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German Tabloid Calls Britney Spears Fat

4jrn6a I can't believe I am writing about Britney Spears again either. Even more shocking is the fact that I am about to defend her.

You see, after Britney put on a shitty show in Germany her angry fans told a tabloid magazine that her concert wasn't worth the price of a ticket and that she was fat.

I believe the first part of that. While I will begrudgingly admit that some of the tunes Max Martin wrote for her were infuriatingly catchy, I think Spears is a pretty mediocre singer at best and what I've seen of her stage show on television bores the crap out of me.

But do I think she is fat?

Hell no.

That is not fat. That is a stupid costume. That is an ill fitting garment. That is an unflattering camera angle.


That is what happens to a woman's skin after she has children.

Britney Spears is a lot of things, but fat isn't one of them.

I'd like to see what the people who called her fat look like wearing that black vinyl number. Then we will take unbecoming photographs of them and publish the pictures all over the internet and see if they can muster up a little bit of sympathy.



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I am no fan of Britney, BUT if she is fat, I must be a sea cow.

I think the only real criticism that can be made is that the tour designer for her really needs to pick more flattering stage clothes, and needs to stop dressing her like a 17 year old with a size 2 body. Her body has changed, she is older and more mature, and the fact is not everyone can be as terrifyingly thin (gaunt) and trim (ewww) as Madonna. I don't consider myself fat, but as a 30 year old, you wouldn't catch me dead, on a stage, or anywhere else in a midriff bearing top (oh god I just sounded like my mother).


i, too, could care less about b. spears, but i'd defend a woman to their dying day when hassled (unfairly) about their body. would i (after 4 kids, including twins) wear midriff-baring clothes? hell-to-the-no. should she? maybe not. but that's the prude in me, not the gal who thinks maybe b. needs to cover her adipose tissue.


I'd give my right eye for that tummy. But, I wouldn't wear that outfit. I think she is definitely not fat. I wonder, though, if she is still trying desperately to wear the same stuff she used to. In other words, I wonder if this is a costume designer issue or a Brittany issue. Either way, it's a case for What Not to Wear, not Weight Watchers


Is that first picture really Britney Spears? It doesn't look like her at all.

And no, she is not fat. And she's never been a good singer, but she is/was? a great entertainer. Just like Madonna.


she is sitting down!! Whose stomach looks good sitting down!?! I saw a picture of her in a bikini recently and she looked smokin hot.


it is so lame to call her fat. why? what was their point? did they post a picture of themselves to compare fatness? i bet they are all fatter (not that she is!) than her.


I was wondering the same thing about the first picture.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah
I totally agree.

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After 4 kids (two of them twins last year) my figure more closely resembles a bloated manatee than britney. She's beautiful, screw Germany.

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