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Friday Eye Candy: Motherhood Uncensored Edition

So, you know how we forced Kristen of Motherhood Uncensored/the Mominatrix to confess her pop culture pleasures earlier this week? Yeah, well, once she got started she couldn't stop, so we kinda had to let her take over Eye Candy for today. Just to, you know, release some of that pressure. Otherwise, you never know. She might have spanked us or something.

Take it away, Kristen!


Well, it's Father's Day and so I give you five hot not-yet-fathers that I want to make my daddy. (Ed. note: Ooh! ASS-SMACK!)


Ryan Reynolds - Hot and funny. Perfect combo.


Zac Efron, in Hairspray - Smooth moves and a taste for the curvy ladies.


John Corbett [note: I don't think he has kids...] - He'll always be sweet, sensitive Aidan Shaw to me.


Michael Vartan - Why Jen Garner left him for Ben I'll never understand.


Jesse L. Martin [note: I don't think he has kids either] Super sexy and he can sing. Rowr.

Thanks for playing, Kristen! (And, everybody else? Who're YOUR fave not-yet-fathers?)

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Dude. Am dying. Ryan.


Amelia Sprout

Drool. I'm with you on the Ryan thing.


Lee Pace.

Adventures In Babywearing

Well I never was a Ryan fan... Until now.And seriously youhit the bullseye with the other ones, too (especially Aiden & Michael Vartan).



Good selections all around!!!


Mmmm... Jesse L Martin. That just made my morning. Thanks Kristen!


Mmmm Ryan Reynolds. I've <3'd him since Two Guys and a Girl - what was that, 1999 or so?


Two words: Chris Pine.

(Oh and John Corbett will always be Chris in the Morning from Northern Exposure to me. But equally yummy!)


Taylor Kitsch.


YES, PLEASE to Jesse L. Martin. I have loved him since he first opened his mouth to sing on Ally McBeal way back in the day.

(Also, I went to college with you, Kristen. Fabulous to see you doing so well on the Internets.)


Michael Vartan, holy smokes! So glad to see him back on TV (Hawthorne on TNT). I would add my always-favorite-hottie, Orlando Bloom, and a new-favorite-hottie, Christian Kane. Rowr.

Fawn Amber

Mmmmmmmm...swap out Jesse Martin for Vince Vaughn and you have my hard five. TY for new wallpaper (Ryan...omfg).


I'm sorry, I barely made it past the jump because I was too busy licking that first picture. Excellent picks, esp. Michael Vartan; I've loved him since Alias.

Personal pick is Bradley Cooper (I don't think he's a daddy, but he can so be mine. Rawr.), he's been a fixture in certain thoughts I've been having since I saw The Hangover last week.

Tanis Miller

I haz dibs on Ryan. He's Canadian and I like to think he's into Rednecks.

But if he isn't, then I'd totally let Jesse spank me and class me up.



GREAT list.

Personal pick: Chris Pine. I am so in love with him right now it's almost wrong. Almost.


JennC, I am totally with you on Bradley Cooper. HAWT. I'd like to add Zachary Quinto to this list - with longer hair...not so much when he was Sylar-with-a-buzz.


Besides the fact that Ryan is a fellow Canadian, I would like to point out that I did recommend him for our mascott a while back. I love him. Can we say low slung leather pants and chained to the floor in Blade Trinity?


HELL.O. RYAN!! Who else wants to see The Proposal just for him? The rest of the list is great, too, especially Jesse. Even *cough* including Zac Efron who I have a total cougar crush on.


Much earlier than '99. I was still in college when that was on - and I was done with college in '96. In fact, I want to say it was more mid-'90s.


THANK you! Yes - John Corbett from Northern Exposure. ;)

Accidental Housewife

when he was on The Hour the other day my face melted from the awesome that was the Ryan/Strombo combo. That's right, Strombo combo. Oh, and Ryan runs marathons for Parkinsons and is HILARIOUS in the smaller movies. "Waiting", anyone?


John Swoon Corbett- I was always an Aidan girl as well and have wished for a bathtub ever since.


Uhhh,,,I am so in lust with these boys(well not Zac,too young) but big drooly props to the others.So frigging yummy


I have to second Taylor Kitsch. It is unhealthy how inappropriate my crush on him is.


you forgot my all time favorite - David Boreanaz - give me some Angel/Booth lovin...

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