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The MamaPop Pop Culture Confessional: Motherhood Uncensored Edition

MP confessional MamaPop loves pop culture. And MamaPop loves cool betches and besterds who love pop culture. So the MamaPop braintrust thought, oh hai! We has big cool frendz! We has ways of making them confess their pop culture addictions! MWAH HA HA!

So we decided that it would be, like, SO MUCH FUN to subject our favorite bloggers and sundry characters to the MamaPop Confessional, wherein they would be compelled to confess their current top five pop culture pleasures, guilty or otherwise.

(NOTE: We were going to call this feature OPERATION UNICORN OUTREACH: TOTAL PENETRATION, but as we're already using that title as the code name for our world domination project and, also, the theme of our first metal album, we figured, let's stretch ourselves a little. And, also, we wanted to seize the opportunity to play a little fast and loose with Catholic rituals, but that's just a bonus)

And our first confessee is (appropriately, given the smutty backstory here) Kristen Chase, aka Motherhood Uncensored and the Mominatrix!


Kristen's current Top Five Pop Culture Pleasures, in her own words:

1. Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern - I know, I know. But, there's just something oddly hot about a dude who's unapologetic about eating a pig's nose and a bunch of deep fried meal worms just because he wants to and not because he's trying to win one million dollars.

(Ed. note: Dude! Do you not know Anthony Bourdain?!? How about a naked cage match between Bourdain and Zimmern?)

2. Bravo - Bravo combines two of my favorite things - pseudo-intelligent reality television and movies you can't actually believe people still watch.

3. The Soup - Joel McHale and his skinny tie have singlehandedly saved E! from being completely squashed by Kim Kardashian's ass.

4. Weight Watchers Commercials - While Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig battle it out with has-beens like Valerie Bertinelli, Marie Osmond, and Jillian Barberie (egads) that no one really cares to see skinny or not, the hairy orange snack monster steals the show.

5. Finding "Love" on Television - There's just something mesmerizing about watching a bunch of hos vie for the heart of rich white dude on VH-1. And ABC. The only true difference between the shows is the eye make up. On the dude.

Confessory Judgment: AWESOME. Maybe a little highbrow - doesn't Bravo run, like, Jane Austen retrospectives? - and lacking in references to the work of Joss Whedon and/or Neil Patrick Harris, but extra grace points for the Kardashian dig.

Kristen's pop culture penance: ten Hail Whedons and a week of watching I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Sooo, now we pass the torch/baton/microphone to y'all: What pop culture-y things are YOU loving this week?

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I'm loving eating my daughter's Wonder Pets fruit snacks this week. Oh pardon me, FRUIT *FLAVORED* SNACKS.

Goooo Wonder Pets! GET IN MAH BELLAH!


1. So You Think You Can Dance (it's all the gay I need and more)


3. Weeds (Andy has a nice ass.)

4. Auto Tune the News (This is not television. But it is brilliant.)


great idea. also, love her answers. and your edits.


1. The Closer
2. Watching old shows on thewb.com --they are making online only shows!
3. the awfulness of the minutemaid juice commericals where the guy thinks a nun has his baby that he fathered in cancun. i really wish it was advertising something else, but i think that is a pop culture gem!


1. Leslie Hall on my son's favorite ep of Yo Gabba Gabba prompted me to revisit gemsweater.com in all its sparkly glory.

2. Nurse Jackie. Watched all three eps back-to-back On Demand last night and am sensing I'm going to be a wild-eyed evangelist about this show. IS GOOD. U WATCH.

3. STILL going on about Top Gear. STILL.


Of course I know Anthony. The more obvious pick, I suppose, but I love a dumpy fat guy who can tear into a pair of goat testicles and not bat a chubby eyelash.

I love the idea of a smackdown. BRING IT.

Her Bad Mother

of course you wouldn't go for the obvious pick, I should have guessed.

and that would be a NAKED SMACKDOWN, fyi.


True Blood, baby. I know the new season premiered last weekend, but I'm prolonging the anticipation.

(Actually, that's a total crock. I haven't watched it yet because my deranged end-of-school addled children don't want to sleep these days. Ever. But this weekend, no matter the bedtime mayhem, I'll watch the DVRed episode.)


I love The Soup. Sometimes I laugh so hard watching that that I have to do a Kegel or two.

Account Deleted

1. the closer
2. all things robert pattinson. which i feel EXTREMELY dirty for saying, as he's younger than my brother, but still.
3. survivorman shows!


I'm totally hooked on "Harpers Island" lately. The only thing I like more than a cheesy horror miniseries is the TWoP commentary and rampant speculation about who the killer might be.


"True Blood," hands down. Hey, it may look like vampire porn to you, but it's on HBO, so you can't judge me.


1. Better Off Ted - A show that comes close to the genuis of Arrested Development as one can possibly get and still have 2 hysterical lab geeks. The commercials in every episode alone are worth the price of admission.

2. The Sleuth Channel, more particularly a Canadian cop show called Cold Squad. Seriously good, and no one says 'aboot.' Also like the entire cast of BSG is in it. Currently it's Col Tighe, but I know the Kevin Spacey Cylon ends up on it as well as my boy Helo.

3. Rewatching Buffy on DVD and having a whole new appreciation for Season 7, its not as suck as I remember it being.

4. True Blood is back! True Blood is back! Eric has foils and Lafayette! Tara is so gonna regret falling for Eggs! Will the world ever stop beating on Sam? Maryanne is so not what she seems, also banged Sam when he was just a puppy! It was like something out of letters to Penthouse only with a beagle boy! Also: Could Bill be any more of a douche? I really do not like him.

5. Whore Church on Sundays. I don't know what I would do if VH-1 suddenly decided to take away my Sunday morning whores. I don't think I'd survive, cos they is mah church!


So that's actually good then? I was wondering if I should spend time this summer catching up on it...

Her Bad Mother

I've been kind of half-watching it. It's not bad. Kinda want to see it all together, because I keep missing it. Cheesy horror. Canadian production. Best taken with beer.

Her Bad Mother

Bill is TOTES a douche. I've been trying to explain this to EVERYBODY. If you read the books, it obvious: IS DOUCHEPIRE

Snarky Amber

Currently, I'm not enjoying much pop culture at all. I don't know how this is even possible. I've not left the house (or worn outside-pants) since Sunday; you'd think I'd have watched some TV. I've mostly been blogging, tweeting and reading. Oh, okay, so I'm loving David Sedaris. But this is not new; it's just pretty much a constant love, but I'm finally sitting down to read When You Are Engulfed in Flames, which I bought LAST YEAR before the Most Insane School Year EVAR made pleasure reading an impossibility.

I also watched part of the "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here" marathon, but I don't know if I enjoyed it so much as I was unable to turn away from the wreckage.

Snarky Amber

Overuse of semicolons FTL!


Ok, now I just want to see the Friday Eyecandy of Bourdain and a leg of sumthin' again because I have fond memories but no idea when it happened.


It's all I need.
No, wait, also;

2. So You Think You Can Dance
But, for the love of all things holy, no more popping and locking.

3. I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant
Because at least I DID know that about myself, so, yeah, SMART.


1. Tori & Dean: Home-Sweet-Hollywood. I know Donna Martin has been & gone but somehow this show sucked me in on Saturday...It hasn't let go.

2. As much as I hate them, I'm captivated: Jon & Kate + 8 cover stories...pick from any trashy mag at the check-out counter. Today I had to pick between them & my number 3.

3. Brangelina gossip. Um, part of me has never let go of Brad & Jen. Even if his kids with Angie are so damn cute.

4. That new Dance Your Ass Off competition show with that one chic from Hairspray. It's mezmorizing to see people that large move in those ways.

5. Celebrity babies. I want a baby so I'm always interested in the "is [blank] pregnant & is that a bump or 6 too many mojitos in that belly?" rumors.


It's good in a bad way (so bad it's good, I guess). It was a slow start, but now the characters are dropping like flies and theories as to who the killer (or killerS) could be are running rampant.


Whore Church FTW!!!


>>>Sometimes I laugh so hard watching that that I have to do a Kegel or two.<<<

Quotable sentence, FTW!

The Soup. Yeeeesssss. And I've totally got a crush on Joel McHale these days. Even my 62 year old mom ROTFLHERAO when I'm visiting and tune her into it. ;)


"FTL" FTW!!!! :)

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