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Why Shia LaBeouf is One of My New Favorites

Shia_laboeuf Shia LaBeouf has always reminded me of a younger Harrison Ford, except not as menstrual. Ford always seems crabby and I've rarely seen photos of him with a smile on his face. Maybe he's constipated a lot.

LaBeouf always seems amiable and gracious, yet he definitely exudes some sort of leading man appeal. A former Disney star ("Even Stevens") LaBeouf has transitioned well and with minimal awkwardness from that of child actor to adult actor. And he's half-cajun!

He recently appeared on the "Today" show to promote "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" and a fangirl made it the one of the cutest interviews ever.



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He makes me want to get my pervy older lady on, for sure.


I've loved him forever. Glad to see he's acting less like an epic douche these days. It was starting to get embarrassing to like him.


Here a link to the vid, if it doesn't load in your browser : http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22425001/vp/31543277


Hell yes! I can lust after him with free abandon considering he's a year younger than me...

But really, I thought he was a great little actor on Even Stevens, but he is even better now. Plus did any of you hear the rumors he's schtouping Megan Fox? Hello! That is one hotttt couple. Like a younger Brangelin without all the drama, kids, and crazy.


I LOVE Shia. I was worried about the douchieness for a moment but knew it wasn't going to stick around. You kind of get to have a year to be forgiven for shit like that.
I thought he was awesome in Even Stevens, and have been excited to watch him grow as an actor. plus he just keeps getting hotter and hotter.


I have to admit that when I read the article in Parade magazine (ok, so Parade is maybe half a step away from People) my first thought was jeeze, what a dick. But perhaps he didn't have a chance being raised by such crazy ass parents. Either he's got great PR handlers and they told him to "dick it down a bit"or, he is just that cute. Not that he was on the receiving end of any probing questions from good ole "is that your final answer" Vieria. (however you spell her name) He certainly went up a bit on the hot meter and he was very nice to the fan!


I am in awe of the adorable-ness.

Cheeky Lotus

So with you on this. Something about him is so nibble-able!


I was just saying to my husband yesterday, there is something about that Shia LaBeouf that I really rather like. He's way too young for me- I just think he's all sorts of awesome. I must have missed the interviews where he was being less than gracious.


he is way adorable...my husband has a major man-crush on him...


And now that I'm home & able to watch the video he's even more adorable. Too cute!

Karina in T.O

Oh that is awesome! And I think I'd be totes dirty-old-34 year-old-broad on that if I saw him strutting around drunk at some club.

I didn't think any worse of him after the Parade interview, it sounded like he was being honest.

....it's good to see though that honest for him includes acting all shy, cute and silly when this situation presents itself.


Not only half cajun, but did you notice that Gary Oldman was his first mention of "great actors." Shia is gaining stock on my list. Whoduh thunk it?


freakin' adorable. he's like justin timberlake, but even more boy-next-door-ier.

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