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Britney Overcorrecting for Bad Parenting by...Spoiling Her Kids Rotten?

Britney_spears_jayden_sean TMZ.com's "sources" say that yesterday in London, Britney took Sean Preston and Jayden James on a short little shopping spree at Hamley's, wherein she spent about $1,000 in just minutes, since whatever her boys pointed at went into the cart. The horde of toys filled eight shopping bags. 

Look Brit, I know you had that whole year where you were kinda batshit and maybe not the best mom, but I still think maybe you're doing that whole parenting thing wrong, kiddo.

While I don't have any kids of my own, I was one a couple decades ago, and an important lesson I learned from my parents is that I can't have everything I want. As a result, I do not take things that are not mine, and I know the value of a dollar, that things cost money, and that money pays not just for toys and my personal enjoyment, but also things like the roof over my head and the food I eat. It also taught me that life is not one big shopping spree.

I don't want to be too hard on you, Brit, because I know things have been rough in the past, and the media has not been kind. This video pretty much sums that all up:


Okay, but seriously. I think it's perfectly natural, when you feel like you have to make up for past wrongs, to try to buy people's love and affection. If I had the money, I'd just buy my husband a new German car every time we fought, and then he'd forget about whatever it was instantly, but instead I have to, like, apologize and use good communication skills to prevent future conflicts. However, you can bet if I had the money I'd buy him an Audi A4 every time I was an asshole rather than actually admit it. (He can be quite smug and I'd rather not give him the satisfaction. I may also be stubborn. One of those.) 

I also understand the impulse to buy the people you love whatever they want, whenever they want it, which you very clearly have the means to do. But is it really a good idea to teach your toddlers that, whatever they point to, they can have? That they are entitled to everything their hearts desire, and that they have to neither work for it nor even particularly deserve it?

Do you know who kids like that grow up to be like?

Yeah, that's right. These douches right here:

So please, Britney. Don't make more Spencer Pratts. Teach your kids that, even though mommy has buttloads of money, they can't have everything they want; that getting a new toy is something special; that we don't get everything we want in this world. Show them that money doesn't grow on trees—as you well know, money comes from being exploited for years and years by your parents, becoming a pop superstar, and then having a psychotic breakdown, followed by a triumphant comeback.

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Honestly I think that after everything else that has happened in their lives and probably will happen in the future, the shopping sprees are going to be pretty low on the List of Things for SP and JJ's Therapists to Address.

And, frankly, I really don't get all this support and encouragement for Britney Spears throughout this entire spiral of insanity. In my opinion the best thing would probably be for us all to just look away and LET HER fall out of the spotlight. Obviously it has effed up her life and her family's life pretty thoroughly. Why do we need to ensure that she overcomes and makes a come back? Fame is a hard thing to handle; it apparently isn't good for everyone, or even most people. Let the girl's fame just die away, you know? I hope she pulls her life together, too, but more so that she can take care of her kids than go back to work. How long do we really think it will last if she does get back on her feet now, anyway? Just until the next time something turns her upside down. What the courts should really do is tell her to go back to louisiana, go to school and never talk to another reporter for as long as she lives.

Phew. Rant over. Except... come on. At the very least shouldn't the people struggling with fame be the people with actual talent? Being mentally unstable on top of talent-less and yet we all STILL keep cheering her on? Just go away, Britney.


Where would she have learned to say "no" to her kids? To parent them properly? Her career started when she was about 13 and since then, she's been surrounded by adults telling her what she wants to hear and indulging every wish and whim.


I'm sorry, I don't really see this as a bad thing since this is the first time something like this has made the "news". How many of us, if we had a gajillion dollars, would honestly not take the chance to do this just once.
I would love to see my kids in a situation like that, as long as it was a rare thing, of course.


Wow Alyssa...I totally agree with what you said. I really disliked Britney before her whole meltdown. I didn't understand how anyone thought she was talented, and why she was so popular. She has a horrible voice...if you consider that a voice, she doesn't write her own songs, and if you listen to the music, it all sounds the same. She just wore a different skanky outfit to make sure everyone just paid attention to that. But then everything started to unravel, and I started to feel really bad for her. Like Lindsay, I felt like all she had were these people around her that were just there because "OMG it's Britney!" and no one really cared about her or her well being. Thank god for her dad, but I think her mom seriously needs to put herself in check. I hope she stays on track, for the sake of her kids. But I think they are going to still have issues regardless of how she changes now.
Remember the photos of her letting SP hold the cigarettes? Let's face it kids, in the lives of celebs, the children always seem to suffer.

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