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Can We Please Have Some New Celebrities?

Robert_pattinson_kristen_stewart *yawn*

 Oh, hi guys. Sorry I'm so sleepy, but I have been reading and researching celebrity gossip to bring you NEW and EXCITING gossip tidbits with snarky commentary about all the celebrities' trainwreckiness. But you know what? I'm pooped out on these people on all these magazines and websites I've been poring over. Exhausted. It seems it's all the same shit about the same 10-15 people. Jacko, obvs, is dominating the media so much that I'm pretty sure TMZ.com would rename themselves TMJ.com if that didn't stand for lockjaw. But beyond a MJ's sudden death catapulting him back into celeb news, it's all the same stuff in the land of gossip: Jon and Kate, Speidi, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, Brad and Angelina, some band called the Jonas Brothers? (I dunno, I don't watch Nickelodeon or whatever.) I grow weary of these people and their lives.

I think we need some new celebrities to talk about already, don't you? I have some suggestions after the jump.

Okay, well maybe not "new," per se. However, some celebrity couples have been off the radar for a while, like say...

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise
Remember them? I never thought I'd miss them. Like, not ever, not in a million years. However, Speidi and the Gosselins put me so far over the edge that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes seem like a vacation. Actually, Tom could appear on The View tomorrow, jump on their big desk, say something stupid about psychiatry and then slaughter a goat and smear its entrails on his face and I would still find it almost...charming in comparison to those awful famous-for-nothing Pratts. Anyway, try as I did to find something new about them, all I have is that apparently Katie is going to be doing something on So You Think You Can Dance. Maybe something interesting will come up soon. Please? 

Then again, what about the celebrities whom are under the radar in more general ways? Surely, if we can find the time to care about a Jonas Brother's engagement we can find time to discuss...

Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer
I'm guessing a lot of you just went, "um, who?" Neil Gaiman is an author of fiction (The Graveyard BookAmerican Gods, Sandman, Stardust, Coraline) and Amanda Palmer is the frontwoman of the "Brechtian cabaret punk" duo The Dresden Dolls, and has also recently put out a solo album entitled "Who Killed Amanda Palmer". Gaiman and Palmer worked together on a companion book to the album which features beautiful nude and partially-clothed photographs of Amanda playing dead, with stories by Neil. I'm guessing that all that thinking about Amanda naked in those pictures inspired more than a few short stories, wink wink, nudge nudge, know what I mean know what I mean? 

Anyway, they're pretty much my favorite celebrity couple right now. A few weeks ago, they "came out" about their relationship at a benefit concert/reading for HousingWorks in New York, and were astonished at the buzz it caused when spin.com wrote about their relationship. Obviously they underestimate how obsessive their fan bases can be about their every waking move, because the internet had been abuzz with "are they together?" speculations for weeks and weeks, having canoodled just about everywhere, but most significantly on Twitter and one time in a bathtub. They're so adorable I squee like a little girl at a Jonas Brothers concert (or so I infer from what I've read about them). 

What about you? What celebs are you so over, and who do you want to hear more about?

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i am excited about this neil gaiman amanda palmer thing. sounds interesting. Gaiman's GOOD OMENS is one of the best books ever (co-auther Terry Pratchett).


Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are my favorite famous couple, and I'm really excited for Simon Pegg and his wife, because they're going to have a baby!

But, and I mean no disrespect to the dead, I'd really like at least one cable news channel (preferably MSNBC because it's the one my household watches most) to stop talking so much about Michael Jackson and go back to talking about politics and non-celebdeath current events.


I'm sorry -- I couldn't make it through your post due to my delighted shock at your correct use of the word "poring." That's so rare these days. Thanks you for making my day and not jarring my nerves. I owe you.


Love Neil Gaiman - wasn't totally sure what his gender preference was/is - nice to see a happy couple.

Just Shireen

I just squeed like a little girl seeing Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer on Mama Pop! As if I could love this site more. *happy sigh*

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