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Jude Law Continues to Sleep His Way Around the Planet

Jude-law-photo Oh, Jude Law. Who didn't love you just a little bit in Cold Mountain? You've got the accent, the charm, but you're also a complete and total Shady McSleepsAround. Admittedly, I found it kind of adorable that you have that "Sexy Sadie" Beatles' lyric tattooed on your arm in honor of your ex-wife and mother of your first three kids, Sadie Frost. Buuut, she didn't have the nicest things to say of you during your 2003 divorce or, for that matter, during your break-up with Sienna Miller a couple years after. (She's on record saying, "I was very, very lucky that it didn't happen to me.... This is between Jude and Sienna but what I will say is that a situation like this was predictable.") The situation being, of course, that you shacked up with your kids' NANNY while engaged to Miller. To make it that much better, the whole nanny situation came to light because one of your kids found you in bed with said nanny. That's good parenting right there.

And, now, you've gotten 24-year-old Florida model, Samantha Burke, pregnant.

Ooooh, Jude. You'll never learn.

So, yeah, Jude Law, 36, is going to be a dad again later this fall. He's apparently been nothing but "responsive and supportive of Ms. Burke and the pregnancy." That's lovely. Also, that statement comes about after an apparent DNA test. Nothing says "supportive" like making someone prove they weren't being slutty when they got pregnant.

TMZ also linked to Burke's Babies R Us registry info, which, if to be believed, says Jude is going to be the dad of another baby girl to be named Sophia. Also, how "supportive" can Jude really be if this woman has to rely on a baby registry for the things she needs and not, say, her baby daddy's American Express card?

Regardless, congrats all around. At least we know this baby will be ridiculously despite being destined to star in an MTV dating show one day.

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Wow, you are just being way overly snarky here. Jude and Sadie are good friends, even though both of them did have hard time during the divorce. You don't think that Jude had stuff he could have shared about her? But he didn't, because he doesn't talk about those things. Like her bringing her boytoys into the house where her kids live? Yeah. Nice. And Sienna Miller, I don't even have to get started on her. She cheated and partied in LA while Jude was in NOLA, but Jude still apologized to her.
And Jude got her pregnant? What is this, 1950? Girl had just as much sex with Jude as he had with her. She was very much a party to the conception.
Jude is a very good father to Rafferty, Iris, and Rudy, and he'll be just as good to this one, however the 2 of them agree to work it out.
Just because Samantha got pregnant doesn't mean that Jude sleeps all over the planet, come on. How little are you?
What's wrong with having a DNA test? Nothing. It makes both of them sure.
Yes, women register for their babies all the time. This doesn't mean the father doesn't support his child.
I love the guy, I'm looking forward to seeing him in Hamlet on Broadway in October. I'm just sorry that people have to be so mean and cruel about something that is none of their business and they know very little about. But I think karma comes back to mean people in a big way, so be looking for yours.


Sheryl, this is Mamapop, not the Washington Post. There's no need to take this post so personally.


Yikes, it seems that Jude is sending his close personal friends over to defend his honor.

He is beautiful and talented. But evidence suggests that he has a self-control problem and seems a bit skanky. It's hard to argue with that.

Dickie Greenleaf, you just don't hold the place in my heart that you used to. (sigh)


Shady McSleepsAround = brilliant.


Sarah, that made me laugh...

And also, it's not?


Eh, I don't think he's doing anything that lots of other actors don't do, he just seems to make the news more. Most of them are complete narcissists looking out for what pleases them at the moment regardless of the aftermath. And I'm not that big on blondes...lol.


dear sheryl,

i applaud your conviction, your willingness to stand up to bullies, and your plucky attitude.

i wish you could apply that to something that mattered.

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