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It's Official: The Daily Show Makes The White House Piddle Their Pants

Jon_stewart Oh ye of little faith! All of you (okay, me too) thought that political comedy was going to be a little thin on the ground once Obama took office, right?  WELL. Everyone on both sides of the playing field take note, cause there's plenty of funny in this story for everyone. Well, unless you're Dick Cheney. Then you're pretty much screwed.

So who is really making politicians sweat these days, and what is the White House doing in order to save face with this superpower? Whoever could it be???

I'll give you a hint: He's a snarky New Yorker on basic cable.

It all started with the Obama administration not exactly delivering on that whole "transparency" thing they were so fond of namechecking during the campaign. All the things they were totes going to talk about and expose to the public sooooooooort of started to fade to the background as the first months of Obama's presidency. Excuses and reasons were given, and people really didn't pay too much attention to it. But then, enter Dick Cheney, who must have said something rilly, rilly, RILLY bad, cause the Obama White House kept the whole conversation he had with US Attorney Partick Fitzgerald under wraps, for fear of the one man who holds the fate of the country in his hands.

I speak, of course, of Jon Stewart.

For reals. The White House kept a discussion with Dick Cheney under wraps because they were afraid it would end up on The Daily Show. But...but...what did he SAY??? Did he say that his dad was Darth Maul? That he feasts on unicorn and baby seal salad? That he really IS a reanimated corpse and has been since 1983? And did they really think that Jon and the Daily Show writers weren't going to have a field day with this?

Because seriously, it doesn't matter what Cheney said. The point of the whole situation is that all politicians, Democrat or Republican, are afraid of being made the fool in public. Especially in a media outlet, and ESPECIALLY on The Daily Show. The fake news has trumped the real news, and is being seriously considered in matters of political transparency to the public. Pop culture and comedic lambasting has become serious business in politics, and I think it's a good thing. This way, politicians know that there is always someone watching with a questioning eye and a quick wit, so they best check themselves before they wreck themselves in the public eye.

But oh MAN, would I love to know what the hell ol' Dicky C said. And if it ever DOES come out, you bet your ass the first place it'll be announced is on The Daily Show.

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My god JS is funny. And talented. I mean, makes us laugh when we should be mad as hell. It's like a super-power


"That he feasts on unicorn and baby seal salad",that is sheer comedy gold,best laugh I have had allday!! Jon Stewart.is.a.frigging.GOD!!!!!I bigtime heart him...

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