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The Tony Awards Made Me Cry, And I'll Thank You Not To Judge Me

Neil_patrick_harris Did ya know the Tony Awards were on last night? Um, the TONY AWARDS. The ones for Broadway. I know! Even though theatre tickets are like, 75 bucks a pop and we're in a recession, we still have the Tonys, and y'all? It did, as it always does, every year, make me cry. And that's not just because Neil Patrick Harris, our host and MamaPop's official gay boyfriend, had a horrifically ill-fitting suit. We're talking real emoting, dudes.

So Billy Elliot took home the gold, and Hair did for revival. In case you're not a musical theater NERD like me, this means utterly nothing to you, but so be it. I'm a-gonna tell you why you should fork over the money for a play.

Dudes. I know money is tight. Belieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve me, I know. But there are community theatre productions all the time. Can't find the 75 smackers to go to Broadway? Neither can I. But it's summer. Go see a community theatre play. Because these people are working their asses off, either for nothing (community theatre) or union minimum (local professional theaters) because of the love of the gig. It's sheer dedication, what these people do.And that's why The Tonys made me cry.

As per usual, there were performances by all the nominated shows, including a bit from Rock of Ages which stars Constantine godforsaken Maroulis from American Idol who was nominated for a Tony Award Oh Emm Gee the world is ending, But he's singing and dancing his ass off every night. For the love of the gig. And to pay the rent, let's not be delusional here.

So last night, a little boy, probably not more than 12, danced his FACE OFF as Billy Elliot. The role is so grueling that there are three boys playing the part who cycle in and out during the week. All three were nominated as a group, and they won. And your faithful writer sobbed. Because Broadway is in trouble, y'all. And meaningful shows and silly ones and everything in between are in danger of going away forever.

Go see your kid's ballet recital. Go to a community theatre play. Go to Broadway. Support the arts. Cause we'll miss it like hell if it goes away.

But we won't miss Neil Patrick Harris's suit. Man, that thing was horrendous.

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The suit was bad. And those boys WERE adorable and amazing. And I heartily second everything you said. Theater nerds rock.


loved it. From start to finish loved it.



teh Duchess

Awww... Miss Banshee, thanks for the community theatre lovin' shout out! I didn't get to watch NPH workin' it live because I was actually on stage at the time in a production of Miss Julie in the Chicago suburbs. Best reason ever to have to DVR the Tony's! And yes, when will NPH learn that his best ensemble generally involves either a white lab coat, a black leather jacket and a motorcycle or well, nothing at all? All he'd need to do is cruise the Mamapop archives to discover all his best FEC looks!


It was ill fitting and shiney. Doubley bad.

I had no idea that Braodway was in trouble though, I just heard on NPR last Friday that in spite of the economic downturn 2008-2009 was the biggest banking year in Boradway history... could they have been wrong? (Wait, no, they were right - http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/content_display/news/e3i780ed1bb3c22fbcda3514dbb518d5d7f )

The acceptance speech for hair was incredibly moving, "Peace now, freedom now, equality now" clutching his wedding band... so amazing.


I LOVED seeing those boys win!! And Neil Patrick Harris had me laughing so hard with his song at the end that the rest of the dorks in the house had to come see what was so funny. They didn't get it. Which is why they're dorks.


Word Miss Banshee. Word.

I work for a regional theatre and the economy has been rough for us, BUT we have had incredible responses to our shows this season. Our wonderful, talented actors and tech personnel are not paid what one would call a living wage (believe me, not even Equity rate is that great), but they do it because they LOVE it. So do all of us people behind the scenes in the office.

I can't say it enough...SUPPORT THE ARTS. Support your local theatres, opera and ballet companies, orchestras, local musicans and artists. Don't even get me started on the continued need for arts programs in schools.

The arts make the world a better place.

I watched the Tony's while my husband cut the grass--the show is DVR'd for future use, trust me! Nix on the suit, but I <3 NPH's ending number! And the Billy boys. WOW! I think my head exploded from the opening number, though...Poison on the same stage with Liza?


Okay, I'm such a theatre nerd that I DVRed the Tony Awards and finally watched them on Tuesday. Yeah, the suit was...shiny. Yikes. But whatever, I still adore NPH, bad suit or no. LOVE the musical selections, and the play snippets, and the fabulous guests.

Oh, and how awesome is Angela Lansbury, seriously?

But yeah, do everything you can to support your local arts, people. There are so many talented people out there who just love doing it, and it's nice for them to receive some support from their communities.

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