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Friday Eye Candy: MamaPopRocks Special Edition!

Because we're all - mostly - together in Chicago, we figured that this week's Eye Candy should be pure, uncut MamaPop. You know, because it goes down better that way.

Obviously, this guy is Eye Candy Number One around here:


But we also like...


Jodi: Patrick Dempsey. I've loved him since Can't Buy Me Love days.  And Grey's Anatomy has just increased it ten fold.


Katie: Viggo Mortensen. Not only is he an amazing actor, he is also a poet, artist, speaks English, French, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and Norwegian, loves hockey (Habs fan), and is against militarism and the Iraq War. Swoon. Oh and he also loves puppies. Betcha he also rides unicorns when no one is looking.


Danielle: Adrien Brody is hot. I will hear no more about the "ugly hot" or "hot but not" nonsense. The man is SMOKING. And he has a grand nose. I appreciate a nose that commands attention.


Sarah: John Taylor from Duran Duran. I had a crush on him when I was in the 6th grade and he is still hot. Who can compete with that? My celebrity crush for over 20 years now.


Danielle: Maxwell, mostly because I just saw him in concert on Saturday so he's pretty fresh in my mind. He has a smile that just makes me melt and gorgeous eyes. And there's also that whole extremely talented musician and singer thing. He was a total blast to see live. He's a terrific dancer and did a lot of classic crooner moves, hugging ladies in the first row, accepting roses that were handed to him, and even giggling when a pair of panties landed at his feet and stuffing them in his back pocket. Perhaps most importantly, he LOVES women. Many of his songs are about celebrating how beautiful a woman is, especially the woman who is in love and is loved back, and you can tell that he's not talking about some mainstream aesthetic ideal, but just the very nature of us. *fans self*


Jon: Michelle Williams. Ever since I saw Incendiary (to be precise, ever since I saw her and Ewan McGregor frantically doing it on the couch in Incendiary), me and Michelle Williams have been having a super hot affair. I think she's soulful or something funky like that. I like that she used to be Heath Ledger's girl. Heath Ledger was so cool. Maybe I should change my answer. There's also that couch scene in Incendiary.


Catherine: speaking of Ewan McGregor... NOM NOM NOM.

What's your candy?

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Help me Obi Wan, you're my only hope... nom nom.

Katie Kat

Oh dude - John Taylor has been my celeb crush since Duran Duran first came out as well. Seriously - to this day I see old pics of him and my heart swoons! And he's STILL gorgeous... *SIGH!!!!!*

Johnny Depp is another one that is never off my list. And, of course, NPH. The GOD of adorableness and swooning!


Danielle, good call on Maxwell. I love him.


Jason Patric...gorgeous in Rush and still damn fine in My Sister's Keeper.


I lol'd at the John Taylor. He was my first love in the 5th grade. I was convinced we would marry. If I ever saw him in real life I know I would go completely bat shit crazy. Which I know guys always find hot. *eye roll*

Present day crush: Alex Skarsgard, aka Eric Northman from True Blood. I just want to lick him and roll on him like a dog that just found a dead animal. And I mean that as the highest compliment. Lick!

Alex, call me!


I third the *NOM* *NOM* *NOM*


>>>I lol'd at the John Taylor. He was my first love in the 5th grade. I was convinced we would marry.<<<

He couldn't have married you...because he was going to marry by bad 5th grade self! LOL! ;)


I have an ugly-hot thing for Denis Leary AND his uber snarkitude. Add the fireman pants and I'll add the dead-thing-dog-rolling any day!


THANK YOU THANK YOU for the Viggo! This is now my desktop background :)


oooooo! I second the Denis Leary! I would also like to add James Woods (best "prick" in Hollywood), Ray Liotta (hottest coke-head/gangster) and Sean Bean (my fave Brit). Me likey Friday Eye Candy!


I can't believe I forgot Ray Liotta. My friend Yukon John calls him "Ray Liotta goes Apeshit" since that's his basic acting schtick. But he does it so well! And those eyes...
And James Woods, too?
Can we be BFF?


Alexander Skarsgard. Yo. The things I would do to that man!


finally, someone else who thinks adrien brody is hot. because he is. THANK YOU for that.


Ah, John Taylor brings back memories!


Dibs on Bradley Cooper. Since Alias, for real.

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