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This Is Marketing Genius

Dead-snow-poster1 I love viral marketing because there is no other medium being used today with the philosophy of "Who Effing cares?!" as it's core value. The Producers of Dead Snow, the delicious Norwegian, Nazi Zombie film have decided that to bolster the sales of their upcoming DVD release in their homeland and also the US theatrical run, they would produce a viral marketing piece entitled "My Ass" which features a scantily clad Norwegian supermodel named Linni Meister dancing around and singing about how great her ass looks. 

Of course they did.

The thing is, Dead Snow already has it all. Nazis? Check! Zombies? Check! A man cutting his own arm off with a chainsaw to prevent the zombism for getting to his brain and then hahahaha! Guess What? He gets bit in the crotch! Check! 

 Seriously. I was already looking forward to this movie so much that my head was about to explode. If this movie were a first date, when I rang the doorbell and her father opened the door I would crap my pants and start laughing hysterically and then paint "I Luv U" on his car with my own feces and he would call the cops and they would find me half an hour later, crying in the dumpster behind 7-11 and in desperate need of a shower and a cup of cocoa. I mean... I'm REALLY looking forward to this movie, is my point.

But then they went and released this:


 And now I pretty much think it's the greatest movie ever made and if there is an Oscar for Best Foreign Film Starring Nazi Zombies and Promoted By A Norwegian Pop Sensation Singing about Her Backside, guess what movie just won a lifetime achievement award? Still trying to figure out how this all ties into Dead Snow? Well if you watch the whole video it becomes pretty obvious, and I totally want to attach it, but it is not suitable for work unless you work in a strip club or your boss is super-cool and is all "Hey man... you know where I can look at a Norwegian supermodel singing about her ass while she dry-humps a vacuum cleaner?" and then you can be all "Do I !?!" and then you'll get that promotion you've been hoping for and now it looks like you will be able to afford to build that pool next summer, but wait a minute! The Christmas bonus has been canceled! Time to kidnap Brian Doyle Murray! 

Sorry. Christmas Vacation fugue. It happens.

Here's proof that it isn't all gratuitous naked Norwegians:


See? It counts because she's walking THROUGH the video carrying a poster. Next time I am nearly arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct, I'm going to bust out a sign that says "World Peace" or "Fossil Fuels" and then just walk out of the grocery store. Walking through things with signs fixes everything, is my point.

Dead Snow will be released in US Theaters this Friday. So unless you hate naked Norwegian supermodels or love Nazis, you should probably be there to see it. Here is a link to the whole, extremely catchy, song "My Ass" that comes courtesy of Twitch.  I'll be singing this all day which is really going to bum out the people from Child Protective Services, but if I can't express myself than why even bother. I gotta be me!

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When you think about it, that's pretty much the only way to promote a movie about Nazi zombies. Although it would be quite something to see Max von Sydow talking about his ass with tasteful baroque music playing in the background. Or maybe Gene Hackman drinking scotch in an armchair and telling the world that his ass is gold. I think Hackman could pull that off.


von Sydow all the way.

~Infinity Cocks~

You had me at, "bit in the crotch".

Yes, I'm seeking help.


I think this was originally Merchant-Ivory's idea but the internet was not acknowledged as a marketing tool in their heyday.

Gene Hackman can do anything.


Of course I did.


I think Max would take umbrage to using a buffer on his derrière. You can't buff out wrinkles I don't think.


Max von Sydow's wrinkly ass beats out Gene Hackman's FACE any day of the week.
Three Days of the Condor, people. TDOTC.

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