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Make Mine a Montage

Penguins_stanley_cup For the second time this year, a sports team in my home city, Pittsburgh, won a major championship and provided me with at least a week of sports-related good mood when the Pittsburgh Penguins brought home the Stanley Cup. Of course, the win itself was awesome and capped off a truly exciting season and getting to celebrate has been terrific. But one of the best parts of a big sports event are the montages. I. Love. Montages.

This little sub-genre isn't confined to sports, of course. The Oscars are always lousy with montages. There's one for each of the nominees and then there's always the "people who died this year," montage and usually at least 3 or 4 others depending on the overall theme. The anniversary ceremonies are always good for a few minutes reflecting back on how fabulous the Oscars are, continuing the ever-expanding, but lovable, circle jerk that is Hollywood.

Perhaps the best montages come from old martial arts movies. Nearly every one had a training sequence, in which the young and naive, but special, fighter learns the ways from a harsh but wise master.

Current movie directors pay tribute to these sequences all the time. Quentin Tarantino, of course, paid great homage to this tradition in Kill Bill. Other famous recent examples include those in Kung Fu Panda and The Matrix.
But back to sports montages. In addition to generating some fantastic commercials, this playoff season had two montages that, I think, were divine. First was this moving composite of images of players hoisting the Stanley Cup over their heads over many years.

Then, there was this one, presented by the CBC right after game 7. I've watched this I don't know how many times this week. Maybe it's the most efficient way to relive the interminably long hockey season and all of its emotion.
Before I go, here's a bonus montage, because you, loyal MamaPop reader, are the best around.

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I met my husband years ago when he played minor league hockey. On our first date after a game he got a funny look on his face and then proceeded to spit out part of a tooth that had cracked during a fight earlier in the night. I remember thinking, "HOTTNEEESSSSS OVERLOAD!!!!!" and swooning while my girlfriends at the club with us were totally repulsed. The guy pulling out what I think is part of a tooth during the CBC montage at 2:02 made me smile. It also made me feel a tiny bit cougary and flushed. ;-) Thanks for these.


Looks like somebody just watched Team America: World Police.

Or that somebody SHOULD anyway.


the raising of the stanley cup montage commercial is quite good. i enjoyed it during the games.


This is totally random... I really do love the entire MamaPop Collective (resistance is futile), but when I get to read references to the CBC, it makes me weep a little. GO CANADA.


here is how i know that i am my father's daughter, and beyond all hope: that oscar montage? nice. the hockey montages? weeping and blubbering. i seriously needed to go to the ladies' room for a minute.

beyond. all. hope.


My thoughts exactly. "We need a montage!"

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