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Newest Celebrity: Darren the Waving Goat

Famous_Goat So I was at the bar the other night when I was foolish enough to mention that I wrote for MamaPop, which prompted a bunch of Navy SEALS to corner me in the bathroom between the sink and the hand dryer and beat the hell out of me. Why? In their words:

"MamaPop.com is a species-ist celebrity and pop culture entertainment site that perpetuates the homo sapiens agenda by its constant privileging of the human celebrity apparatus.  Didn't you read our manifesto, asshole?"
- Brian the Navy SEAL

Whoah, guys, I tried to protest between punches, what about the time when Black Hockey Jesus interviewed one of Siegfried and Roy's tigers?  But my counterexample only redoubled their efforts, possibly because I had embarrassed them with the truth.  Damned liberals, always resorting to their fists when their flimsy lies are exposed.

Anyway, I don't want to die, so here's Darren the Waving Goat.  After the jump, watch him wave.

I don't know much about Darren of White Post Farm, but it's clear that he has an inflated opinion of himself, which is a prerequisite of any self-respecting celebrity.  And notice that he's pretty much naked and flaunting himself.  There's no information about which movie premiere he's headed to after his intensive waving session, but I think I saw him at the opening of The Hangover last week.  Hold on, that was Bradley Cooper:


In other breaking animal celebrity news, my cat Oskar smells like kitty litter. And boy does he want to cuddle right now.


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Account Deleted

Actually I think Darren is throwing gang signs. You know White Post is up to no good.


Good thing it ended at 11 seconds, because beginning at 15 seconds, Darren jumps the shortie.

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