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The Royal Fall or Some Such Catchy Title

Cinder 3 Did you know there's a recession going on?  I read about it on Twitter.  Apparently people have fallen on the collective hard times including the handsome devil that lives in my mirror- Fairest. Of. Them. All.  I vote that we all fall on the collective High Times should this happen again, the one with Willie Nelson on the cover.  I think Studs Terkel would back me on this.  Also, Snoop Dogg.

Perhaps it would make you feel better to see someone else suffering.  I know that I always enjoy it.  Well, you're in luck.  It seems that some others have slipped from their pedestals and landed in a little thing the kids call life.  Not the cereal.  The slippers?  Princesses. 

Dina Goldstein caught the whole thing on film.  She could have taken the money and submitted these images to AFHV, but no, she took the path less traveled by (visit UpTake for all your vacation needs) and did the art thing, which is considerably less paved with riches.  I get my mail there (P.O. box). 

Goldstein is playing the issue(s) card with these photos.  The life story angle.  The hope and the promise and the reality and the unrealistic expectations. The smiles on little girls turning to scars on big ones. Yes, you've heard it all before, but her images raise the bar.  They are magic for their lack of it.  They are cold and real and they are fantastic.

I'm not even that upset that she didn't address the real princess issue, that being why they seem to be the only people that can talk to animals.  This is my baggage.  This is my scar.  If I we could talk to the animals, oh man, we would converse in polar bear and python, and we could curse in fluent kangaroo, instead of at them.  Stupid fluent kangaroos.

But I digress.

Goldstein has done some very interesting stuff here and it is worth your time.  Facebook isn't going anywhere in the next 10 minutes.

Sleeping Beauty Snowy

See more of Dina Goldstein's work, plus her story behind it at JPG, which will undoubtedly be asking us to take this post down at some point today.

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oh, that looks quite fascinating.

Tricia Honea

I love those

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