arms would go numb if I had to hold her for more than a few minutes. AWFUL.

And yeah, I was back in my pre-pregnancy jeans less than 2 weeks after giving birth. But my pre-pregnancy jeans are a size 12, so there's not a whole lot to be jealous of there.

So I agree: Rebecca Romijn can suck it. Nordic Amazon Goddess freak. (And even though she claims she isn't exercising, I'll bet she has a personal chef.)


Well for her is not working out 'all that much' like an hour a day? Because you read stories about celebrities working out 3 and 4 hours a day right? In addition to having nannies, or multiple nannies, chefs, trainers, housekeepers, personal assistants etc. For you and I, esp when there's a newborn our 'not all the mcuh' might mean that we've traded out one hour at the gym 3 or 4 times a week for running up the stairs with a full basket of laundry twice a day, while trying to make it back to the stove before the ramen noodles boil over. But to her it might mean that she 'only' does an hour of cardio her 1 hour session with her trainer every other day instead of what ever it takes to maintain her look. Because I have to believe she works her ass off in the gym and has a small village to ensure she eats right, looks and acts right because if I don't my head will explode and I'll find it easier to sit with Ben and Jerry at lunch instead of Jenny Craig.


I call Bullshit.

I gained 35 pounds, did WW, and worked out for 2 hours 6 days a week and lost the weight in 4 months. It sucked. Oh, and I wasn't nursing.


I'm wondering if she's breastfeeding those twins, because breastfeeding two babies seems like you would lose weight twice as fast. And it seems like if you're in good shape before you get pregnant, it's easier to lose the baby weight.

Not that any of this justifies her losing THAT MUCH WEIGHT. Oh my god, I hate her so much.


I am due to have my first baby boy in July and all of you are scaring me!!! *starts crying*


I also agree: Rebecca Romijn can suck it. And I think she's lying about not really doing anything to lose it.


I think Suzanne is on it. She IS working out, which, at 4 months postpartum, i was just trying to take a shower daily.

I did lose the baby weight almost immediately (I only gained 15 lbs each time, due to a very restricted diet for gestation diabetes and gallbladder issues) but put ON weight in the months following, since I could finally have brownies again. And it is so worth it. I like having a healthy BMI, not being underweight like most Hollywood mamas are.


I'm 5'3". I weighed 108 at my first pre-natal appt. I gained 42 pounds. I lost all but 5 within the first four months, not breast feeding, not doing anything but trying to survive a non-sleeping baby. 19 months later I still do nothing and still have that 5 pounds. But I did get a Y membership and as soon as I can convince the boy that onsite daycare with strangers is FUN, I may lose that 5 pounds. Or not. I'm pretty sure I've turned into my mother because when I see pictures of myself from a few years ago I want to tell that girl to eat something.


Ok, at risk of making people angry, I had twins last Octover and gained 55 lbs. I lost 60 lbs. within 6 weeks. Most had come off because it was water weight. The rest? Well, people with twins are far more likely to have post partum. I certainly didn't work out, but I didn't eat much. Every second I could, I pulled the covers over my head. I'm not saying she's having the same problem, but with twins, it certainly is likely.


Uh...this is ridiculous. I gained 60 pounds while pregnant and it took me a full year of diet AND exercise to lose that weight. My weight did not just "fall off."

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