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Jon and Kate Have A "Big Announcement"

Kate-gosselin Set you DVRs.  Monday night.  9 pm.  What we have been waiting for since that oh so uncomfortable season premiere.

Jon and Kate Gosselin have an announcement.  Or so the promo tells us.  And keeps telling us, and keeps telling us, and keeps telling us.

The show is an hour, so what time is the big announcement, 9:58?

The promo is after the jump.

In case you are at work, or somewhere you can't watch the video, Kate says, “Recently, we’ve made some life-changing decisions — decisions that will affect every member of our family, ones that we hope will bring each of us some peace."  Phrases like “A family in turmoil” and “A relationship at a crossroads,” also flash across the screen.

So, let's start taking bets?  Are they divorcing?  (Already one report says that is the case.)  Announcing they are in fact separated?  (Because anyone who does not believe they are is not watching the same show I am.)  Getting counseling? 

Or maybe, just maybe, they are putting the children first and are FINALLY turning the cameras off.  Although I doubt it.  TLC has already said they'd commit to a sixth season chronicling a separation and divorce.  Like it doesn't suck enough when your parents get a divorce, they are going to put it on tv?  That will be very healthy for the 8 CHILDREN involved.    

Can you imagine child support for 8 children?  Oh wait, they won't need it, because they have the show.

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Jill Berry

A new baby?????


OMG, that's a horrible thought.

I would love to be optimistic and hope for counseling, but all signs seem to point to separation or divorce.


I fail to understand why this show is even on the air (have just realised that that sentence dates me. On the air? WTF?).

OK. I've been away from the N. American TV scene for quite a while but still. The mind boggles.

Can someone elucidate the merits?


Creating a whole television season chronicling a couple's separation and divorce is creepy. When said couple has eight children, it's fucked up and fucking terrible, irresponsible parenting.

This whole thing is so sad. I wonder where this entire family will be in ten or fifteen years. It sounds like a Jonathan Franzen book.


I used to love this show! I’m disgusted by this whole ‘announcement’ thing. My money is on divorce. I can’t believe that they are exploiting their family like this. Disgusting. Annnnnd…yes, I will watch it because I’m a dirty, shameful human being who can’t seem to turn away from this car wreck.


I really have come to hate Jon & Kate. What the hell is wrong with these people?

Those poor kids, is all. Just... so sad for them.

Tracy H

Ugh, this just makes me sick. Exploitation galore! I pray the announcement is that they are quitting the show. I know it won't be, but if they are divorcing and continue to do the show, that is just a new low that I didn't think could be reached. I have already stopped watching the show, just can't bring myself to watch anymore, but if they continue to do the show and chronicle their divorce, I will stop watching TLC all together, never again. Poor kids.


I just keep thinking about the vow renewal last season when Kate stood up and announced that this meant "they would always be together."  I always thought that was strange.  But now I wonder if they were already having trouble.


I want to know who out there still likes J&K? Is there anyone or are we all just watching out of morbid fascination?


You don't suppose that they're going to announce that both Jon AND Kate have decided to undergo elective personality transplants, do you?

Or maybe they'll announce that the kids are going to be "liberated" into someone else's actual care, and will be replaced by robots? Robots that shoot tasers out of their eyes whenever either Jon or Kate acts like ... well, Jon or Kate?

Either one of those scenarios would be pretty awesome, I think. I'd watch that.

(Of course, I am not really the best judge of TV taste, anyway, since I admit to watching every single season of Survivor ever - and owning more than one season on DVD.)


OK, even these media whore cannot drag their divorce through the public eye, can they? I am wondering if they have decided to go into counseling? I think it's obvious the decision isn't to end the show, since she is still seen all over the place dragging her posse of cameras with her.

Gaaah, I wish these 2 (or 10) would just GO AWAY!


This is just a ploy to boost ratings. Numbers have dropped significantly since the season premiere as these two so called parents have graced the cover of every supermarket rag from here to Mars. They're irresponsible parents at best, emotionally abusive and neglectful at worst. Depending where you fall on the spanking debate some might even say physically abusive too. The show should be pulled for the sake of the kids. It's causing irreversible damage as the kids are on display for the world to see. Because of Kate's aggressive personality and Jon's lack of balls the kids have been separated from other family members and friend's. This kind of isolation mixed with the paradox of constantly being on display is not healthy. I bet the announcement will be something we already know - they're living separate lives.

Cheeky Lotus

OK, I know I'm in the minority here, but these people chose to chronicle their lives on television just like many of us have on our blogs. I don't see much of a difference. We write about our kids. We post pictures and videos of our kids. We write about our marriages. We write about our depression. We write about REALITY.

Why is it that once this show stopped being about a cute little boring family living in a tiny house clipping coupons and started being about a REAL FAMILY with REAL PROBLEMS that people suddenly call it "exploitation" and "greed"?

Why was it OK for them to have a TV show until they started making money doing it?

Why was it OK for them to have a TV show until they started having real problems?

Why was it OK for them to have a TV show until they became popular?

You see the same thing in the blogosphere. Everyone loves the underdog. But, once they start financially benefiting, people turn on them.

Ratings have increased because people gravitate toward shared human experience. Is TLC capitalizing on that? For sure. Just like any blogger with ad space would benefit when writing about a major life event that people relate to.

I would have less respect for them if they STOPPED the cameras from rolling because things started getting REAL.


I remember when the Grateful Dead had a hit and everyone accused them of selling out.

Paraphrasing: "We never intended to NOT sell a bunch of records, it just took us a while to get there."

On the other hand, I never (ever) watched J+K+8 until this season after a summer of non-stop articles about them. And that was because someone else in my house turned it on. I prefer to see my train wrecks on the History Channel.



This is why: because (if reports are to believed) Jon wanted to stop, and Kate would not allow it to happen. That's NOT okay. When the TV show (or blog) is part of the problem, then it is not okay. Having problems and having them documented isn't wrong in and of itself. But if some members of the family aren't interested in participating, maybe it's time to stop. Their kids are old enough that they can also state somewhat of a preference (not that the kids should be making major decisions, but Cara and Mady are close to the age where they may not want their every move documented for the world to see). That's where I have a problem. When the money, and the fame, and the travel, and the free shit (all direct results of the show) start to negatively impact your family's very existence, then maybe it's time to not do the show.


BTW if you want to see some people whose jealously of the fame and money of the Gosselins is scary and fucked up, Google Gosselins Without Pity. I feel bad that I even know about it, it's that terrible.


Um, very scary photo. If looks could kill, Kate would be doing time in the big house. Seriously, can't you visual the daggers coming out of her eyes?


I was thinking that or maybe she is going to shave her head?

SciFi Dad

Spoiler for tonight's episode:

Mrs. Wilson

Dude. Amen to that. If they get a divorce, whatever, but TURN THE FREAKIN' CAMERAS OFF.

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