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Alice in Wonderland Teaser Trailer Makes Me Realize How Far Away March 5, 2010 Is

Johnny_depp_mad_hatter I know that normally a True Blood recap goes in this slot, but you'll have to forgive me as I am currently vacationing with family and do not have cable or internet. Next week, we'll be back in business. Pinky swear!

In the meantime let's direct our attention to something else that is awesome and perhaps a little creepy: Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

If you've been reading us for any length of time, you'll know that the MamaPop writers are already pretty excited about this movie. But now...now there is a trailer. And, oh man, are things getting hand-flappy around here. And it's STILL 221 days until the release!

Gah! The Cheshire Cat! The Red Queen! Off with her head! The only way this could be better is if Carol Channing makes a surprise appearance.

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No True Blood recap? Kdiddy, this is not excusable behavior... oh wait, yes it is! Had a great time meeting you, BTW.

As for the trailer? I am so excited for this. Though the Queen of Hearts looks a little scary... normal for Helena Bonham Carter, I suppose.


I admit when I first heard about this I was so upset...now I'm actually excited :) And that Channing clip is gold!


SO excited about this movie. Although I have to say that yikes, Tim Burton movies in IMAX 3D might be a little much...


No True Blood!?! Much weeping and gnashing of teeth ensueth on my end of the monitor.

Oh, and Alice looks great..blah, blah. Would be even better with a Vampire Viking.


SO excited for this - and yes, March is way too far away.


Johnny scares me a little but I cannot wait to see the latest from Depp/Burton

Daphne Gray

Oh now I would love to see this! How exciting and fun. I love the Carol Channing video! Classic!


You did NOT link to the TV-only, star-studded (including Scott Baio) Alice in Wonderland. That Jabberwocky haunts my dreams. Along with Gremlins.

The Burton one looks so freaking awesome. I love the stills they keep releasing.


But, like, you're still gonna DO a recap, you know, when you get home? Right? RIGHT?!

S'okay...you deserve a vacation.
I guess.


OMG sexy and scary Alice in Wonderland?

Disney now sexifies all female movie heroines but they kept it on the straight and narrow.

I love that falling down the rabbit hole was portrayed in a horror movie fashion.

Amy Sinclair

This is going to be a fantastic movie (I love Tim Burton). I just recently watched Coraline and thought it was wonderful! Great director.

I'm hoping Disney World comes up with a new attraction in light of the release of the revamped Alice in Wonderland. My husband and I own a travel company that specializes in Disney vacations, so we frequently visit Disneyland and Disney World with the kids, and we're always looking for new rides and attractions! I think some kind of attraction or ride focused around this version of Alice in Wonderland would be extremely interesting!


oh, golly, i can't wait for this moving. i love everything about it.


When it came to Willy Wonka, I could appreciate Johnny Depp's portrayal of Wonka and that Tim Burton's film was actually closer to the book than the original. Other than that, I was pretty meh about it. For Alice, though? Alice might be my very favorite Disney movie. This movie is the bizomb!

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