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Alec Baldwin Wants To Be Congressman Schwetty Balls

Alec-baldwin What is UP, Saturday Night Live? What's next, is Rob Schneider going to run for Secretary of the Interior? Nothing against Al Franken, I was pleased as punch that he was finally confirmed as Senator, but now Alec Baldwin wants to be a Congressman from the state of New York. And so help me, all I can think of (forgive me, I don't watch 30 Rock, so my references might be a bit rusty) is every ridiculous sketch Baldwin has done on SNL. I mean, yes, he's never officially been a cast member, but he's hosted so many times that he might as well be in the opening credits. And where I can see Franken as the Senator of Minnesota, I can only see Alec Baldwin as a comedic actor and questionable looney toon. Which should put him in perfect company with politicians.

In an interview with Playboy, Baldwin states that the desire to run for office is there, but the opportunity has not presented itself yet. He states that a Democratic law firm approached him to run for the governor of Ohio (um...okay?) and his own desire to run in Connecticut against Joe Liebermann. Baldwin dismisses all of this as "fantasy" but then goes into a series of rhetorical questions about what will happen when various political figures' terms end, not saying that he'll run outright, but keeping it as a very real possibility.

I was all set to now regale you with all the crazy shit that Baldwin has pulled in his day, not even getting into the crazytown that is his relationship with ex-wife Kim Basinger and the whole calling his daughter a pig, but then I watched a little CNN and damn if being a fly-off-the-handle Brigadier General of the Loopy Loos doesn't differentiate Baldwin from anyone else who is in office these days.

So go on with your batshit insane self, Alec! It's either that or end up on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here with all your brothers, sisters, your granny and your Auntie Mildred, so why not? Run for Congressman out of your beloved Long Island and see what happens. New York politics can't be any more screwed up than it is now. Maybe throwing a Baldwin in the bunch would liven things up.

But if this SNL -to-Washington thing continues, I am NOT voting for Victoria Jackson in any way, shape or form, so don't get any ideas there, Vicki.


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Sean Scott Maguire

This is an ongoing theme, of celebreties getting into politics. I am working on my own blog post regarding this subject. You beat me to it. Maybe I'll just let it slide.

Celebrities definitely have the communication skills for campaigning. The question is whether they have the chops to do well as public servants once they are in office. It's also dissapointing when they get all serious and try to lose the quirkiness that got them famous in the first place.

Maybe they should start their own political party. Potential members: Baldwin, Al Franken, Jesses Ventura, the guy that played Gopher on Love Boat...


Doesn't he have a degree in Political Science? Makes him almost as qualified as anyone else out there...


Alec Baldwin is too much of a hot head to make an effective congressman.


I think Al Franken is qualified, but I will vote for somebody actually named "Schwetty Balls" before I vote for Alec Baldwin.

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