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5 Reasons Julie and Julia Is Going To Be Awesome

Julie-and-julia Julie and Julia hasn't been released yet, so consider this a pre-review. Even though I haven't seen the movie yet, I HAVE seen the trailer, which makes me an expert at all things J&J, at least in my scary little mind. If you haven't heard of it yet, Julie and Julia is the dual story of Julia Child's rise to culinary power, and how a young woman with a copy of Mastering The Art Of French Cooking started a blog documenting her attempt to cook all 524 recipes in the book in 365 days. The movie stars Meryl Streep as Julia and Amy Adams as Julie. It's going to be fantastic, I have decided, and I'll give you five reasons why.

 Oooh! First! Watch the trailer. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Okay, now that you're all caught up, let's delve into why this is going to be awesome.

1) Meryl Streep + Julia Child = Crazy Delicious: We all know that Meryl has superhuman powers to become her characters, but there's something about her as Julia that is just perfect - maybe the laugh? Julia Child was a hip, hip lady, and every time I see Meryl/Julia I grin. It's kind of redundant to say "Meryl Streep is perfectly cast as..." but dude, she looks like her and everything! And I seriously can't get over the laugh. Awesome.

2) Amy Adams is acceptable as an everywoman: I have no quarrel with Amy Adams. I think she's cute as a button, but not one of the Hollywood Titans, which makes her more accessable. She also does quirky WELL, unlike some people (Katherine Heigl.)  She knows her comedic timing and can do slapstick as well, which is rare with young actresses (Heigl) and - Okay, you know, I just had this vision of friggin' Heigl in this role, and that would have RUINED it. Amy Adams was a fine casting choice. 

3) Bloggers Unite! Y'all! It's a movie about a blogger! Who is a real person, and not a shut-in, recluse, 1200 pound crazy cat lady in a muumuu! Take THAT, Aaron Sorkin! I'm always up for anything that portrays people who work/play on the innerwebz as real people instead of stereotypes, and from the preview, it looks like Adams' character is just that. "I have THOUGHTS!" is also how I defend blogging, too, so that helps.

4) Food Pr0n: Food. French food. French food done the Julia Child way: messy, buttery, gloriously decadent. Remember how sinful Chocolat was? Movies that feature food as a supporting character can do no wrong. I already want to sneak eclairs and cafe au lait into the theater.

5) It's A Movie About Women That Doesn't Involve Chasing A Man: From the preview, we see that Julie is in a relationship, and Julia is married. So the plot doesn't involve pursuing, lamenting, catching, releasing, dumping or being dumped by a man. And it's still about women!!! Holy crap! Now I love a good rom-com as much as the next lass, but how many movies are out there that can pass the Bechdel Test of women talking to each other about something non-man related? And how many female main characters are there whose relationships aren't the main crux of the plot? It's a refreshing change, seeing the Grand Dame Julia and the ingenue Julie coming together over the common love of not a man, but coq au vin.

So there you have it. Five reasons, from the trailer alone, why Julie and Julia is going to be an absolutely delightful movie. I can't wait to see it, and I'll probably take my mom. And if I'm wrong and it sucks donkey ass? I'll eat my chef's hat. 

Bon Appetit!!!!!!

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seriously CAN'T WAIT to see this movie. meryl is spot on, and i LOOOOOOOOOOVE amy adams.

also, i may have recently been spotted pointing my finger at people and saying "i have thoughts!"


I am so excited for this movie. I used to watch Julia Child as a kid and even then I knew she was having the most fun. Now if I had a significant other I would totally tackle her cook book like this, but I can't eat all that French food myself, unless I want to end up the 1200 lb cat lady recluse shut in blogger.

Fun fact about Julia Child: She was an Allied Spy during WWII!! SHE IS THE AWESOME.


My only issue with the movie is Amy Adams' awful haircut, but I'm excited about seeint it anyway!


Cant wait!! Julia Child was such a awesome woman and did things her way with zest!! Its nice to see a film that doesnt have some skankass tween diva queen in it.


So agree with all of you!!! And I LOVE your reason #5!!! Yes, we do have thoughts about things other than men! Looks like it will be inspirational to every female blogger out there.


Love me some Julia Child, but I have to say that I'm a pretty big fan of Julie Powell, as well. Her blog and her book had me rolling on the floor. And her Iron Chef appearance and subsequent use of the word "peaness" was classic. Witness:


My only wish is that Amy Adams and Meryl Streep act together to get that killer chemistry that they had in Doubt. But I am sure it will be great even if they dont have a live scene together.


Meh, I don't like Amy Adams. I feel like she overacts everything. But that's probably just me. I loved the book, and I'll probably watch the movie anyway, just to support Julie Powell.


I'm SO excited for this movie. I may have cried tears of joy the first time I saw the trailer.

Suzy Q

This movie = THE AWESOME! I'm also very excited. Also love your Reason #5, too.

I just finished the book, which was great. Go read it now!


My one issue with the movie is that Julie is supposed to be a little overweight because of PCOS, which is part of her general depression that leads her to attempt this task. Now I don't want a major actress to pull a Renee Zelweger in Bridget Jones, but it would have been nice to see someone a bit fuller in this part.

Cheeky Lotus







I've been waiting for this one too: I love all your reasons, but #5 is the best - God forbid there's a movie that has women in it that doesn't revolve around finding a man.


Just the preview alone of this movie inspired me to quit my crappy, stressful, soulless part-time job (which fortunately I don't need in order to put food on my table) and decide to focus on what I really want.


food, food, food!

Tray Table Stowed

I worked as an extra in a wedding scene (the sister's wedding). I don't know how much of my day of work will actually make it into the film, but it was SO fun! Meryl Streep was just delightful. It was a long day (14 hours) and she was awesome -- she stayed outside with all of us underling people instead of holing up in her trailer. She was in high spirits and laughing at everybody's jokes. It was a great experience.


@Jill, yes!!!!! Thank you for saying it. Trying to make her frumpy is just so odd. She is adorable. I can dig the jeans and non-SATC clothing for a little dose of NYC reality, but the haircut is terrible.


Three words: I can't wait !


I was given the opportunity to see a sneak peek advance screening of the movie. It was great, totally recommend, especially to bloggers. It totally hit home and I definitely related to a lot of Julie's blog experiences. :)

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