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Britney Spears is Dating Her Agent

Britney_Spears_Jason_Trawick And the world sighs because her agent's name is not Adnan Ghalib.

It's been reported than Britney is happily dating Jason Trawick, her agent (it's impossible for me to hear about a star's "agent" without thinking of Ari Gold), and the big revelation comes after a couple months of speculation. Although apparently I've been either not paying attention or just don't care enough to retain the information because this was the first I'd heard about the relationship or that Britney even had an agent.

Regardless, they were seen looking rather cozy on a recent beach vacation together and a "source" has confirmed they are "totally and definitely dating." Sounds like the source was Britney. 

Jason is a friend of Bryan Spears, her older brother, which I think is a good thing, right? I mean a friend of the family is better than a cling-on member of the papparazi or a scummy back-up dancer. Not better than Justin Timberlake, but we can all agree that she'll never do that good again, I think. Even though Jason looks a little douchey to me, I'd say he's a vast improvement over her choices of the last few years.

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coco loco

like she even had a choice? of course she is dating her agent...her pop wont let anyone else near her. it's so sad....she's trapped, a dancing-lip-synching-medicated-monkey


this is crazy. she needs help. find out what the people this of this celebrity news

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