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MySpacebook Now Becoming a Reality

Mamapop_blingee First, I want to draw your attention to the MamaPop Blingee to the left that I took waaaay too long to create. Considering how relatively shoddy the writing for this post is going to be because I put all of my creative efforts into creating that monstrosity, it would really mean a lot to me if you just drank that in in all of its animated .gif glory. If you don't check it out now, don't worry. I'm going to post it again at the end of this post just for good measure.

Anyway, the Blingee was inspired by the news that Facebook is going to pull a very MySpace-like move and allow users to create distinctive user names as of June 13.

This means that instead of having a URL with an ID number, you'll be able to replace the ID number with your totally bitchin' user name. You'll be able to find me at VeganButterfly420 or sexxxybeyotch69 or bitchfacemagee or vicodinisawesomelulz1. I haven't decided yet.

The reasoning behind this change is that it will be easier to remember and easier to find friends and will allow for more of those shining personalities to be reflected in your super-important Facebook URL.

Critics of the change, like...uh...me, feel that this is a move toward the...eh...immaturity? general suckiness? of MySpace, which has clearly, I think, lost the battle of social networking sites to Facebook, despite being pretty dominant there for awhile. (Friendster who?) It seems like a slippery slope to embedded music and seizure-inducing backgrounds and that crap was part of the reason I stopped using MySpace. Frankly, I'm too old for that shit and it makes for horrendous web design. Call me cantankerous, but any time someone's site requires me to SCROLL SIDEWAYS I GET STABBY.

I don't know. Maybe I'm overreacting. I just don't see why having your name be it on one place is so constrictive.


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Agree. Not for this change at all.

Snarky Amber

Okay. you're cantankerous. But me too. It's lame.

And I was totally enjoying your Blingee right up until the tiara gave me a seizure.

amy @ bitchin' wives club

Not only do I love your monstrosity, I kind of want the html so I can use it to cornify my sidebar and class my joint up a bit. On top of that: anytime someone says "totally bitchin' username," I feel compelled to raise my hand and say, "Oh, oh, oh! Like MY name???" *blink, blink, blink*


I'm pretty annoyed by it too, for the same reasons. I like FB because it is more mature, more real, more sleekly designed. How hard is it to remember a person's NAME? How will new usernames make it easier? It just doesn't make sense. I don't want to network with people hiding behind stupid usernames.

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